15 Stretchy and Stylish Pants for Thanksgiving


We all know how it goes on Thanksgiving: whether we like to admit it or not we end up unbuttoning our pants halfway between the sweet potato stuffing and grandma’s famous cherry pie. Or at least wishing we could unbutton them without embarrassing ourselves in front of guests and extended family we hardly ever see. A pair of stretchy but stylish, fancy pants are in your immediate future for Thanksgiving (and I’m guessing once you wear them they’ll replace all the other pants in your wardrobe). Keep reading to see our 15 favorites…

  • High Waisted Satin Stretch 1 of 14
    High Waisted Satin Stretch
    Satin for a fancier affair and in a gorgeous fall orange color
    See them here at H&M for $34.95
  • Glitter Leggings 2 of 14
    Glitter Leggings
    Hot hot are these glitter leggings? So fun for the holidays and super comfy too
    Buy them here at Zara for $35.90
  • Textured Knit Leggings 3 of 14
    Textured Knit Leggings
    A classic black legging that you can easily dress up
    Buy them here at Gap for $69.95
  • High Riser Eclipse Stretch 4 of 14
    High Riser Eclipse Stretch
    High waisted and stretchy? I might never take them off after Thanksgiving
    Buy them here at Madewell for $125
  • Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill 5 of 14
    Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill
    These minnie pants are one of the most flattering and comfy things J.Crew makes
    Buy them here J.Crew for $69.50
  • Minnie Pant in Stretch Wool 6 of 14
    Minnie Pant in Stretch Wool
    Gorgeous stretch wool in black make these classic minnie pants super comfy and stylish
    Buy themhere J.Crew for $98
  • Suede Leggings 7 of 14
    Suede Leggings
    The suede immediately makes these leggings fancy (and comfy) enough for your Thanksgiving gathering
    See it here at H&M for $14.95
  • Strech Jeggings 8 of 14
    Strech Jeggings
    These look like the comfiest pants on earth. If I put them on I might never take them off.
    Buy them here at Old Navy $29.94
  • Blue Jeggings 9 of 14
    Blue Jeggings
    Bright pants are hot this season and these are stretchy too!
    Buy them here at Old Navy for $34.94
  • Ankle Stretch Toothpicks 10 of 14
    Ankle Stretch Toothpicks
    Super stylish toothpick jeans in comfy stretch. Great combo!
    Buy them here at J.Crew for $168
  • Five Pocket Leggings in Black 11 of 14
    Five Pocket Leggings in Black
    Black dresses up any outfits and these are comfy in stretch too!
    Buy them here at Gap for $69.95
  • Lightweight Corduroy Leggings 12 of 14
    Lightweight Corduroy Leggings
    Lightweight cords in a comfy leggings fit and slim to the ankle make them a great choice
    Buy them here at Gap for $59.95
  • Slim Fit Stretch Satin 13 of 14
    Slim Fit Stretch Satin
    Having a more formal affair for Thanksgiving? No need to sacrifice comfort with these satin leggings
    Buy them here at H&M for $34.95
  • Cable Knit Leggins 14 of 14
    Cable Knit Leggins
    Okay, not really pants but still pair these with a long sweater or dress and you're all set!
    See them here at H&M for $24.95