15 Summertime Favorites From Poppytalk Handmade


poppytalk handmade

Poppytalk just keeps getting better and better. Jan’s summertime handmade market is the jam, featuring hand-selected artists from all over the world. Jan has an amazing eye and always seems to find exciting new talent. These are just of few of our favorite picks.


  • Glitter Raindrops 1 of 15
    Glitter Raindrops
    Set of 6 glitter raindrops by D. Sharp.
    Available for $10
  • DIY Map Pillow Kit 2 of 15
    DIY Map Pillow Kit
    Contents include everything you need to make your own vintage map pillow, by Salt Labs.
    Available for $35
  • Become Prominent 3 of 15
    Become Prominent
    Original painting by Aisyah Ang.
    Available for $490
  • Sunburst Tissue Packs 4 of 15
    Sunburst Tissue Packs
    Fun art supplies by Collage Lab.
    Available for $8
  • Color Spectrum Garland 5 of 15
    Color Spectrum Garland
    Sewn paper garland by D. Sharp.
    Available for $25
  • Hand Printed Cloth Napkins 6 of 15
    Hand Printed Cloth Napkins
    Set of 6 cloth napkins by Anna Joyce.
    Available for $42
  • Seed Pod Fat Quarter 7 of 15
    Seed Pod Fat Quarter
    Fat quarter by Show Pony.
    Available for $12
  • Buoys Photograph 8 of 15
    Buoys Photograph
    8" x 8" photograph by September Wren. Available for $28
  • Santa Fe Blanket Card 9 of 15
    Santa Fe Blanket Card
    Blank card by Fair Morning Blue.
    Available for $2.50
  • Vintage Flower Postcards 10 of 15
    Vintage Flower Postcards
    Set of 6 postcards by All the Luck in the World.
    Available for 7 euros
  • Ellie the Elegant Elephant 11 of 15
    Ellie the Elegant Elephant
    Stuffed elephant by Sleepy King.
    Available for $30
  • Spirit of the Wolf Sweatshirt 12 of 15
    Spirit of the Wolf Sweatshirt
    Light sweatshirt by Crywolf.
    Available for $40
  • Dahlias Porcelain Necklace 13 of 15
    Dahlias Porcelain Necklace
    Necklace by Ateliergilet.
    Available for $42
  • Chocolate Cherry Beeswax Candle 14 of 15
    Chocolate Cherry Beeswax Candle
    Natural wax candle by Mahogany Blu Design.
    Available for $17
  • Natural Pine Wall Sculpture 15 of 15
    Natural Pine Wall Sculpture
    14.5' x 14.5' sculpture by Urban Plus Forest.
    Available for $180

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