15 Super Rad Bracelets Under $6


I always love the way that bracelets look. I think a bracelet-wearing gal always looks pulled together and stylish, but sometimes I struggle with the commitment. A little searching later and I found 15 awesome bracelets that don’t break the bank! Keep reading to see my picks…

  • Bronze Arrow and Feather Pendant 1 of 15
    Bronze Arrow and Feather Pendant
    I love this combination. Sweet and fierce all at the same time.
    Get it on Etsy for $5.50
  • Antiqued Bronze Oval 2 of 15
    Antiqued Bronze Oval
    A leather strap tied to this oval pendant is a great way to go.
    Get it on Etsy for $3.50
  • Antiqued Bronze Eiffel Tower 3 of 15
    Antiqued Bronze Eiffel Tower
    Who doesn't LOVE Paris?!
    Get it on Etsy for $3.99
  • Spell it Out 4 of 15
    Spell it Out
    This letter bracelet would be a great way to state your love or your own name.
    Get it on Etsy for $4.99
  • Feather Pendant 5 of 15
    Feather Pendant
    Such a pretty gold pendant, which can be lengthened or shortened to fit your wrist.
    Get it on Etsy $3.99
  • Little Giraffe 6 of 15
    Little Giraffe
    This tiny giraffe looks like you picked it up while on safari. No one has to know otherwise.
    Get it on Etsy for $2.99
  • Rope Bracelet 7 of 15
    Rope Bracelet
    The colors of this rope bracelet are so nice. I really love all of the layers.
    Get it on Etsy for $2.99
  • Skull Bracelet 8 of 15
    Skull Bracelet
    If you're feeling a little edgy or want people to watch their step, this skull and leather bracelet is perfect!
    Get it on Etsy for $4.99
  • Antiqued Bronze Numbers 9 of 15
    Antiqued Bronze Numbers
    Keep track of important dates with this numbered bracelet!
    Get it on Etsy for $4.99
  • Anchors Away 10 of 15
    Anchors Away
    This tiny anchor would look lovely across your wrist! Perfect for the ocean lover.
    Get it on Etsy for $2.50
  • Bronze Cross 11 of 15
    Bronze Cross
    A bronze cross wraps easily with a leather strap. I love the clean lines.
    Get it on Etsy for $2.99
  • Personality Stars 12 of 15
    Personality Stars
    Layers of gold stars and leather bands make up this pretty gem.
    Get it on Etsy for $4.99
  • Light Blue Anchor 13 of 15
    Light Blue Anchor
    The pale blue leather keeps this nautical number light and summery.
    Get it on Etsy for $2.99
  • Bronze Fierce Tiger 14 of 15
    Bronze Fierce Tiger
    This bronze tiger is sure to give your confidence a little boost. Totally awesome.
    Get it on Etsy for $4.99
  • Swallow 15 of 15
    For the bird lover. This swallow is perfectly feminine and cool at the same time.
    Get it on Etsy for $3.50


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