16 Best Concrete And Cement DIYs


I am sure you have noticed the cement and concrete DIY trend popping up all over the Internet. I love it! Here are the best concrete and cement DIYs out there. Enjoy!

  • The Best of Concrete and Cement DIYs! 1 of 17

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  • Centerpieces 2 of 17
    diy cement 01

    Lovely, lovely centerpieces complete with gold leafing. 

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  • Coasters 3 of 17
    diy cement 02

    Simple, clean, and oh so useful. I need these coasters.

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  • New Item 4 4 of 17
    diy cement 03

    An awesome alternative to the plastic magnets we give our kids.

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  • Votives 5 of 17
    diy cement 04

    I love the lace texture added to these. So classy.

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  • Vase 6 of 17
    diy cement 05

    I love how this vase mixes glass and cement. So cool.

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  • Letter + Heart 7 of 17
    diy cement 06

    I want a big concrete "B" in my living room. So rad!

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  • New Item 8 8 of 17
    diy cement 07

    It's like giant heavy legos for adults. Could there be anything cooler?

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  • New Item 9 9 of 17
    diy cement 08

    This pendant light is amazing! Very industrial chic. 

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  • iPad Stand 10 of 17
    diy cement 09

    This would be an awesome father's day gift. Just saying.

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  • Bowl 11 of 17
    diy cement 10

    This would be the coolest fruit bowl. I want it.

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  • Table Top 12 of 17
    diy cement 11

    This would be such a great way to make a boring table unique and pretty.

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  • Bed Side Lamp 13 of 17
    diy cement 12

    I would pay good money to have this lamp. I love all the different parts and elements. 

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  • Clock 14 of 17
    diy cement 13

    Maybe the coolest clock ever. It would be perfect on a nightstand. 

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  • Chandelier 15 of 17
    diy cement 14

    I don't know which part I love more, the cement or the brass geometric shapes. It's all good in my book.

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  • Planters 16 of 17
    diy cement 15

    I want to litter my back porch with these. So pretty and simple!

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  • Stool 17 of 17
    diy cement 16

    Probably the coolest stool ever. And pretty easy to make too! 

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