17 Best DIY Gifts For Kids


It’s that time again! Time to roll out the wrapping paper, the tape and check off our gift lists for our loved ones. But before you head out to join the masses in buying this year’s most popular toy that will literally cost you an arm and a leg, consider some DIY gifts for the little ones this year! Some of the absolute best gifts for a kid to receive are handmade gifts. Not only are DIY gifts made with love, they more often than not spark more creative play and the kids love creative play. And who are we kidding, so do the parents! This year, lets forgo the DVDs, video games and clothes shall we? Instead lets fill their stockings and wrap up some super awesome DIY gifts they are sure to love. And in case you are in need of some extra incentive to make a few amazing gifts, handmade gifts will save you a whole lot of money. And we all like to save money, right? Right. Here are 17 of the best DIY gift ideas for kids out there! Enjoy!

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  • Hobby Horse 2 of 18
    kids 01

    Every kid has to have a hobby horse at some point. I love this easy duct tape one.

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  • Memory Game 3 of 18
    kids 02

    Download and print off this fun memory game that also teaches shapes and colors. Those little faces are so cute! 

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  • Doll House 4 of 18
    kids 03

    Isn't this tree doll house amazing? Sure it's great for Christmas, but I would love it all year round! 

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  • Rocket 5 of 18
    kids 04

    I know a little boy who would adore this rocket ship. Hours of guaranteed fun right here. 

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  • Foam Dolls 6 of 18
    kids 05

    We all know and love paper dolls. These are kind of like that but foam! So basically more durable which means more fun. 

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  • Constellation Flashlight 7 of 18
    kids 06

    So easy and so much fun. Throw these in with a snazzy new flashlight and you'll be their new favorite. 

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  • Notebooks 8 of 18
    kids 07

    Little personalized notebooks for any artists on your gift list. The monogram one would be a huge hit with my nieces and nephews.

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  • Shadow Puppets 9 of 18
    kids 08

    I think shadow puppets are an awesome gift for a kid. They are great for the whole family to join in and make up stories together. Trust me, they'll love it. 

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  • Instruments 10 of 18
    kids 09

    How awesome are these colorful wood instruments? Make enough for a whole band and then leave the house immediately. 

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  • Twirly Toy 11 of 18
    kids 10

    These would make great stocking stuffers, don't you think? Simple toys are often the best.

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  • Geo Necklace 12 of 18
    kids 11

    For those little ladies on your list who love to get dolled up. I think I might need one too! 

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  • Telescope Toys 13 of 18
    kids 12

    Another great stocking stuffer! The giraffe is my favorite. 

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  • Finger Puppet Birds 14 of 18
    kids 13

    Who doesn't love finger puppets? The kids will have a blast with these pretty birds. 

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  • Board Game 15 of 18
    kids 14

    A printable board game? Yes! And I want one.

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  • Suspenders 16 of 18
    kids 15

    A gift the parents will love maybe more than the kids, but who can resist a kid in suspenders? 

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  • Bike Bell 17 of 18
    kids 16

    Get a plain, boring bike bell and give it a fun makeover. Maybe add their name? No matter what you do, they will love it. 

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  • Ring Toss 18 of 18
    kids 17

    This is the best game of ring toss I have ever seen. Make it in the kid's favorite color and bam! Instant favorite. 

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