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17 Kids Fashions We Hope Disappear By 2012

By michellehorton |

Kids are dressing more fashionable than ever — which, in most respects, is a good thing. With designer Target collaborations and mini-adult looks, it’s a good time to have little ones to dress.

But there are the exceptions — and they’re way more offensive than fanny packs and scrunchies.

These kids fashion trends need not return in 2012:

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Worst Kids Fashion Trends 2011

1. Appalling, Headline-landing Graphic Tees

This year saw a slew of kids tees that caused a public outcry — from Forever 21's “Allergic to Algebra” to JC Penny's “I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework.” There was even a Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels tee that ruffled some feathers. Can we make 2012 the year where these sexist, self-esteem-ruining, overly sexualized messages stop being printed?


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257 thoughts on “17 Kids Fashions We Hope Disappear By 2012

  1. Betsy Workman says:

    I see no problem with the Monster High dolls! Bratz are dressed just as skimpy! I let my girls wear the skirts like that, with leggings!

    1. michellehorton says:

      @Betsy: Yep, Bratz too! It’s just more of the message behind Monster High that I don’t get. Here are dolls that are off-beat and “freakish” — just like you! — but they cover themselves in heavy makeup and wear itty bitty outfits with sky-high shoes. Like the one doll I showed says that she has hair covering her body (her flaw?) and that shaving/waxing/plucking is a “full-time job.” So you can have flaws, but then spend all your time fixing them? Who green-lighted this as a positive role model for self-esteem? But then again, it might just be the moms that catch onto the message — girls just see sparkly and shiny and pretty. But yeah, I’m with you on the leggings. Leggings are definitely needed.

  2. Michelle says:

    While I agree on most of your posts, I see nothing wrong with Uggs, Crocs (I have a pair and where them in the summer all the time and they are VERY comfortable!) and the retro tees. At least they are doing what they are meant to do.. cover a body part that needs to be covered. As for the rest, girl you’re preaching to the choir. I’m the mother of a 3 year old little girl, and it’s hard enough to find clothing that fits her frame let alone keep it to where it doesn’t “sexualize” her. She has the rest of her adult life to worry about that… keep them innocent for as long as you can! I think it’s awesome if she has on a shirt that is starting to become too small and she keeps pulling it down because her “tummy is cold!” LOL

    1. michellehorton says:

      @Michelle: Yeah, I hear you. I knew the Crocs and UGGS wouldn’t be universally agreed with — it’s just my own preference thrown in there. ;) But the others? Phew. You have your work cut out for you, mama. If there were more moms like you — who won’t buy padded bras for her 7 year old, or shimmery booty shorts — then maybe they’d stop making them. We can dream!

  3. Emily says:

    Everything on this list SHOULD be eliminated except for Uggs and leggings. Uggs are the comfiest things in the world and they work really well in the Winter months as they are also very warm. My daughter wears leggings a lot and so does every other girl in her middle school, they are appropriate when a longer flowing shirt is covering the butt, which is what my daughter wears them with. But i do agree, boys don’t need to be staring at my daughter’s butt

  4. B says:

    The overwhelming theme here is sexualized clothes. If people don’t buy them, they won’t make them.

    (angry birds is nothing compared to this trend!)

  5. Kirk says:

    Over sexualized outfits, crude vulgar language and sentiments on T-shirts, TATTOOS, baggie men’s shorts that balloon mid-calf, mile-high hooker heels, pink hair, thongs, Ringling Bros Circus eye make-up. Plastic surgery overkill.

  6. Kirk says:

    AND….stop sexualizing children’s clothes. Leave them SOMETHING. All the violence and sex and bad news today… kids are becoming desensitized hardened cynics before they even hit Jr High.

  7. Wanda says:

    Crocs or similar shoes are required to be worn by all staff at the hospital in Mississippi where my sister works. The rubber material causes no interference with life saving medical equipment.

  8. kathy morton says:

    what about the sagging jeans on boys with the underwear showing!! this is not only a totally unflattering look, eck! disgusting, but is also a trend that is trying to make little boys look sexy! It does not work, it is not only not sexy on little boys (10-18) it also does not look attractive or sexy on grown men.

  9. esther says:

    maybe try not taking your six yr old shopping at Gap? That’s way too young for kids to care that much about labels – that’s on you mom to begin with,

  10. Madaleine says:

    @Esther Exactly! I take my kids to the Goodwill. They may be used, but at least they’re clean, and cheap. Some things there are brand new.

  11. Ana says:

    It is all up to the parents to teach their kids that these trends are inappropriate and dangerous. Kids don’t have the money to buy this stuff, but their parents do. Parents need to do their job and give the proper guidance that their kids desperately needs.

  12. Bree says:

    I don’t think 2 is sleazy or impractical if worn with leggings. Unfortunately, parents let their preteen girls wear things like this without when I’m 18 and wouldn’t wear them without leggings. I’m into the Goth style, so I like the IDEA of Monster High, but can we please make a doll that teaches girls to NOT have less than 30% of their body covered? I also see NOTHING wrong with tattoos on children’s clothing as long as they are taught that the idea of actually getting one is for older people are requires MUCH thought.
    Uggs are comfy and so are crocs, and I like the hair feathers and am still obsessed with Angry Birds.
    Those tshirts, however, are disgusting, as are “babekinis”, padded preteen bras, little kid lingerie, baby heels, toddler beauty extremes, and super-low jeans. I
    don’t see how leggings and supertight jeggings are inappropriate if the tush is covered.

  13. Michelle says:

    Abercrombie needs to go. I am sick of seeing a plain 4 dollar t-shirt cost 40 dollars just because someone in a sweatshop put that name on it!!!!

  14. LanieRulz says:

    I have to agree with you on most stuff, but I am going to step in and defend Gap. I live in Charleston, SC where the average temperature in Nov and Dec is between 65 and 75 with some days hitting 80. My daughter actually owns the sequins shorts and they are actually not hot shorts once you get them on (could just be my daughter proportions) and they have been life savers for holiday parties for us. It is really hard finding party clothes for this time of year that is not to bulky for our weather. She wore them with tights and a cute shirt or lightweight sweater and nice shoes. Bonus I don’t have to worry about her doing cartwheels and showing everybody her panties. That said if we lived in a colder climate I probably would not have bought them and now that it is getting colder she will not be wearing them.

  15. HH says:

    Those little slip-on Crocs with the sheep lining are just perfect for a toddler. She can take them on and off by herself, which she just loves. Now when I say, “Get your shoes on!” she goes and puts on her shoes. If she’s going to play in the backyard or something, she wears shoes that she can’t get off as easily, but for just going shopping or being indoors, slip-on Crocs for toddlers are great! But for anyone over 3 years, they are very ugly.

  16. kj2008 says:

    Nothing wrong with tights – as long as they are under a dress. Or Crocs in summer, if they fit OK. But those hoochie mama fashions for little girls are awful. Lots of moms complain about that & some of them say their daughters don’t like it either.

  17. Alexandra says:

    I actually like Monster High better than Barbie. While Barbie is seen as the queen of perfection and many women and models-wanna-be, starve to death to look like her, Monster High teaches you to love yourself, to believe that even when society points you as a freak; you are truly fabulous. Kuddos for these dolls.

  18. Melody says:

    Unfortunately, many of today’s ”modern moms” are too busy trying to be their child’s best friend instead of their parent. This is where the skimpy outfits, obsessive need to follow unhealthy trends, and the desire for attention stem from. Encourage your child at an early age to be independent and original. Don’t wait until their 13 and throwing tantrums in the middle of the Gap because they want the latest version of thong showing hip huggers.

    It’s great for them to use there imaginations through play. Dressing up in mom’s heels is an age old game little girls. However, it’s not an excuse to go out and buy them knee high leather boots with a two inch heel. They need to know the difference between reality and play. It is imperative that they know the difference between being a little girl and being a woman. These are children, not dress up dolls.

  19. Phyllis says:

    I think children should dress like children, and I also can’t stand those low rise jeans and were I work that’s all you can bye not everyone where them. Plus they also had these shirts that single and loving it for little girls as young as 0-3 months old.

  20. gloria says:

    If you buy the cothes for them only you can be blamed for it, sure they make cothes that probley arent suited for kids but you dont HAVE to buy them! So what if your kid crys for it, be the boss and say NO they’ll get over it. Also, the T-shrits like “I’m too pretty to do homework” take a joke! MY GOD every kid hates homework so no duh they made a t-shrit to make money off of hateing homework. But like i said, If YOU buy it for them YOUR the one to blame you can always say NO, they’ll get over it.

  21. bailey says:

    some of these are insane and i never see infants wereing bikinis and if i do they’re usually made and ment for them. and monster high is ment for kids 10 or older.and uggs are cute and they do warm their feet.and the show toddlers and tiaras some times the children do like it.

  22. Dana says:

    What is wrong with Ugg boots? I’m getting my daughter another pair in neon pink, lol…I wear them, too.

  23. Jasmyne Parker says:

    Seriously? Parents need to be told that this crap is inappropriate? Why would you allow your 6 yo to dress like a girl that just turned 21 and is going out on the town to get wasted and looks like an Eskiho??? NOT OKAY. People seriously need to have license’s to have kids. Mental health evals and the common sense to not dress there children in the favorite clothing of every pedophiles dream. And spray tans for a baby??? Dear Lord, I pray you open the eyes of these parents to the truth of the world and protect the children that don’t know any better because they were not taught to know better. Amen.

  24. Skylar says:

    Today’s culture is very sick to me. Everything is too sexualized and violent. Young kids especially, are exposed to this and are losing their innocence a

  25. Skylar says:

    Things are way too sexualized and violent these days. Pg-13 movies that have sex in them when they use to be pg 13 for some violence. I have seen the worse offenders through movies, video games, clothes, and television shows. protect the innocence of the youth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. wicked says:

    spending $100 on a fleece North Face zip up ( I prefer South Butt myself) or $80 and up for a pair of boots just so their kids can look like the legion of other kids in their school is just as ridiculous. Old Navy has the same quality and costs far less, Payless has nice boots, too. Value of a dollar or free to be you and me ring a bell? Hey, every generation has their “needs”, ours was Guess jeans (even though palmetto’s brand’s tag/logo mimicked that of the Guess brand and all you had to do was remove said logo off the back pocket and no one was the wiser) Wear what you like, but for the love of Pete, enough North Face…that’s all I see people wear and it’s boring!

  27. Marykate says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Uggs because they are comfortable cute shoes that can either be used to create a relaxed look or a cute chic look.. they are on more of a rise than a downfall..

  28. Jean James says:


  29. Sharon says:

    I agree with many posters that it is up to parents to set the standards for the way their children dress, whether they are girls or boys. Innocent children should look like innocent children, and clothing that sexualizes them in any way is completely inappropriate. Parents may be complaining about the styles being carried in the stores, but as long as they keep buying them, the trend will continue. I am finding it very difficult to find clothing appropriate for my eight year old daughter, but I refuse to compromise her by buying the sleazy clothes being marketed in most stores. Instead, I will either buy patterns that are age-appropriate and have them made, or I will buy a sewing machine and learn to make them myself. I would love it, though, if someone who knows how to design decent clothing for children would come out with a line that isn’t sleazy. I would even be willing to pay a little more for it.

  30. Gabrielhues says:

    Alright folks, let’s get to the root cause. Manufacturers and marketing companies are going to put all kinds of crap out there for all age groups. And whether it is successful or not depends on the consumer, and I don’t mean the pre-teens and children that they are targeting. They are not the ones with the debt cards and credit cards. It’s their parents. So if you don’t want your child to dress like a street-walking druggie, then don’t buy this stuff for her or him. It’s not fault of the company that makes this crap, parents, it’s yours.

  31. Jill13 says:

    I’m sorry but parents you NEED to calm down! For a kid, tween, teen, whatever age group your kid falls into; there’s something you should know. How we dress is how we express ourselves. It shows our personality, and how we choose to be fashionable. While some of these trends I do think are stuiped, others aren’t. I’m a 13 year old girl. I love boots like uggs and fuggs (fake uggs). I also love grapic tees. You can say they’re inappropriate, but there are some really funny ones and they show your sense of humor. There are the feathers they are a cute simple accesorie. If you don’t like them then fine your entitled to your own opinon, but just because you think they’re a thing in the past doesn’t mean we still don’t like them. Same thing with angry birds. I didn’t hear a complain when neon came back into style from over like what 30 years ago?!?!? Basically what I’m trying to say is fashion is how a kid expresses themselves. Do you as parents not want to let your child express themselves because YOU don’t like something, but THEY LOVE IT? I know you don’t want your children to wear inappropriate things, so don’t but don’t limit what is appropriate based on your likes. I’m 13 so I know how kids feel about fashion. I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m just telling the truth. Fashion and trends come and go, so why not let your kids enjoy them while they’re here?

  32. sharon says:

    somewhere/sometime our society lost common sense not all but many did.
    common sense parenting as a whole is gone. part of is Atleast as I see it everyone wants children to grow up quicker and smarter then everyone else and so that they as people still have time to get thier REAL pre child life back
    mothers years ago didnt want thier babies to grow too fast. now well infants have fashions and HIgh heels and babekins ??? are you serious. makeup for toddlers . pushing infants and toddlers to learn faster so that they may get into the best preschool for Good Lord sake .. people if you dont want these stupid trends to continue then dont buy them dont go to the stores that sell them and encourage everyone you know to do the same..

  33. bailey says:

    and legging are lovely and they do flattersome kids,and i was reading this and monster high does tell kids to be yourself and barbies say look at me im perfect. do you want your kids to be walking around when they are older saying im perfect do what i say,i dont want mine to . i want mine to say be yourself be unique.and the t shirts saying th reason why i didnt turn in my homework in is… blame yourself you buy it for them .if you agree with me,oh and my real name is madison.. and what i was saying was if you aagree with me e mail me at : .and tell me your opinion.we want justice for what our kids where.

  34. Ashley says:

    Uggs put the ug in ugly! I’m telling you right now I WILL NOT buy those for my kinds when I have them. Please there are far more nicer things out there to put your child’s feet in. Oh and that goes for the teens to. Your not going to have a foot by the time your done wearing those. Just think about that!

  35. cindy rushin says:

    I agree that most of these items should be eliminated, however the crocs should be #1 on the list. I read that 25,000 children a year are injured due to wearing crocs while riding on escalators. Why haven’t they been recalled? I realize a lot of people are not around escalators but what about the ones that are? As for the sexy clothes for children—PARENTS, STOP BUYING THEM! Do you want to attract the attention of pedofiles? If nobody buys them the manufactors will eventually stop making them. It’s time to quit blaming everybody else & take responsibility for your children!

  36. Stefanie says:

    I have a seventeen year old and eight year old. I am very picky what my girls wear. I have always told my oldest that she is supposed to be a thing of mystery and that she doesn’t have to let it hang out to get a guys attention. She can do it by dressing decently. She is very beautiful and also intelligent. She doesn’t need to wear skimpy clothes to get attention. She was voted most interesting for her senior class this year by the fact that she marches to her own drummer and doesn’t go the way that her classmates go. My eight year old that is about to turn nine is being raised the same way. I’m very picky about what she wears also. I make sure that she wears pretty clothes and still look like a child. One thing that you need to put on your list is wearing pajama pants to school and taking a blanket with them. I don’t know if other people have seen this in other parts of the country, but I see kids especially some of the girls wearing pajama pants and blankets to school. What is up with this???

  37. Travis says:

    I think that they should keep all the sex driven stuff (little girls lingerie, Thongs for little girls, ashley push up bikini, low cut jeans, / low rise jeans) and to hell with everything else, especially angry birds, its a stupid game, shouldnt even have that much hype. frikin pokemon is better than that shit. Also do you know how hard it is to find little girls in lingerie, if you ask me, they dont have enough of it.

  38. Becca says:

    It’s not just parents that have issues with this. I am a 14-year-old teenage girl and I am really saddened and disgusted by clothing trends for both children AND teenagers. Clothing companies should not be making children’s heels or padded bras for 7 year olds. When I was 5 I had overalls and a t-shirt, not super short-shorts and a string bikini. And while I think that wearing slightly skimpy clothing is sometimes okay, especially in really hot weather, there are girls at my school and at the elementary school who I have seen in 50-degree weather with short shorts and skimpy tank tops. It’s also a big problem for teens as well as little kids. Ever since 7th grade I’ve shopped in the boys section because their clothes actually cover your body. Point is, clothing companies need to make more modest clothing. As for Halloween costumes, FOR GOODNESS SAKE’S I DON’T WANT TO BE A SEXY WHATEVER, I WANT A COOL AND MODEST COSTUME. Aren’t there any parents working at these companies?

  39. monica says:

    Kirk, Melody and Kathy Morton I love your comments.

  40. Josie Lamb says:

    I have three daughters and have been fighting this battle for years. You used to be able to count on JC Penny for decent clothing, but no more. I encourage parents to shop at Land’s End and LL Bean. The clothing is very high quality and you won’t find anything inappropriate. You won’t be disapointed. Stores like Gap, Target and others won’t get the message until we take our dollars elewhere.

  41. Carol - Conservative grandma says:

    Thank goodness for school systems with dress codes requiring polo shirts and khaki pants. My daughter and son-in-law love it – no fights over what to wear now. Kids always look respectful.

  42. JoJoBee says:

    I think that Crocs are sometimes okay.They’re great for 4 years old and under, or sometimes adults if you wear them right. My mother’s friend (who is hippie-esque) wears earthy-toned Crocs with a tank top or tee shirt and long tie-dyed skirts and it looks really good. But i hate when people wear them with leggings that their butt crack hangs out of and tee shirts that barely reach their stomachs, which is a HUGE trend here. Ugh.

  43. Alicia says:

    I think gap, abercrombie, uggs and everything are sooo worth it. this is coming from an 11yr old i buy everything from gap and abercrombie and i dont look like a slut. i have 30 pairs of uggs even stuff from Victorias secret isnt bad it is cute get a hold of yourself parents. let your kids be free express themselves stop being idiots

  44. Alicia says:

    To parents GIVE YOUR KIDS A BREAK! let them be frreeee!!!!!!!!!!! exressive

  45. R says:

    I found most of those “trends” appalling and disgusting. A child under the age of 10 does NOT need a bra! What kind of moron came up with that idea? I agree with the posters here who say “Let children be children”. They’re not mini-adults, they’re kids. They don’t need high heels, they don’t need teeth whitening (what’s the point, they’re only going to lose their baby teeth anyway), they certainly don’t need makeup and tanning spray or any of that junk. They need love, support and fun.
    I also agree with the poster about how bad UGGs are for your feet. I tried on a pair to see what the hype was about and instantly knew they were no good. There was zero support for the foot in there. Besides, it’s better to give the kids the waterproof winter boots.

  46. Lou says:

    Just because you dont like them, or find them distasteful, they should be discontinued? I dont agree with this behavior. And yes, I have a daughter. She wont wear any of these items, but I’ll support anyone else who lets their children wear them.

  47. sandy says:

    what is wrong with uggs?

  48. Julia says:

    UGGS are not ugly! There cute!

  49. Erica says:

    Just FYI, the clothing at Delia’s is not aimed at children. It is aimed at the the high school and college age girls. And it is possible to wear those jeans without your underwear hanging out. It’s called a belt.

  50. meeeeeee says:

    I don’t see what’s erong wit angry birds, uggs, crocks, or hair-feathers. If it’s innapropraite, then I understand wanting it to not be sold in the stores, but when it’s just your oppinion on things, then get over it. If you don’t like uggs, don’t buy them! Some people like them, and some don’t; IT”S CALLED OPPINION and I think alot of people need to learn that theirs aren’t the only ones…

  51. Lahel says:

    What’s wrong with blankets and pajama pants? Would you rather have your daughter worry about being warm and comfortable, or about impressing her friends by looking good? Style shouldn’t over-run function.

  52. Joyce says:

    While I’d love to see all these offensive fashion trends go away too, I would also love to see these kids, guys in particular, PULL THEIR PANTS UP!!!!!!!! I think that’s been around way longer than it ever should have been.

  53. Haley says:

    Crocs are comfortable and waterproof, Uggs are warm and comfortable, they keep highschool girls from wearing sandals in the winter. I love both, not because of looks, but because of comfort and function.

  54. Jess says:

    I support 100% with this article, let kids be kids. I have a 4 years old and a 2 years old and its hard to find them nice and decent clothes now that all these trend are out. They are kids, the dont need to wear sexy clothes or underwear. What are they promoting sex? So what it would be ok that a 10 years old get on birth control now? Let them be kids and enjoy their childhood. About the crocs, yes they ugly but are comfortable in the winter, same as UGGs.

  55. Elle says:

    You shouldn’t be attacking Maidenform for making AA bras, some women need it. JC Penny’s just made (stupid) error of putting it in the kids section. I have AA boobs and I have to usually go to a kids department to find my size. Yes Abercrombie sells those padded bikinis in small sizes, have you seen the older girls who wear them? They look like sticks and probably would fit into a kids 7.

  56. Kitten1984 says:

    I’m a mother of a six year old little girl and she loves Monster High. There is nothing wrong with the dolls. Just because their freaks doesn’t make them any inappropriate then Barbie. They do dress different but come on their dolls. You don’t let your kids dress themselves after a doll. As far as the boots and crocs go. Yes, their ugly but there is no reason why they should go. Some people like them. If we went with what others thought of clothes and shoes being ugly then we wouldn’t have any clothes left to wear nor shoes. Don’t buy them if you don’t like them. The 70′s shirts are cute and I’d love to see my kid in those. Their better then what alot of stores are selling for little girls. The shirts are age appropriate. As far as the rest goes it makes me sick o see paded bras, babykinnys, child porn is what I call it and so on. I don’t see how people can let their kids dress like this or take pics. for this kid of stuff. Poor children. I have a little girl and trust me she would be wearing any of this stuff besides thoes 70′s shirts. She knows just because you see others wearing it doesn’t mean you can and that she can’t dress like a doll. Parents need to put their foot down and grow up. Be the bad guy and say NO. Your hurting your kids more by not saying no.

  57. Jamie says:

    There’s nothing wrong with uggs, I’ve worn them ever since middle school, I was on swim team and waterpolo, and the best feeling on a cold day is putting on some warm uggs after you get out of the pool. I still wear them, but you shouldn’t wear them with miniskirts or booty shorts. The thing is, and I realize this now that I’m in my 20′s, the trends you think are cute when you’re a teenager can get you into trouble. I didn’t realize why I attracted so much attention from older men when I was young, but looking back on photos, short shorts and crop tops are not age appropriate when you’re 12. No wonder teachers, doctors and friends fathers hit on me. I was baffled at the time because I didn’t think of it as sexual, but now I see it clearly. Be careful with the kind of attention you draw to yourself, there’s enough time to be sexy when you’re older, and the girls who don’t show it off are much more likely to be respected by their classmates, boyfriends, teachers and parents.

  58. Colby says:

    Oh my people in my opinion uggs are alright so is angry birds, and crocs and some of the other things ! But the body building isnt the parents making the kids its the kids choice thats how my brother was when he was little thats all he wanted to do now he is playing for a huge college football team! So is low rise jeans I have nothing against heavier people but low rise jeeans are made for people that can fit in them not for you to “squeeze” into them. Bras should start being worn atleast the age of 7 depends on the size of the little girls chest not being gross! But padded bras are unexpetable! So is little girls lingrie! Monster High Dolls are telling girls not to dress or to be ” fake” theyre saying be “UNIQUE!” Hollister and Abrecrombie and all of that was made for 20-30 year old women, not for 11 and under! I have a teenager too and she looks good in that stuff shes not model skinny or a brat about what she wears but she is respectful! Now some of this is going over board! They put these kinds of stores and shops and maybe thats why some states are going into debt!

  59. India says:

    I seriously don’t see how Cros, Uggs and jeggings made it on the same list as children’s bikinis, lingerie and crotchless panties… Really? By putting them on the same list, it sounds like you are saying the second group seem like they are not as bad as they are.

  60. Kathryn says:

    I understand what’s wrong about over-sexualizing children. Babekins, super-low-rise jeans, Monster High things, and offensive graphic shirts are one thing. But what the heck is wrong with Uggs? I would rather my child wear uggs than silver pumps or stilettos. All they are is simple suede boots– Not the “sexy” kind of boots either. I just don’t see what’s wrong with them. Same with hair feathers. If you’re really going to go so far as to say hair feathers are that wrong, than why not target people who dye their hair, or get mohawks or mullets? Besides, I kind of like the way the hair feathers look. If my child gave me a choice, I’d rather have hair feathers than a tattoo.

  61. robert brunette says:

    Hey Jill 13, So glad your up on fashion but please go back to school and learn how to spell the word STUPID, Stuiped, really!

  62. Kathryn says:

    Also, I am wearing Uggs right now. I’ve had Uggs since they came out. And guess what? I still have feet. They’re fine. I got worse foot problems from my heels. Also, flip flops have just as much support, so why isn’t anyone targeting them? Apparently, keeping your feet warm is now a fashion crisis.

  63. joemama says:

    This is so sad , just let kids be kids !

  64. mallory says:

    if the gap outfit was leggins or pants NOT bootie shorts. it would be the cutest out fit in the world. I would never put my daughter in the outfit

  65. JD says:

    Why is it becoming a good thing to be a slutty girl or a nerdy guy? I know I fell for some weird trend when I was younger, but at least parents would pay attention back then. Now it’s just give your spoiled brat whatever to pacify them. Pay attention parents and do your job in protecting your girls from being whores and your boys from being weaklings.

  66. Jane Walton says:

    Wow, Monster High has no problems.
    It is a DOLL.
    And yes, children should be okay with their differences.
    Difference is one of the most important things in life.
    And kids should like how they look.
    They should choose for themselves.
    I hope you soon will understand, because you have no idea about this.

  67. Lavvie says:

    I’m noticing something in these comments: All the parents are saying “I know right? These trends stink! To prison with their manufacturers!” while the children say “Let us express ourselves! Set us free!” I am 12 years old and I understand the need for expression, and I also understand the parents’ concerns. Parents can be protective without being controlling. Kids, I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all, but there is a difference between expressing yourself and annoying your parents. There’s a difference between being fashionable and being sheep. Wear what you want to wear because it’s what you want to wear, not what your friends and peers are wearing or what your mom doesn’t like. And parents–you can keep your kids away from the bad stuff. I’m all for that. But if it’s technically appropriate, if it covers what it needs to cover, if it’s not dangerous–let ‘em at it.

  68. Sarah says:

    I’m a sixteen year-old girl, and I find some of your opinions hilarious, but it’s not that I agree with any of these fads, because I certainly do not. To the person saying that any girl under the age of ten doesn’t need a bra, that’s false. Many girls, including myself started puberty much earlier than expected. Crocs and UGGs depend on your feet, I have extremely awkwardly shaped and very flat feet and UGG type boots fit very well on me. I’m sure flip-flops are not any better or even running barefoot. But hey, I’m just a kid, my opinion doesn’t matter. This will probably turned into the new ‘norm’ and their won’t be such a uproar about these things. It’s just like back in the day when people thought Rock n’ Roll was the devil’s music. So get a grip and avoid these products, it’s the simplest thing to do.

  69. Alicia says:

    @r you need to realize then LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN!!!! im 11 and my mom gets my teeth whitend i wear victorias secret bras that are made for 14 yr olds and i weigh 47lbs. i had a bra at 6!! uggs are amazing! get a grip!

  70. Sarah says:


    I smell a troll.

  71. Chelsey says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Uggs i love them. I can’t wait to see the Hair Feather go though. I agree with ALICIA express your self be creative don’t let others get in your way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Alicia says:

    My boyfriend were the buck fuddy shirt. he is 11 too whats wrong with it…? it looks fine. But one thing that can go is baby bikinis thats wrong

  73. Anne says:

    The “Buck Fuddy” shirt that you included as an “appalling” graphic tee is a MEN’S shirt by Abercombie & Fitch — it is not part of their kid’s collection! Including it as an example is simply dishonest and devious.

    Furthermore, the tee that says “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels” is from a customized t-shirt site, not an actual clothing designer. It was not sold to the general public through a major store — rather, if someone desired, the shirt could be converted from its original Women’s size to a children’s size. Therefore, it is another poor example of “headline-landing” children’s tees, which do not seem as common as you claim.

  74. kayjay says:

    ok ive read all the comment an i agree thats its the parents fault for not laying down the line. im a 15 year old girl an i love to express my self through fashion. i buy my own cloths an ya there may be some skimpy shorts or shirts here an there but i know to wear them at approiate times. Also i think that grown adults should think about the ppl who make these outfits(even the baby bikinies is weird) what if they need the money. Cause honestly do you think the name brands come up with the ideas they pay ppl to come up with the ideas for them and those ppl might need the money. I just wanted to voice my opinions as you all have.

  75. KaLeigh says:

    Amen! I’m so sick of having a hard time finding clothes long enough to fit my two-year-old daughter. Skimpy little shorts?? Short dresses?? Negative. She has to wear a 3T in dresses because the 2T is too short. The 3T is too big everywhere on her except for the length. I’d rather her have a baggy dress than a short dress though! The lingerie, padded bras, and “step ups” seriously make me sick. My little girl will be told that those types of things are for grown ups, and grown ups only. The thought of lingerie for children terrifies me! There are enough pedophiles in the world already without people trying to sexualize their children. It breaks my heart. The “Too pretty for homework” tee bothers me too.
    Also, the Monster High dolls are not allowed in my house. Neither are Barbies that are barely wearing any clothes (most have skimpy outfits on). We buy Disney barbies from the Disney store and my daughter has the Barbies I played with as a little girl (back in the day when they actually wore clothes).

  76. Kris says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I truly hope it reaches the thousands, maybe millions, of parents who could stand to learn a thing or two about parenting and what should and shouldn’t be acceptable. I have 3 young boys but I’m certain that I wouldn’t want them hanging out with any little girls who wear some of these things. I’ve gotta say though, the UGGS and Crocs have to stay!

  77. Elliot says:

    Seriously? If you have that much of a problem with these things, don’t buy them. As their parents, you have every right to tell them or teach them what is acceptable and what isn’t. Once they are old enough to get their own jobs and regulate their own money they’re going to buy what they like anyway, so just try to instill values early on.

  78. Dan says:

    I have noticed that most of these styles are for young girls. I have noticed that preteen girls are starting to become women much faster now. Preteen girls are looking more seductive in todays fashion trends. Women follow fashion trends, teenage girls follow the same fashion trends, and finally preteens girls follow the same fashion trends. Women should have more control over their daughters fashion styles. Children need to grow up at a healthy pace.

  79. Samuel says:

    I see how these sexualized trends are evil.

    But the UGG’s are extremely soft and comfortable. How is THAT related to ANY of this?

    And Angry Birds is FINE. (Cant read the writing)

    Seriously, UGGs? Two girls in my class wears them on a regular basis (if not everyday), they are extremely soft and comfortable. Great for the Winter. That is just a bit biased on the old “sneaker only, shoes, NO BOOTS EVEN IN THE WINTER” sort of comment.

  80. loe says:


  81. loes says:


  82. Kat says:

    I don’t understand why these items are in danger of being recalled? Maybe the lingerie for kids and the body building/tanning/whitening/tanning, but UGGS? Angry Bird merchandise? Sneakers and Crocs? C’mon! If you don’t agree with these styles than just don’t buy them for your kids! It’s not like they are hazardous to your childs health, they just don’t appear to be fashionable to you.

  83. Sami says:

    You keep saying “Let children be children” but the truth is, we children don’t WANT to be children. The mini-adult fashions are popualr because, frankly, we think growing up is pretty cool. We want to be more mature, more grown-up, and we want to be like our parents. So even though you guys don’t want us to grow up…we do. That doesn’t mean we wnat to dress up in those gross clothes (little-girl lingerie? no thank you!) but we also really, really want to grow up faster.

  84. tanna606 says:

    My brother is 11 and loves Angery birds and so do I. But, there is definitely something wrong with the baby bikini not cool . Coming from a 13 year old I love fashion and Uggs ( super comfy and warm thats the point,) we all have a different fashion sense so ( not to sound rude) it’s okay

  85. Chasity says:

    im 12 years old and i dont wear short shorts like that?? not every girl does. and whats the problem with ugg boots? everyone wears those.. and they are really comfy i have a pair and i love them. and i have a couple shirts like that one up there thats zebra i have one that goes down off my shoulder whats wrong with that? its just a cute shirt that every preteen wears. but the bathing suits on that little girl should go. and whats wrong with those tees? its supposed to be cute im just saying kids love some of these styles! (: whats wrong with the monster high??? thank you!!(:

  86. C says:

    Im 16 and honestly all of this should be banned from baby to adults, sure college kids can wear buck fuddy because in college, sex is normal. If you have sex at 11, its wrong, creepy and proves how sad the world All of this proves how sad the adults. parents are this day and age. Seriously, stop making your children, mostly daughters, whores before they even enter puberty. It is wrong. If I see one more 7 year old in full make-up, extensions, push up bra, and micro miniskirts, I’m going to go postal

  87. Kimberly says:

    @Alicia and all the other little kids commenting: It’s kids like you who are making it worse! Most kids are spoiled these days and throw tantrums when they can’t get what they want. and Alicia, you’re 11? and you get your teeth whitened and wear victorias secret stuff? A BRA AT 6? YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? You can’t be serious. please don’t say that there is nothing wrong with the “Buck Fuddy” shirt. If you don’t know what it is implying then don’t say anything. I can’t believe that some parents really don’t care enough about their children that they let them wear these ridiculous things. We can’t be teaching our children to become whores and sluts when they grow older. I disagree about the uggs though. They are really comfortable and they keep your feet warm. What’s the problem about that? Just cause they are ugly to you doesn’t mean that they are ugly to anyone else.

  88. C says:

    oh and @Alicia if you are 47 pounds at 11, you need to start eating. At eleven, you should start to develop but you don’t need a bra. Stop waiting to degrade yourself in high school dear.You obviously have a brain, use it

  89. Stephanie says:

    Nothing is wrong with ANY OF THIS!

  90. luman says:

    When will a reality show be on that the title is straight up called pimp My child. You setting the babies up.

  91. Maia says:

    Here are my views… I’m a pre-teen so I have the “other side”‘s opinion..

    1. Appalling, Headline-landing Graphic Tees (Disagree)

    Although some ARE inappropriate, most are quite funny! Take a joke!

    2. Impractical/Sleazy Outfits (Agree)

    Yeah that one I can’t argue w/ I like looking cute but Booty shorts not to dance? Eww!!!

    3. Hair Feathers (Disagree)

    Well, for me I’m over them but some people like them! so whatever

    4. Monster High (Agree)

    Minus the fact that they’re sleazy and kinda whore-like, they’re also creepy!!!

    5. Babekins (Agree)

    Who would put an innocent little baby in a string bikini?!?!?!?!

    6. Bad Retro Revivals (Agree)

    Ummm not even my grandma would wear those!

    7. Angry Birds EVERYTHING (Agree)

    I don’t even like the game that much

    8. Padded Bras for 7-year-olds (Disagree)

    Well, I mean, when I was 7 I got teased for a small chest so I understand, it’s actually helping them get over their insecurities and focus more on important things

    9. Sexy Halloween Costumes (Disagree)

    I like looking cute on Halloween! Who doesn’t want to look a little bit sexy? Even as a kid, we still have feelings and opinions!

    10. SUPER-low-Rise Jeans (Agree)

    Yeah no, never, it’s disgusting

    11. Little-girl Lingerie (Agree/Disagree)

    Well the thongs I don’t like but what’s wrong w/ cute underclothes?

    12. Bizzare Toddler Beauty Extremes (Agree)

    That is awful… except one thing… your example of the spray tan was Ally and she REALLY wanted to Beyonce… she begged for it so that example’s incorrect but I still agree!

    13. Baby Heels (Agree)

    Poor baby!

    14. Shape-Ups for Little Girls (Disagree)

    What’s wrong with a toned tush?

    15. UGGS (Disagree)

    They’re comfy! (but overpriced)

    16. Skin-Tight Jeggings (Disagree)

    Don’t take away my life savior! They’re adorable and comfy!

    17. Crocs (Agree/Disagree)

    Well i dunno, I wouldn’t wear them but on younger kids they’re kinda cute

  92. Sydnee says:

    Well i disagree with the monster high needing to go, i mean if anything at least they TRY to support the inner-you. and the comment about “at least the barbies wear jeans” then why is that monster high dolls have been flying off the shelves and the barbies are on clearance?

  93. Maia says:


    ummm when I was nine, I had a huge chest (I blossomed after I turned 8 lol) and I NEEDED a bra… buzz off

  94. lexi says:

    there are still some 16 year olds who want to be modest. i am growing more and more amazed still at some of the fashions that come out for kids, even teenagers. i am conservative of what i wear, and i am admitting that it is VERY hard to find bathing suits worth buying, and shirts to cover everything a shirt is meant to cover. some of those fashions are strictly opinion (feathers, angry birds, uggs, crocs, etc) and i say go with what you like, but when it comes to the booty shorts and midriff exposing shirts, those should’ve never came in.. but we live in a corrupt world. the only way to “battle” these styles is to keep from buying them. companies discontinue things that don’t sell.. just food for thought.

  95. Concerned says:

    I agree that kids need to stop with the skimpy/sexual clothing. It’s completely inappropriate. Alicia, one day when you have children you will understand. We all said the same things when we were your age.

  96. lexi says:

    another thing to the ones who are still teens/preteens: i am one too.. and these styles can and will alter the way you see yourself and your self worth. the more ‘attention’ you get from guys in those skimpy styles only increases your desire for it.. and that’s not the ‘attention’ you want. and why wear bras when you’re flatter than a board? embrace the time you have to wear anything and it look cute (including the overalls, i was also an overall baby:)) why rush to a time when you have to worry about what you wear? kids need to RELAX and be kids.. they need to learn how to be ‘carefree’ in a sense and they need to wear clothes to show their style, not wear clothes to learn who they are. clothes can’t and won’t define you the way you thought they would.

  97. Rachel says:

    lol, ok whatever I’m pretty sure 90% of high school girls will not agree with your ‘uggs gotta go’
    nice try.

  98. Glamagrl says:

    I agree with some of these (like crocs…eww), but I’m fourteen (Sooo maybe my opinion does not count,but…). I have been told by many adults that I have an amazing fashion sense for my age and leggings/skinny jeans and uggs are all in my wardrobe. Teachers at school would always compliment my attire saying “aww I wish I could wear that” my entire life. Some things such as bras are ridiculous for some underdeveloped girls , but at some point a girls gotta have one (you said “bras for seven year olds” SOME SEVEN YEAR OLDS NEED THEM! But I find a lot of other things cute such as bikinis on babies (thats adorable, they can have swimsuits) with a pull-up underneath. What you mentioned is your extremely bias opinion that has not been thoroughly researched because there are a lot of people in comments that disagree. Make a poll or something on each clothing article before you “throw something like this together!”

  99. lisa says:

    Alicia, REALLY? 11?????? seriously…..your list includes a boyfriend, teeth whitening, victoria secret bras, using the word “slut”, and 30 pairs of uggs. Hmmmmm.

    I especially have a problem with girls wanting to wear VS, not any time soon for either of my 10 or 13 year old girls!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Brianna says:

    I’m a teen too and all I have too say is that I agree with the moms and parents, this sexualizing little kids thing has got to stop! It is too much, it show kids that it is okay to let hang all out and and being overly sexual is a good thing. My sister was like that and she drop out of high school, took hear more than 3 years to get her ged, has no job, no money, and not much of life. And also, think about all the pervs out there, people wonder why it is so hard for a kid to play in the playground without being kidnapped and then they turn around and dress them in lingerie. Ugh disgusting!

  101. jill says:

    Alicia, if your boyfriend is 11, you’re probably too young to be commenting on this topic. And if you didn’t get the “buck fuddy” meaning, then yeah, you’re definitely too young.

  102. laura says:

    Sorry, I absolutely love UGGS for children. They are warm, you don’t have to wear socks and they slip on super fast. I buy them for my daughter every year and now my son wears her hand me downs. Everything else, though, is terrible and does need to go. :)

  103. don h says:

    Like all the other things in the stores. It is called merchandising. If they would not have people buying them and making a profit they would not make them.

  104. Laurie Treuvey says:

    My oldest daughter,12, is a bit bigger than most girls her age and I have a hard time getting her jeans because kids sizes are too small and juniors are too short in the waist and adult misses are too long in the legs so we have to resort in jeggings for school so that she has pants that fit her plus my 7 year old likes them and they are not tight on her! My kids love Monster High and only have to dolls and wigs so they don’t dress up in the clothes and they never say that they want to be “just like them” because I will not let that happen. I am the parent and I get to choose what they get to have and what not to have. As for the baby bikini that is just gross and the crotchless panties and lingerie are disgusting but you know what happens..everyone wants something new and exciting to try but there are limits I say! Thanks for the great info Babble and keep them coming!

  105. Dani says:

    Society is out of control! Everyone is so worried and paranoid about pedophiles and rapists yet you dress your children in this crap thinking its ok? all your doing is advertizing them to the ppl you think your protecting them from!!!!! Seriously? Babekinis and infant heels? Little girl lingerie???? what is the matter with people? It is NOT cute!!!! it is disgusting, borderline child pornography, and the designers/parents who buy this shit should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!

  106. Yani says:

    “…they’ll go off to college thinking that sweatshirts, leggings, and UGGS are appropriate attire”


  107. ang says:

    oh, leave them crocs alone!!! my 10 year old daughter LOVES them. They are also very light weight and after she broke 2 toes, The CROCS where a god send.

  108. Leah says:

    lol..some of the replies on here crack me up….there are always gonna crap clothes out there that are sleezy and skimpy…makes it hard for us as moms to tell our daughters..your not going out of this house looking like a hooker !! Toy makers and clothes designers don’t care as long as it sales…we have to do our best to teach our kids right and keep control of their decisions as long as we can…my daughter did not wear clothes like that…I made the money I bought the clothes…period…my children were never fat or over weight…I made the money…I bought the food and COOKED…the food…fast food in my house was a rare treat…I made the money I decided how it was spent…I understand there are exceptions to every rule…half of our society problems is simply the educating of our kids…and for some it is the lack there of !

  109. allie says:

    every thing is bad except for the uggs, crocs, and leggings. the leggings are fine if the top is long enough. and as for the footwear, who cares as long as it is age appropriate.

  110. jenne says:

    I get most of the stuff on here but not the leggings (there are shirts, dresses, and skirts specifically made for leggings) low rise jeans or hip huggers( I have high hip bones and I’m only 5’1 so finding non low rise jeans that fit me is VERY hard and parents should be there kids buy clothes anyway) and Monster High (I’d rather have my future kids know that it’s ok to be weird and yourself, that you don’t have to look like a model to be accepted in this world)

  111. ashleighana says:

    so i am 16,all i wear is abercrombie,hollister,american eagle. for shoes in this list i wear uggs,i have 17 pair and counting. so what if abercrombie made a padded swimsuit,im 16and boobless and it fit me perfectly i was actually a normal sized a. if any type of styles need to be gone is the crap of clotrhing sold at wal-mart,target,and yucky cheap stores like that,i mean seriously are osme people so poor thats all thy can afford? allso the whole goth,emo,scene,needs to go,dressing like that is social sucicide

  112. Jessica says:

    Okay, let me get this straight. I am 13. I agree with some of these. Uggs and crocs are very popular and comfortable. Pretty much, every one I know who has uggs do not in fact, have the REAL uggs but the kind you buy at Walmart or Target or Sears (hem hem.. mine). They all agree that it cost way too much for that.
    The shirts, okay. I agree. Most of them send out really bad messages. Like, who really wants their child to walk around wearing a shirt that claims, ” I’m too pretty for homework”. It’s stupid, and little girls shouldn’t be wearing things like that.
    For the baby bikinis, that is just wrong. Little babies should wear one pieces or a tankini! String bikinis for __ month olds is just ridiculous! These are little children, not strippers.
    Okay, on to the Gap thing. Some of the clothes that Gap makes is actually really flattering and pretty. I think they were meant to aim the sparkly shorts at girls who live in hot places like Florida, Texas (south, south Texas), California, etc. Believe it or not, a lot of girls wear their shorts with leggings or tights underneath them. So, I guess, it’s not all that bad. They are really only short when you have unbelievably long legs.

  113. Leslie says:

    Actually, I love uggs and they are comfortable shoes. I don’t think there ugly at all. My daughter loves them. And everyone I know has a pair. LOL

  114. Jessica says:

    @Alicia. Dude, switch the letters B and F. Not appropriate.

  115. Lindsey says:

    @Alicia” And does that bra fit you? Or did you just get it to attract boys? There is no reason to have a bra at 6.Tthat is so crazy. All you 10,11, and 12 year olds are sex crazed. Save that stuff for later. Be a kid while you can cuz it doesn’t last forever.Ii dress modestly and I still get noticed. There is no reason to be a mini stripper. And also, learn to spell.

  116. Kat says:

    I’m 11 and I think all of these are wrong. The Feathers are stupid, I got one in the gift exchange and threw it away when I got home. I have to wear Shape-Ups like some boy does in my class so my feet are bad when i’m older and I got mine for 50 dollars because the docters had one from the stores, the boy ended up having to get one for 300 dollars because they had to make him a pair. Another thing is Skinny Jeans. Girls complain while were changing for Athletics about there jeans being too tight and I think “Why the heck are you wearing them than?” I’m the only girl in my class who doesn’t care about fashion, Skinny Jeans or any trends. I feel bad for the people who wear sexy things, every Halloween in my town a girl is raped because she is in a Sexy Costume.

  117. Bobby says:

    Crocs are simply gross because people do not wear socks! Anybody who does not wear socks is GROSS and needs some serious hygiene help. Get a grip people I mean who their right mind wants to see anybody else’s feet to begin with or who wants to show off their feet in general it is one of the grossest body parts to begin with…..

  118. Lindsey says:

    *I dress

  119. Mary says:

    So aren’t all doll lines skimpy? If your bashing Monster High you might as well bash all the other doll lines out there as well. Anyway Monster High is the only one telling girls to be themselves and is partnered with an anit-bullying campaign. As for UGGs, they aren’t bad as well since their really comfortable and as others have said great for winter months.

  120. Kat says:

    I just read through the comments and am I the only 11 year old who DOESN’T care about these stupid trends and hates all of this stuff that is sold at stores?!? I mean come on! It took me five stores just to find a shirt that didn’t say things like “I’m sexy and I know it, do you?” Or “I like it *Hot*”

  121. Maurice cheatham says:

    I bet this add was written by a female………aw, i was right.

  122. K P says:

    My 5yo dresses herself, and chooses her own clothes, with 2 guidelines: 1.) It must be weather appropriate. & 2.) No short shorts, skirts, or shirts. She’s very modest and doesn’t like halter tops or bikinis anyway, but she’s very tall, so length is an issue. We live in MO where it can get very cold one day, and be 60 the next day. Because of this, she watches the weather, and knows to go outside and “check the weather” when choosing her outfit. When bottoms get to about size 4T-5Tm for some reason clothing makers quit putting bloomers or shorts sewn into the skirts, even when they are cheerleader short. This is why we have a drawer full of cotton shorts, tights, and leggings for wearing under her skirts and dresses. They keep her warm, and no worries on a windy day or impromptu trip to the play ground. With a few simple guidelines, I very rarely have to redirect her, mismatched, obnoxious colors and all. Let them stay young as long as they can! And I agree, Ugg type boots are cute and warm. I would never pay that much for boots that she is only going to wear one season, but the cheap knock-offs are functional. They may not provide much support, but they aren’t for every day use. Same goes for the Crocs. I won’t let her wear them to the river or on rainy days because they are very slick-soled, but they do promote independence, and are safe on a dry day if they have a heel strap. Most of the rest of the business on the list is just ridiculous. The other Mom’s are correct when saying DON’T BUY IT FOR THEM! Cut it off at the store. And discuss WHY it’s NOT APPROPRIATE! Teach them self respect and why they are worth more than a crappy outfit.

  123. donna says:

    Appropriateness is a preference that relates to family and/or culture. Obviously preteens and teens are trying to express their independence which is expected, but you can certainly tell which ones are guided by non-drug using parents and which ones are left to raise themselves. Inmates have these images (they always find a way to get them). You know how they are used–and it is so sexy! But the real thing to know is that inmates weren’t inmates before they got caught and they loved those images before they went to prison. Only then they got to see and touch the real things. Remember, less than 50% of those folks are even caught…they are still out there. Corporations are paying children in 3rd world countries to make these clothes for almost nothing. 90% of your cost is going to a few men and women who also obsess over these images. And all this starts with DISNEY raising children in their shows and providing excellent role models for children to exude sex. But, I’m sure they don’t expect these children to ever have sex! If your child needs to express their independence through sex, then prepare to pay the price later. If you need to pay sexual perverts to provide this sexy image of your child, its your money, but it is also YOUR CHILD.

  124. rosie says:

    These things might go away if people don’t buy them. Unfortunately, there are some mothers out there that think their kids look “cute” in these fashions. Yeah, you can blame the clothing industry , but in some cases the parents are to blame too. What a shame we can’t allow our children to be children for as long as we can. They’ll get into the “look” all too soon.

  125. Liz says:

    I’m 26 now. I know if I had tried walking out my mom’s door in high heals with a pair of leggings and a skimpy shirt with push up bra on, my mom woulda kicked my ass at 10, at 15? i woulda been 6 feet under, cause you know better. Same goes for any of my siblings. You knew you had to go covered up. What happened to mom’s rules?

  126. Ashton says:

    Okay, “alicia” you are 11. I don’t even understand the concept of an 11 year old being on the computer, let alone being in victoria’s secret. If you are 47 pounds I dont think you need a bra unless you are increadibly disproportionate. Don’t know where your parents have been but they might need to monitor you more than once a month. Also, I dont think you understand what the ‘buck fuddy’ shirt is saying. Get over yourself, you are in 5th grade. I wasnt allowed to say the word ‘butt’ in 5th grade, WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

  127. Lisa says:

    My daughter loves the Monster High dolls and she does not have any clothes that are skimpy. Because I Mom and don’t buy slutty clothes for her.

  128. Crystal says:

    You are clearly too young to understand.
    You don’t even know what’s so inappropriate with the “buck fuddy” shirt, that’s how young you are.
    But I agree that there is nothing wrong with leggings, uggs, or crocs.

  129. maddy says:

    i like these coments why in the world are 7 year old girls have padded bras,moster high bratz dolls are sometimes ok,the baby highheels are soo mean to put your baby through ,he feathers are ok ,and ccute ,and i will never let my daughter wear nasty clothesr only apropite clothes

  130. Annabel says:

    My daughter is 10 & needs a padded bra for modesty… most shirts are so thin these days even wearing 2 layers isn’t enough. The padding in the bra allows her to feel covered up & not worry about others seeing her developing figure.

  131. Tina says:

    As a mother of 3 young children, two of which are 6 and 7 year old girls, I was sickened to read through some of the clothes made for kids. Crotchless panties, padded bras, high heals for babies, baby bikinis ect. OMG is there really parents out there that would buy this stuff for there kids. Anyone who would allow a child to wear crotchless panties and padded bras needs their head examined. Please someone tell me why would a 7 year old need crotchless panties….. A child should dress like a child not a like porn star!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Randa says:

    I agree with a lot of parents here. But i have one question? what would u guys think of a 14 year old girl wearing a spandex short mini skirt? or a strapless bellyshirt? or buttcheek shorts? i see this everyday at school and it sickens 14 yrs old and i DONT need big push up bras or super low-rise jeans. but for one reson is because i CANT wear stuff like that because im 130 pounds. but even if i was a smaller size i would not wear stuff like that. its pathetic! I also do NOT need a boyfriend bc it seems once younger teens like me get into that stuff, thats when everything goes downhill.

  133. Kay says:

    ok so everyone is freaking out about all of the inappropriate clothing and things of that sort….I am 14 years old and i will be 15 on January 15…first of all i agree with everyone who said just because it is in the stores parents doesnt mean you have to purchase it…id someone’s preference is to wear uggs so be it…why are you even worrying about it if you aren’t letting your children wear them some children under the age of ten NEED bras we complain about starting bras at an early age but when we see and adult without a bra we say it is a disgrace today in society many people contradict their OWN opinion on things also, if you raise your children right they wouldn’t even understand the joke of the “buck fuddy” t-shirt….angry birds is a game that some people like a shirt advertising it isnt causing anyone harm…if parents choose to shop at stores like abercrombie of Holliester for their children then that is THEIR business a practical joke about homework on a shirt isnt hurting you or anyone else if a parent chooses to get their child’s teeth whitened tha tis THEIR personal choice it does not mean that you have to follow that choice…stop worrying about what everyone else is doing…if you want your child to be independent and act on their own ideas thoughts and beliefs then be the example there are many different styles of clothing to fit the many different types of people…GET A GRIP….PLEASE

  134. Me says:

    Uggs are just ugly, really? I also this it’s disgusting when you’re too lazy to get out of your pajama’s to go out in public… American’s are slobs!

    As for those kids’ lingerie, that’s basically child porn… why isn’t there regulation of that crap? Some pedophile is getting off on those pics of your little girl right now you sick parent who allows that!

  135. Jesse says:

    My daughter is 3, she wears both crocs and uggs because they’re practical and she loves them. Now some girls do start to actually develop breast at a young age so I don’t see too much problem with a padded bra if the girl needs to where a bra. I always found the padded and underwire bras growing up much more comfortable then say something like a sports bra.
    Also I’ve always put my 3 yr old in a bikini during the summer because its easier to go change her swimmie when it needs to be done, plus I think little toddlers and babies just look so adorable in a bikini but will agree a string bikini doesn’t seem practical. Vulgar sayings on shirts really should just not be wore by any age person. I don’t see the problem with the Monster High dolls, beauty regiments, shape ups or heels for girls though.

  136. Kay says:

    and parents you had your fads and trends when you were growing up let us have ours times have changed as wells as people get with modern times…not being rude just facing reality ;)

  137. carrie says:

    WTF is with the lingerie for kids? Whose designing these PEDOPHILES? Furthermore who the hell is buying this? Again I say PEDOPHILES! It truly makes angry and want to cry and vomit all at the same time! The morals of our world is beyond explanation. So sad.

  138. Jen says:

    Too late sweatshirts, leggings or jeggings and uggs are currently common attire on college campuses everywhere.

  139. Mikaylah says:

    My clothes show nothing inappropriate and are reasonable clothes. Maybe it may be “uncool” to wear clothes that don’t show your butt or your stomach, but I do it anyway and I don’t want to change. My cousin wears shorts so short you can see her butt, and I think it is discusting.

  140. vanessa says:

    Monster high is not bad AT ALL! My 10 year old litter girl has every Monster High doll mattel has made and if you look at the newest ones they are dressed alot better! oh! and UGGS are okay for little kids to wear and juicy! Both my kids wear both brands! God next thing I know you guys are going to star saying TOMS are for 12 and up! MY GOD!!!!

  141. yahoo says:

    wow alicia if u really dont see whats wrong with the shirt then that just means ur too young anyways. im 17 and its not cool to wear stuff like that ppl just think ur arrogent and a pig. and his parents didnt do anything?!

  142. Courtney says:

    I read this because it caught my eye. Plus the comments were extremely opiniated. MY opinion on this is that, yes, in SOME areas, people and companies have gone to far for business or puplicity but some are not as bad as they seem. I am not “putting down” anyones opinion, kid(s), or parent(s). Some children are more mature and understand limits. Same with parents, some allow more then others. I couldn’t help but comment. Some kids are commenting saying things like “It is a way of expressing themselves and there feelings” which is indeed true. Personaly, I think every kid should be allowed to dress however they want as long is as it has the parents aproval. Kids understand and are just as opinionated as adults. How old do you think I am by reading this? For security reasons, I am not going to say my age but lets just say I am under 15. Let kids be kids but ALSO let parents be parents.

  143. Trish says:

    To each there own with the UGGs and Crocs… But Lady’s lets get real.. The world today is totally “pimping” out little girls Like candy to a Child Molester! The dolls the clothes even music. I am 31 I am not that old. I have a 13yr old Step daughter and I am lucky in the fact that she thinks the same thing it is Gross and degrading to woman how things are marketed. I mean hell the Teen clothes in K-mart look like Lingerie now. Padded bras for kids? Leggings and shirts? I do not know what is worse the People making it or the Parents who allow there kids to wear it~

  144. Blech. says:

    Lingerie for little girls… That is probably the sickest and most disturbing thing that I have heard of, not to mention the Babekins. What makes me even more disappointed and disgusted with this is that people are actually buying this garbage for their children. Little girls DO NOT need to be dressed in padded bras, bikinis, lingerie, heels, etc.. it is disgusting and unnecessary. People really need help. A bunch of sickos is what these people are, turning their children into little sex icons. Congrats, you deserve a medal for parent of the year.

    Oh yeah, and little girls DO NOT need freakin’ shape ups! Way to make children self conscious.. A bunch of money hungry a$$es is what the people who even thought about making such an item are. I will have to say that I don’t think UGGS should be eliminated, they’re actually not that bad.

  145. veronica says:

    since when do 7 year olds need padded bras ? really ? all they need is something like a sports bra with no padding. these are things that kids do not need ! why do kids in junior high need $100 boots. im 18 and i have them because my feet have stopped growing. i am going to college, and yes leggings with a sweatshirt and uggs are fine !!!!!! its comfortable and thats what counts. that is not looking slutty in any way. children do need to remain children but dont try to dress 17 and 18 year olds. i DO NOT agree with the little 11 year olds on here saying that shopping at victoria secret is okay ! i have stuff from there and do not think it is acceptable for little kids to be wearing that stuff. these kids need to calm down and stop trying to grow up so fast !

  146. lola says:

    1st @Alicia you are 11. Now I am not saying because I am 18 i know more but you need to realize it is not the whole point of let kids be free. If parents let their kids do whatever then trust me clothing and trends would not be an issue. Now Buck Fuddy is a bit to young for an 11 year old…you guys are only suppose to be understanding your sexuality not trying to have sex. Hunny 47lbs is way to tiny for an 11 year old, i know your gonna say oh this person must me jealous blah blah. But trust me I am only 110 and only hit 100 by the time i was 15. Being thin is not as great as people think. Your gonna find it is gonna get harder to find things that fit you. You are too young for a boyfriend, why because not gonna lie he doesn’t love you, nor do you love him, you wont get what love is this is coming from someone who was in your shoes with having boyfriends at a young age. I know your gonna come back with comments like i don’t care about what you said and what not. But if you are as mature as you claim then you will realize the truth in my words.

  147. lola says:

    But to everyone else, i remember fighting with my mom over clothing, and dont deny i think everyone of us had at some point. Now most of you are right it comes down to parents buying what their kid wants, because some(most) kids know just how to twist you finger to get what they want…except now instead of a cookie its a pair of booty shorts. But you cant just say oh its ugly you cant have it because i like red and you might like blue. We live in a word today where we are always moving and we cant keep up. Between working to support a family sometimes parents over look their kids and you might say no i don’t do that, but i can bet your kids notice it. Trust me i did things when i was in high school that were stupid and i look back and ask my self what was the point. So many parents think by being the cool parent and being ultra best friends with their kids and letting them do whatever they will not have to deal with any of the arguing or fighting. But you know what I have the perfect way to end this. How you raise your kids is how you wanna raise them, buy them that shirt or those shoes, who really cares. No matter what someone is going to find something to judge about it. we cant help it but judge everything as humans, that is why we have options on everything.

  148. Ella says:

    People wear sweatshirts, leggings, and UGGs in college all the time. I personally do not wear UGGs as I find them atrocious, but it’s not taboo by any means to wear them in college. Really, there’s nothing wrong with it aside from personal aesthetic taste.

  149. Lindsey says:

    I think its funny how this is basically about how little girls cannot dress. Well i have seen plenty of things that little boys shouldn’t wear. Also if society wasn’t so centered around appearance and sex appeal little girls wouldn’t think that they should dress that way. Mostly moms need to not dress their kids like little versions of themselves, but to dictate the shoes they find comfortable or jeggings they wear under skirts is a bit much. Just because someone thinks something is “ugly” well at least it covers them up

  150. Lindsey says:

    Oh and a side note I had a friend who started her period in the 4th grade and began growing breasts at the age of 8 if she wants to wear a bra then she should damn well be able to.

  151. Rebecca says:

    ok ya imm 13 and the halloween costumes they should not be sexy costums for the children they could be for older people but not children and angry birds imm sorry but i dont think that thing is anything it sucks its not funn it doesnt even look good on stuff and i mean like for the bras ya kids that age shouldnt even have anything developed yet and the dolls seriously wow ya they are pretty and for me i love shinny glittery pretty things but i dont reallly like the dolls i dont watch the shows or anything nope but the thing is is that the dolls are like that cause the brats and moster high stuff is dolls in HIGH SCHOOL NOT IN ELEMENTRY SCHOOL OR stuff like that and imm sorry but i dont like spongebob eather the shows dont teaach you anything and so ya now the swim suits they van be 2 peices but not string bakines unless they cover the stuff wich needs to be coverd and coverd good now for the featers i had a feature and well eavery day i had it in i was all like fall out fall out fallout cause i didnt’ want it in but ya now the shoes inless the preven you feet from becoming flat i dont care about them i dont were those shoes i like being fashionable but i dont like those shoes imm more like the running shoes cause imm athletic but my friend has them nd it was raining and they got soaked clear threw to the sock when she took one step so ya and i mean you can dress your kids fashionable and make them look pretty but you need to make sure they are coverd and are dressed approprit for the weather and imm in 8th graade and at my school if you wear pajama pants you would have to change and on the cloths they should at least keep making cute clothing but not short short skirts and make it apropriat remeber they are kids

  152. Rebecca says:

    If your kids wear short skirts have them wear leggings same with shorts.

  153. jules says:

    umm … excuse me but last time i checked nobody’s perfect ? so what makes you think its right to start judging people on what they wear ? i mean jeggings , feathers , little girl clothes , and uggs ? what you dont like that ? they’re little girls ! my mom always said be a kid because once your older your gonna regret it , so why cant little girls dress THE WAY YOU APPARENTLY WANT THEM TO , when their older . i mean seriously their little girls , let them express themselves the way they want to . Selena Gomez’s clothing line at Target is for little girls to express themselves and look cute they dont need to be dressing like teenagers right now . let them live their life as a kid . im pretty sure if you were a kid you wouldnt want to dress like a 50 year old ! im sorry im just putting my opinion out there cause UGGS aren’t ugly , they’re acturally cooooooooyte so stop telling people how to dress , its their life let them live it !
    nobodys perfect , and everyone and everythings beautiful !
    take a minute and acturally notice it<3
    never take life for granite , cause you dont know when you'll be gone <3

  154. liz o says:

    I am one of those parents that does not buy sleazy or even drab colored clothing. I no longer buy clothes @ Target ( except for Hello Kitty line). I discovered Gymboree,,, they still maintain nice girly & sweet design clothing. Crazy 8 (sister company to Gymboree) is a little more economical. Yes they are much pricier than Taeget, K-mart or Walmart but thank goodness I have been able to use rewards and Gym-bucks to help out the cost. My 8 yr. old needs to look like a lil princess as long as possible.

    P.S. I have no issues with Uggs….I love them :)

  155. Viviana says:

    Will I agree with some of these I personally like the Monster High Dolls sure like all dolls they can fix a few problems but at least they aren’t coming out with a sugar daddy deuce or tattoo frankie anytime soon. Also I like my UGGS sure they aren’t as fashionable as one would like but during the winter my feet get really cold even with socks and shoes one and there are the only one that really keep my feet warm. Plus if it doesn’t make them look skimpy o then I say go ahead let the kids wear that footwear it could always be worse… like babyheels…

  156. Carlton says:

    I would rather see Ugghs over flip flops. I would rather see Angry birds over Disney anything. when you say no abortion, and have kids bring up kids, single mom house holds with father who could care less, and a market driven economy; this is what you get. Congrads!

    There is so much fail here, congress looks like they doing great.

  157. Jessyca says:

    Though I understand the views written, I’d like to make a few points on some of these. I’d like to point out that I don’t have any children of my own. The only view I can offer is from being an older sister and the oldest of my generation of cousins of which there are at least 30.

    1) The reasonI can’t agree with the monster high because I personally like them better than Barbie. Besides being about accepting the flaws, it also shows a lighter view on what most parents would think was gothic and is showing that its ok to like something different than the regular Barbie.
    2) To me, there are times when leggings are more comfortable than jeans. It also allows some parents that are going through financial difficulties to save money by using what used to be a dress on their six year old as a long shirt on their seven year old. At the same time, I agree with the fact that the top should cover the girl’s bottom.
    3) While I see why one would not want a girl younger than ten to have them, I understand the reason for the padded bras. It was while in my pre-teens that I first felt conscious about having smaller breasts and even now that I am in my twenties I still feel self-conscious without a padded bra. In fact, my little sister is 13 with more breasts than I have now! LOL
    4) The retro look makes it possible for girls that make tie-dye shirts during the summer to where them year-round without the parent feeling like money was wasted.

    I AGREE with #1,2,3,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,&17 however.

  158. V says:

    Ok, I saw this and personally offended. TO see you guy be against spray tans and bikinis for babies makes sense, but wake up already ANGRY BIRDS, UGGS really! I am typing this proudly sporting my uggs and anrgy bird hat, their not skimpy let alone violent (angry birds are simply creating the pork we all enjoy,lol) Monster High is not like barbie, its a freakish fantsy that make kids like myself to imbrace impurities and get over it. The graphic tee’s I’ve seen my teachers sporting them, take a chill pill and enjoy a joke and have a good laugh.

  159. Stac says:

    Really? This sounds like a bunch of PSO Moms on a “Book Gssip Club” high! North Face Jackets & Uggs? You have obviously NEVER worn either of them if you compare them to Old Navy or Payless. These are both trendy but extremely high functional and high quality items. There is no comparison. And as far as tees that say “I’m too pretty to do homework”, and “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” Get over it and buy a sense of humor for Gods sake. Is childhood obesity offensive? Yes!! Maybe this will motivate! Its not what the kids wear, its how you raise them to respect themselves as well as others. I think most of you need to lighten up………..totally missing the point!

  160. Marilyn White says:

    I am a grandmother and greatgrandma, i just want to say the parents let their young daughters dress any way they want too,and wonder or get mad if grown men stare or talk to their daughters. Wakeup people pediafiles love the look these young girls have.

  161. Emma says:

    With regards to the monster high dolls, most people I know who collect them are adults. There are also dolls who wear trousers. And come on people, most little kids don’t care what the doll’s wearing, I’m 30 and some of my Barbies wore way worse

  162. TonyaKCMO says:

    Jill13, teens, tweens, etc expressing yourself if great, as a parent I will NOT allow my child who by the way is not paying bills to tell me how they should “express” themselves. Protection is my responsibility for my children. When my children started paying bills at thier own houses then they were allowed to “express” themselves however they chose. Now that they are parents themselves they have rules too! I know you are ready to breakout and get into your own sense of fashion, but have fun. Dont be afraid to ask your parents what they think. Parents, protect your children. Should they even be ad”dressing” this type of website without your eagle eye of protection. PLEASE!!!

  163. Jillyan says:

    Im sure we all wore things are parents cringed at, just be sure to take pictures so when they get older and say how embarresed they are to go out with you wearing what you are, you can whip out a picture and say are you kidding me?! Anyways, I have 4 daughters: 15, 7, 5 and 18 months and since Im paying for the clothes/toys I have the final say on whats purchased. Personally I love Crocs in the Summer for the kids and UGGS, although I think they are ugly each kid has a pair because they are warm and its cold here in PA! Monster High dolls are fine, my biggest complaint is that you cant get there clothes off there freaky hands without pulling the hand off! And last but not least……my husband loves his Angry birds even if I don’t :(

  164. Maxine Thomas says:

    It is a sad day when children are dressed and posed provacatively. Children are encouraged to appear as growups before there time. Where are the children? I see them as lost in a world that encourages sexuality instead of childhood innocense.
    You all have a good day.

  165. john says:

    ugg maybe ugly to you but to most others its not. simplicity and comfort is what others for. if ugg is ugly what is beautiful to you?

  166. Diane says:

    Glad both of my kids are BOYS!

  167. JRae says:

    Why are all of these (except the last one) only girl related? There aren’t any boy fashion trends that are objectionable?

  168. Krissy says:

    Crocs are so frumpy! I agree they need to go. I would never purchase them for my kids or wear them myself. They scream frumpy housewife! There are other comfortable shoes out there that look more stylish. I guess the uggs are okay for kids..but I have always thought they are kind of ugly too.

  169. scott says:

    Not too many things make me say ‘WTF”! If my daughter, brought my grand child over in the some of the items from above. My daughter would get a smack up the side of the head, and the have you lost your mind speech.
    I feel when you buy this kind of items, it is Nature’s way of saying you have too much disposable income.
    I used to think, if people don’t buy it, they won’t make it, but too many morons fall to peer pressure. (children and their parents,both are at fault)
    I think that some of these items above, are a good reason to go back to school uniforms (so no one is any different at school), and COMMON SENSE the rest of the time! ( That means you, parents!)

  170. Boogins says:

    I agree 99% of what you found. Ugs are soo ugly and I cant see what my girlfriend and the rest of the girls in my family to like about them other than they are expensive. Crocs on the other hand while very ugly I have to admit there is no better shoe for me to put on my 2 year old daughter! Call me lazy thats fine

  171. Whitey Joe Young says:

    I find it INCREDIBLE what parents allow their teen daughters to wear. And I’m talking 12, 13, 14… just barely entering puberty, but completely sexualized with the tightest skinny lowrise jeans and skin tight tanks with spaghetti straps and cropped to show lots of midriff. It’s disgusting. You wonder about boys and date rape? Maybe this is one reason… you allow your daughters to parade around like little hookers.

  172. Dave says:

    I’ve always known that I’m insensitive and virulently anti-PC, but even I was offended by some of these clothes. CROTCHLESS PANTIES FOR KIDS!!!! OMG! Who on earth green-lit some of these products. What parent on this planet would buy these things for their kids. Crocs, Uggs, I’m to pretty shirts, etc don’t bother me, but some of this stuff horrifies me. As a parent of a little girl I’ve been worried about the world she’ll be growing up in, and the ugly influences she’ll have to deal with, but I never even imagined it being this bad. WHY WOULD A 7 YEAR OLD NEED A PADDED BRA! Thank you for bringing this stuff to my attention, I can see that I’ll have to be coaching her about these issues far sooner than I had thought.

  173. Madeleine says:

    There is no problem with UGGs. They are no less supportive than other shoes and boots available widely, and the less expensive option of Bearpaws has essentially the same quality, for 50- 80 dollars as opposed to 150-250 dollars Yes, graphic tees are often terrible, but why buy them if they are?? I’m positive that your seven year old isn’t going to Target on their own and selecting them!! Jeggings are comfortable, and they are called jeggings for a reason: they are just skinny jeans with a little added stretch. Shape ups for kids are, unfortunately, needed these days… Kids are getting fatter and unhealthier by the generation.

  174. rupleys says:

    Sooo tired of seeing little girls in tutus! Also anything that says PRINCESS!

  175. lisa jack says:

    I am seriously disgusted….crotchless panties for girls. Um, pedophile much?!

  176. my4 says:

    I hate girls clothing! They go from nice to slut in the blink of an eye. I wish my daughter could go back to toddler sized styling, at least the clothes would fit and not be covered in Justin Beiber, Victorious, Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani. And don’t even get me started about summer clothes…I think her bathing suit had more fabric in it than some of the outfits they were selling in stores…it’s disgusting

  177. Salma says:

    I see no problem with Monster High! And on the Costumes, why blame MONSTER HIGH?! Bratz came up first and look at their Fashion!Monster high is not the worst fashion Treds.ITS THE BEST FASHION TREDS!

  178. Mallie says:

    Fun fact: Delia’s isn’t a store for children. It’s actually a store that’s geared towards young adults. Although your child may fit into some of the clothes there (They do have extra smalls and size 00 jeans), it’s not a kid’s store. The low rise jeans were completely taken out of context. I do agree that low rise jeans on kids/tweens are fairly inappropriate; however, those jeans aren’t really meant for kids/tweens, they’re really more for teenagers/young adults.

  179. Samantha says:

    I’m 32 and live in a college town..unfortunately and all the little cute college girls schlub around in: Leggings with sweatshirts or flannel tops and tall boots with leg warmers. AWFUL Yes they have cute little bodies but really? c’mon…

  180. Emmalina Alise Ronsky says:

    alright im a 13 year old girl. And parents with all due respect i personally think that you are all over reacting, uggs are cool and i have seen adults in them everywhere, and maybe the parents are buying them, because i highly doubt that a small baby is going out to walmart and buying a bikini. Also, before you start doing something about the way we all dress, maybe you should do something about the caricular problems, like bullys the insane teachers and the horrible food.

  181. Brodi says:

    I’m suprised the unsafe nature of Crocs didn’t make your list. It’s an issue that’s been in the news for a while now, but so many people don’t seem to know about it. I’ve personally seen Crocs destroyed/”eaten” by escalators and shudder to think of the kids who wore them and lost toes because of them!

  182. ashley says:

    alright…. this is crazy i am 21 with a 15month old boy
    like 1 lady said id raither see leggings under a cute dress then someones butt hanging out big or small! if i wanted to see your kid or your tush id ask to view it, uggs i mean they are freakin soft! get off your high horse, when i was growing up yea i tried to push the issue of wearing things and my parents stopped it im glad they did and yes! they took me to gap lol OMG the world is going to end if you people would like to talk about something!!! lets talk about putting your kid in only a onesie!! and taking them out in public!!!! grocery store, i dont care if its their big sisters T-ball game! its annoying and i hate it an please dont say its bc its HOT outside its trashy stupid and LAZY!! O and when you are walking out of target BUYING YOUR “SEXY CLOTHES” as ppl are blaming target for if its 45 deg outside!! and your child is dressed “cute” sitting in the basket and your husband is wearing a COAT and your child dressed “cute” has red cheeks! an looks and is freakin COLD!!! BUT cant speak! i bet they would like a “cute” coat to! just bc your FAT BUTT isnt cold does not mean your 18pound baby isnt!! and as for kid thongs just dont do it i mean its always going to b on the market!! theres always going to be something on the market someone doesnt LIKE! so just deal with it in your OWN HOME! thats where it starts you know the vibe that makes kids even want to show their bodys etc! sit down talk to your kids from little on! O but wait your to busy with having 7kids 3dogs 2 suvs a husband that is never home to support your stay at home mom ways “which nope not jealous” bc i am a SAHM and the “man” works and we live just fine and no im not a hippie or a rebal or a super healthy health NUT im just not lazy and know right from wrong bc well my parents taught me ….. the end
    FYI go watch threes company, <3 the show! always have its a classic even partied with john ridders nephew!! but its not a 2000 thing its not a 2010 thing or 2015 thing! it started WAY WAY WAY before the 70s! go look at the pics of 3yr in swim suits in the 70s! gaaa you ppl make me want to blah!

  183. jacqueline says:

    As a mom of an 8 yr old daughter; we have a neighbor whos daughter is 11; tall & thin as my daughter is; they come over and pass clothes down sometimes; when i saw “booty shorts” they went right in the trash. my daughter never even got to see them. although; i do let her wear short skirts; WITH THE BUILT-IN SHORTS. and most of the time she wears leggings underneath. feathers in the girls hair right now are just the “in” thing- for now; it”ll pass; just like all fads do.whats the big deal with that; nothing. monster high dolls- my daughter said she likes them better than she did the barbies because they move all over; bend every which way; which the barbies dont. thats a reasonable answer.the croc”s; once agin- big deal. better than suri-cruz looking heels.On a different note: the ladies on here who dont have children really cannot relate; you really cant fully- unless you have a child of your own.

  184. jacqueline says:

    As a mother of an 8 yr old little girl; heres my take ; first off; i live in a city where there are probably 15 to 20 six to eleven year olds with-in the 3 blocks of our house; and 1.) GRAPHIC TEES- DISAGREE. 2.) BIKINIS- AGREE. 3.) HAIR FEATHERS-AGREE. {its just a fad- not hurting anyone; plus it”ll pass just as all others do). 4.) MONSTER HIGH DOLLS- AGREE. 5.) LEGGINGS- AGREE {my daughter sometimes wears them under short skirts- their a life-saver; im sure other moms will agree}. 6.) UGGS/CROCS- AGREE. [they are cute and comfortable-} which leads me to wonder who the heck put this together of the things to go in 2012?? A mother of daughters; i wonder??

  185. newton says:

    Great list. Any of these items that pimp your child as a hooker should be outlawed, and Child Services should remove your child from your custody and you should be jailed for soliciting your minor. You probably should be forcibly sterilized, to be safe, so you dont produce any more dysfunctional kids who become young adults roaming the streets with body image issues, bulimia, anorexia and daddy complexes that ultimately lead your daughter to a starring role in a Girls Gone Wild Video in order to get attention from their absentee father.

    As for Uggs and Crocs, though harmless, they are in very bad taste and have been outdated for many years. That said, if you are under 16, you get a buy, because hey, you’re a kid. A kid shouldn’t have to be that concerned about style. Wear your uggs with different colored everything. Enjoy being a kid and getting weird with your clothes. You have the rest of your life to be an angst-riddled slave to trend and social conformity maxing out your credit cards in the futile quest to elevate your low self esteem.

  186. newton says:

    I bought padded Huggies for my 1 year old boy. They’re padded in the back so it looks like extra poop – all the time. The 1 year old girls seem to respond to that sort of thing.

  187. rosie says:

    After reading some of these comments I am just amazed. I agree with those that talk about people being too lazy to get out of their pj’s to go shopping. There was a time when that was unheard of no one would be caught dead outside of their home in their pj’s. The Monster line are just too ugly but it applies to personal taste. Uggs…. well to each their own. BUT to wear them 24-7 is doing damage to the body. My 7 year old granddaughter is even limited to the amount of time she wears her flip-flops. She is being taught at her age that anything flat is NOT good for a long period of time. You have an arch in your foot for a reason and if it is not supported(yes even at tender ages) it will lead to flat footedness. I myself was recently diagnosed with it. I had gone to find out about knee and back problems and it all pointed to being flat-footed. I grew up with flip-flops and flat-soled sneakers. Now I have to wear special arch supports. So Moms….. the next time your child is wearing something flat-soled…. give those little feet a rest and swap off for awhile with a pair of sneakers and support those arches for awhile! (Should swap out shoes every 3-4 hours anyway according to the orthopedic Docs.)

  188. Rick says:

    Can we, once and for all, please do away with jazz pants? They are inspid, unladylike and a veritable eyesore on sports sidelines. GET RID OF THEM YESTERDAY!

  189. Annie says:

    What the hell is this world coming to?

  190. Larry says:

    My daughter likes fashion and it’s a challenge being a father. We go round after round on what is appropriate and what is not. I make sure her skirts are to her knees and I make her wear shorts underneath her dresses/skirts. She does love monster high and the harajuku clothing at target. She also loves the retro clothing from the 70′s and 60′s. All the clothing she gets is tasteful, I do not want her looking like a slut and will not allow it. She is a fashionista but I keep her reined in. You need to be a parent first than their best friend. As long as you instill values and discuss their decisions , they will make the right choices. When they do move out, they will continue to make the right choices instead of showing off their g string and a tramp stamp.

  191. Me says:

    I think uggs aren’t ugly! They keep your feet warm if you live some where were it’s pretty cold


    FINALLY! A stance against Uggs and Crocs. EVERYTIME I see them being worn I sit in amazement at how the hell they got popular. The most ridiculous looking things in the history of ‘fashion’ and they’re on the scene at the same time! If some trendsetter came on the news and said….umm iron helmets were the next thing, a week later they’re would be streets full of sheep lugging them around on their noggin. Think for yourselves people!

  193. Vampirejesus says:

    I agree about some of that clothing line. A baby or little child does NOT need a two piece bikini. And some of the ads are borderline child pornography, and so sleazy, it teaches kids to dress like strippers or whores when their older. But please step off the “Angry Bird” get up! I love angry bird and there is nothing wrong with the new trend. The game is awesome! and the clothing accessories are way too cool.

  194. Suzie says:

    i love the person who says that old navy and payless have the same quality items as more expensive stores. are you kidding me? payless is all plastic, and old navy shiz falls apart/fades after one wash. id rather spend money on things that will LAST and also am not interested in making my child the “poor” kid in school by wearing imitation stuff. also the person who buys their kids USED CLOTHES at the goodwill? parent of the year. maybe youd be able to afford real clothes for your CHILD if you stopped smoking/boozing or buying clothes for yourself

  195. Alicia says:

    to let you guys no im in 7th grade get over your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have normal size boobs god turn the b and the f around in buck fuddy then you see it a$$es

  196. Mori says:

    This is for Jill the 13 year old. Honey we all know about self expression, we all went through it too. But there is a fine line between sexy and skanky, and at 13 you don’t need to look 21. And no one should be in low rise jeans if they have a “muffin top” Enjoy this time in your life and don’t try to grow up too fast, dress appropriately, you don’t need to look like a $2.00 hooker to be fashionable. Learn how to dress and learn how to correctly apply makeup,( I’m not saying don’t wear the trendy stuff but, use common sense, buy it because it looks good, NOT because it’s sexy and what everyone else is buying.

  197. Allicia says:

    @Chelsey Thank You, at least someone usderstands.

    @Crystal yes i no what “buck fuddy” means.

    @ Sarah Troollllyyyy!!!

    @ everyone else who commented back to me, Get over yourself. Think about others feeling you dont no that i get teased cause im thin.

  198. Amanda says:

    Look Parents,yes some things should go, but some you are overreacting.
    1. Headline (Appalling Tees)- Yes some are horrible, but some are funny as heck. Get a sense of humor.
    2. “Sleezy Outfits”- Okay, now for winter, its a little skimpy. But for summer its fine. Where I grew up summers were 109 degree days. Theres no need to dress like a mormon during summer.
    3.Feathers, yes some look bad, but some look very cute.
    4.Monster High – They are skimpy, trashy, dolls. They are a terrible influence for little kids.
    5.String bikinis- On a baby, its wrong. But on a girl who is at least 10, its fine. They are cute bikinis made for showing off a little.
    6. Crop tops are cute on smaller girls. However, girls who aren’t exactly “small” in the stomach, it is not flattering and looks horrid.
    7. Angry Birds- GET OVER IT! You know you love that game.
    8: Padded and under wire bras- Okay, now for a flat-chested girl, its inappropriate. But If your like me and actually have boobs, its a life saver. I’m a 12 year old, I’m a 36C. Without under wire bras, your rings show. A padded bra, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t make you trashy. It just means your trying something new.
    13.Halloween Costumes- Okay, for a 7 year old. It’s a little skimpy. For a teenager, LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIFE!|
    14. Low jeans- For a small girl, its fine, their showing off their little hips. For other girls, it makes their tummy and hips look 10x bigger.
    15. Spray tans, etc.- Spray tans are a little unhealthy for a kid, but if your child is pale as the moon, make exceptions.
    16. Child “Lingerie”- its not lingerie!!!!!!!!
    17.Baby high heels- Maybe for Halloween
    18. Kid shape ups- For a child in or in risk of obesity, there is nothing wrong with toning your thighs and butt
    19. Uggs- Yes, their overpriced, but they are so cozy.
    20. Jeggings- UGLY AND FAKE
    21.Crocs- they are hideous, i wouldn’t be caught dead in them

    @C- You don’t know what Alicea’s boobs look like. Don’t tell her she doesn’t need a bra. C, just because you are a flatchested, stupid, troll, does NOT make it all right to insult puberty

  199. Allicia says:

    @Amanda THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo muuccchhhh

  200. Alanna,Amanda,Ashley,and Giannah says:

    Hi people who have been commenting back at her.
    Yes her bra fits her from VS because i gave her my old one. Us 4 are our sisters. We dont think it is right because she feels hurt. shes just expressing her self. Now, ALL OF YOU TROLLS WHO SAID SOMETHING MEAN, I SUGGEST YOU STOP!!! WE WILL FIND YOU!!! LIKE SARAH! Now everyone who was nice and agreed like Amanda you are fin and praised thank you.
    Luv Alanna Amanda Ashley and Giannah

  201. Alanna,Amanda,Ashley,and Giannah says:

    were alicia siss

  202. jenalle wesly says:

    With reading this i take affense in it. The retro shirts you can at least put a shirt under it . The crocs an uggs just don’t make sence because there comfertable An were preferably made for teens. Skini jeans are fine they are just jeans that fit your form.Angrey birds clothing does get annoying but it’s the most poppular game of 2011 that fade will wear down more than any of the other things liste.The monster high dolls are way more appropretely dressed than bratz dolls. Sorry for any miss spelling. But please just think about your kids an what makes them happy.

  203. Lexi says:

    the things kids (and teens) wear during this time in their lives gives them a definition as to who they are.. trust me.. i’m 16. and i don’t and never have owned one pair of booty shorts or a miniskirt. i wear jeans with cute tops, which are hard to come by, but still there. now from a teenagers perspective: some want these clothes.. it depends on how they’re brought up. lots wear what they do bc the attenetion they want they don’t get at home.. so they get it the best way they can.. their bodies. now just remember we (collective consumers) keep these items on the shelf by buying them.. only we’re to blame.

  204. lisa lee says:

    I have a good friend who lives near me; has 3 daughters; 12; 9 & 6.none have ever been allowed to wear a bikini. my daughter 8 asked the nine year old why; { shes a good friend of hers}- she said “my mom says their too revealing”. to each there own; i do agree; but they are- literally- probably the ONLY GIRLS in our sub who have the 1 pieces on. my husband said one day they will rebel; especially the oldest who; by now should be able to be making her own decision of what she likes; -not mommy. i dont see a thing wrong with being over-protective; but i also believe their in for a very rude awakening. my daughter was over there one day after school she had a very cute outfit on; a short lace skirt with leggings underneath; a long sleeved top; her long hair all back in a pony with a feather in her hair; her boots were new; called “buckle boots” from justice; my friend made a comment that they were cute boots; “for an adult”. i kinda just laughed inside; as im a pretty easing going mom; i do; also let her wear to school- SOMETIMES- the long feather earrings. i also have 2 friends; moms of my daughters class-mates who have said “we cant wait to see what your daughter walks out wearing she always looks so adorable” i must admit- i am addicted to justice”s over-priced gorgeous clothes; i blame my sister-in-law who introduced me to the store! lol…it is sad sometimes as it seems kids are just growing up to fast now days; no matter what decisions us mothers make; its just a different era raising kids now. wish i could just freeze mine in time- good luck all the other moms out there! :)

  205. carrie says:

    @alicia So you are an 11 year old 7th grader interesting. You’re 11 and you have a boyfriend that wears a BUCK FUDDY t shirt but sees no problem with this. I don’t have a problem with the uggs or crocs or whatever but I must know where the hell are you parent/s? Do they care what you do with your life, involved at all? Or do you throw a fit to get your way? So sad to see our youths lives being tossed away because we dont want to deal or punish our children anymore. I feel sorry for you alicia and hope you make better choices than you are right now.

  206. Marie says:

    I am reading all of these comments and there is a whole lot of controversy of all of the items mentioned kudos to the parents that want their little girls to grow up gradually, to the tweens that added their comments you all seriously need to reflect on what you are writing UGGS mess up your feet bc they have no arch support also when they get wet they look HORRIBLE….. All fashion trends are not for everyone . Parents that are interested in what their children wear keep up with your observations. To the men that agreed on little girls wearing Lingerie you should be beaten you are a pedophile….There are some things that are acceptable and then there are things that should be taking off the shelf. To the teenage girls expressing yourself it is okay just use a little more common sense and know that every trend comes and goes look into yourself and find a style that is your own not a trend that will be here today but, gone tomorrow. I know that we are all trying to find ourselves but at what price are we willing to go to……

  207. Sky says:

    Barbie also wears bikinis so whats your point? Moster high is awsome and shows diversity.

  208. Olivia says:

    Can someone tell me why a little girl needs a padded bra? who exactly is supposed to be looking at her bigger than she really is boobs? This makes me sick and should be illegal!

  209. Olivia says:

    I just saw and read number 11 and i almost fainted!!! crotchless panties for kids and teens?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? what is going on in colorado? Is this real? how can they get away with that? what in the heck does a kid need crothcless underware for?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’m writing this company and something is going to be done about this!!! any person who has ever bought this for their kids should be taken to jail immediatly!!!!

  210. Tayla says:

    The only reason Barbie wear jeans now is because parents complained about her “skimpy” outfits. Maybe if parents took it upon themselves to monitor their kids and tell them no when they wear what they find inappropriate the constant controversy surrounding these kind of dolls wouldn’t exist. I’m 18 and I played with dolls for a large part of my life, even now I love Monster High and I’ve never dressed in inappropriate clothing for my age or hated my body because it was something different to what I saw on a doll.

  211. Dawn says:

    alot of parents wonder y r kids missing, y do guys look at my daughter like that? all i have to say is look at the disgusting skimpy close that u put her in.

  212. Rose says:

    I see no problem with most of these…for younger girls. When it comes to a girl starting to fill out…BIG issue. There are some of them I have a huge problem with (Items 5, 8, and 11-13) and others I see absolutely no issue with. Item 11 is the most disturbing to me….there’s a whole sub-group of adult men who have that as their wallpaper on their computer. I have 2 beautiful little girls, I am appalled that they would allow photographs of that, especially in a society where we get Protective Service called for taking a picture of our kids playing in their bathing suits!

  213. Donna E. says:

    Almost all these items disgust me! Not all (Uggs,Angry birds ect.) but some(Bras for 7 year olds and such). Having a girl these days and keeping her safe is hard enough, this just makes things harder. I used to work as supervisor over a lingerie department at a large department store and there were many items I flat out told the manager I did not want in my department. The store was VERY good about trusting my judgement and did not keep them. These guys are rare! The items were sent back to the distributer. I was proud to work in such a decent store! One time (This is no joke), I was sent “scratch and sniff” PANTIES and THONGS for teens! The ones who produce these items should have to let their daughters wear them and see if they are comfortable with the idea! Shame on these companies but good for all who wrote on here about it being the parents who need to take charge and not buy or allow their kids to wear them!!!!!

  214. Amanda says:

    Look, I

  215. Amanda says:

    Look, I realize some of this is inappropriate for kids, but some of it isn’t. Let parents raise their kids how THEY WANT TO. The padded bra’s and Victoria’s Secret for kids- get over it. Not every 7 year old is flat. When, I was 7, I was a 36A. Every girl is different. Stop being parents from hell, and make exceptions.

  216. Meghan says:

    I like leggings because it is better to wear them under a tunic, rather than skinny jeans. As for most of the other items, (crocs, angry birds and Uggs excluded) it is sad to say the least. I am a teenager, and I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in any of these. The fact that people actually buy these for their kids is appalling. I have a set of polos I wear to school. People make fun of me, but those people are the ones that would buy these type of clothes. As for the Halloween costumes, this is why i stopped trick or treating last year. Otherwise, I used to be a “casual Witch” with a t-shirt, jeans, and a witches hat.

  217. mssilly says:

    IMO, some of the things that were mentioned above are just average and not really offensive. like the crocs and uggs. I think it’s pretty stylish, and as long as it fits comfortably i won’t mind if kids wear them. tho, i prefer they use something like sneakers for kids or sort. the feather thingy is not a big deal either. I mean, it’s probably too much for kids to wear them, but as long as they’re not obsessed why not having fun with it once in a while. Oh I’m 25, tho I don’t have any children on my own, I have niece, nephew, cousins that are still kids, so I’m aware of how they’re dressed. And for my friends here, that are still under 18, yes you needed bra as you hit your puberty, and I do know some probably will use padded bra, but i will recommend to wear what’s comfort for you and not becoz of the trend happening. The bikinis for kids? For me is too much. They should wear something proper for their age, which is cute and cheery even if the parents want them to be fashionable. Two pieces with proper cutting is okay, but no for bikinis. Well, that’s my personal preferences. Doesn’t need to have everyone agree with it, rite.. :)

  218. wendy says:

    omg ur sooooooooooooooo over reacting its just some clothes whats the big deal?shouldn’t kids have some freedom and whats wrong with some skinny jeans?

  219. Ashleigh says:

    Im 16 and have 5 younger siblings, most in this age group. I agree that uggs and crocs are ugly, but i mean my sister loves playing outside in crocs because she plays in rivers and stuff, and they dont get ruined. Angry bird stuff is obnoxious, but dont tell me you didn’t have any fads when you were younger. The “buck fuddy” doesn’t even make sense. I know what its supposed to mean, but its not funny at all. Like, what is the point? You’re cool. You can switch letters. Unless you’re dyslexic. Then its probably hilarious. Monster high stuff is play clothes. Obviously so. Play clothes are supposed to be all glitzy and see through and just silly. I completely agree with the “sexy” halloween costumes. When i was in middle school, i went tl my first halloween dance in full zombie attire, you shoulda seen my shock when everyone was in mini bug dresses with fish nets. Its awful, and more popular than you can imagine! Bras are fun to play with, my 8 year old sister wears them all the time, but they’re not padded. They make her feel grown up, and you can’t even tell. Two pieces are fine, if they cover everything up. You can find plenty of appropriate ones if you actually look. AND FOR EVERYBODY HATING ON ALICIA: watch the way you talk to her, she’s eleven. I doubt you’d talk like that to your daughter, so please, act like an adult so i dont have to try to figure out who’s the preteen.

  220. Musikmama says:

    Parents, you need to be teaching your kids appropriate styles from a young age. My girls and I have discussed this from the time that they started dressing themselves. I get frustrated because it’s really hard to find a skirt or dress that hits knee length which is the length in our school dress code. But they all dress appropriately at ages 20, 15 and 12. They feel uncomfortable in inappropriate clothing. Parents be parents, not your child’s friend. Make sure that your clothing styles are appropriate too. And teach them that what is inside is a lot more important than outside. No, my children are not ugly either. They’re all beautiful. But what is inside is even more beautiful. They see their father loving their mother even as they age.

  221. Joanna says:

    Monster high is a bad influence? REALLY?! It’s just a doll… if your kid is influenced by a freakin’ toy, then there is some parenting issues there. I have 3 of the most well behaved, gifted-program attending little girls. They are free to play with whatever toys they want. Wear skirts w/ shorts under. And whatever the heck kinda shoes they want. We live where it gets to be 120 degrees in the summer, no joke. As long as they behave the way they are suppose to, I let them do whatever they want.

  222. MayasMomma214 says:

    The bras, there’s no real way to tell that those are designed for young girls. My mom and several of my friends have AA, A cup chests, and they benefit from these same bras being attacked here. The shape- up shoes are a good idea I think… there’s a lot of overweight kids/toddlers and it’s good to give them a little extra umph to their everyday tasks to help keep them healthy. As a parent, I know it’s as easy as saying “No, you’re not getting that” and then not buying it for her. If she throws a fit, she gets nothing that day. It’s annoying to listen to her complain, but she gets over it. One day, I know she’ll thank me for setting those boudaries for her-and sticking to them. I’m not strict but my daughter’s not walking around in sequined booty shorts any time soon.

  223. No says:

    “or else they’ll go off to college thinking that sweatshirts, leggings, and UGGS are appropriate attire.”
    Ha! That’s pretty much my main outfit.
    BTW, Uggs aren’t ugly. They are really cozy and cute. Also I wear jeggings almost everyday; they are WAY more comfy than jeans cause they can stretch. Fat people shouldn’t wear them though cause it looks ugly.

  224. Eric says:

    How does skinny jeans for boys not make this list?

  225. Joy2theWorld says:

    Could somebody please do an article on tights as pants? Where I work, the highschool girls come in wearing tights in lieu of pants. Who said this was ok? Tights are meant to be worn UNDER your clothes, under a skirt, under a dress, under a long t shirt. Sometimes, they aren’t even opaque!! This is a trend that needs to be addressed.

  226. Brendan Rielly O'Hara says:

    Hi I’m Brendan I’m 13 and I believe every one is entitled to thier own opinion and please forgive me for any future transgressions. Now I will start may rant, thank you. The only people who make any sense are Alicia & Jill13, everyone else … no. You people are OVERREACTING. I agree bras for seven year-olds is TERRIBLE. I mean my 8-year old sister doesn’t wear stuff like that unless she goes swimming. really REALLY trashing UGGS because they look ugly, sorry but thats just ignorant. As for “Buck Fuddy” I don’t see whats wrong with that as long as its on pre-teens & teens. And yes ignorant internet users I KNOW what it means, I’m not stupid after all. On closing only three words. Unique, Individuality, and Expression. thank you for your time.

  227. Cynthia says:

    Young People:
    I understand the desire you have to be seen as unique and individual, creative, adventurous and sometimes daring. There are so many ways to do this beside what you wear. Learn ways to be yourself that are not connected to the trappings of “fashion” and you will be much more satisfied in the long run. Young ladies:
    After you are of a legal age to be “available”, wear what you want. Unfortunately, there are people who will interpret certain apparel as invitational.
    Young men:
    No one wants to see your underwear. We are sure it is very nice. Also, your hat is not very effective backwards and upside-down.
    I could care less about the things that are merely deemed annoying. It is interesting to see the comments about Uggs and Crocs. They don’t seem like they pose that much threat to our welfare. Monster High dolls are no better or worse than other dolls on the market. Angry Birds will go away on its own. There are some instances where a young girl DOES need a bra, but not something overly sexy. I Think T-shirts with offensive logos and sayings are fine for around your own house. I have a few of my own. They are not for wear in places where families will be.
    O.K. I think I am done. I wish all of you well

  228. Kristin says:

    Unfortunately, a LARGE portion of these “trends” are marketed towards young girls! We are sexualizing our children at way too young of an age nowadays. It’s no wonder that our daughters have issues with beauty and identity as they get older. We’re telling them from infancy that in order to be pretty you have to dress a certain way and to embrace their “sexiness”. And we wonder why there is an epidemic of teen pregnancy nowadays?!

  229. Maria says:

    Uggs, Angry Birds, Jeggings with long shirts or under shorter dresses and Crocs are all items of clothing that are comfortable for children. I agree wholeheartedly that the clothes and procedures that sexualize children or alter their looks are horrible and need to go. The Shape Ups for children need to go as well because those soles are too squishy and are not stable enough for a child who is still physically developing. They do nothing to “shape up” anything either, so why sell a child that false bill of goods. If a child needs to be healthier or more active, enroll them in a dance class, swimming class, get up early and go with them on a walk or a bike ride before school and introduce more raw veggies and fruit into family meals. Some of the other costume like clothes are just that and for fun and there’s no harm if worn occasionally.

  230. Jamie says:

    First, I want to say I’m a 36 year old mother of 4. My boys are are 18 & 7. My girls are 10 & 8. After reading the comments I have to say I agree with most ppls opinions posted here. Some, however, are just plain ridiculous! lol A simple matter of personal like/dislike shouldn’t dictate what others choose to wear. (I’m blunt & opinionated. If I offend anyone with my opinions here, that’s life. Maybe you could benefit from taking a closer look at yourself & your morals, & standards.)

    1.) Appalling, Headline-landing Graphic Tees ~ Disagree ~ Some are inappropriate; some are cute & funny. Common sense is all it takes, folks.
    Would you rather it say, “I’m too STUPID to do my homework so my brother does it for me”? lol
    Christmas of 2010 found all 3 of my little ones wearing “Dear Santa, I was framed!” shirts. My 7 y/o son currently has a “Blame my Sister” & when my 18 y/o was 15 I bought him a “Just be glad you’re not my parents” shirt. It didn’t teach them to lay blame on someone else for their actions, nor did it mean they were “bad” kids; no more so than the “How many licks does it take…” from Tootsie Roll Pops that some of us wore as kids (& still wear today) implied anything sexual or degrading. How many of you (or your husbands, bros, dads, etc) own a “Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do” or one saying something about duct tape being the fix-all, etc? Are you implying everyone but you is either annoying or stupid or too lazy to do things “right”? I guess you’d better throw out that “World’s Greatest Daddy” tee the kids got Daddy for Father’s Day, too. It may cause someone to have low self-esteem by implying their Daddy or husband is a loser compared to yours. lmao
    You say “Let kids be kids” but then you complain about some of the simplest, most innocent graphics. Really??? If we don’t allow them to dress as kids, they end up dressing in outfits such as what’s shown in #2.

    2.) Impractical/Sleazy Outfits ~ Agree ~ We do shorts or skirts layered with leggings, but booty shorts aren’t allowed in our home. We’re raising children, not pole-dancers.

    3.) Hair Feathers ~ Disagree ~ I think they’re cute, no matter what the age. They’re not harmful or detrimental in any way. If you don’t like ‘em, don’t buy ‘em. Simple enough!

    4.) Monster High ~ Disagree ~ Better wipe out all history of the fairy-tales we grew up on, while you’re at it. We don’t need our children growing up with “icons” such as Snow White who lived with 7 men at one time, or damsels in distress such as Sleeping Beauty who lay comatose while waiting for a stranger to appear & kiss her. We have Rapunzel who let down her hair to sneak a strange man into her tower at night. Cinderella was a spineless door mat for her step-family, defied her step-mothers direct order to not leave the house & was later rewarded for her defiance by being “rescued” by Prince Charming. Goldie Locks by 2days standards was a burglar, thief (she ate their porridge), & destroyed private property (broke their beds). Even Barbie can be twisted to match someone’s dislike. Does she teach our kids that men & women have to be tall, thin, tanned, blonde haired & blue-eyed, drive a ‘vette, & live in a mansion or beach house to be accepted? And yes Barbie wears jeans…when she’s not wearing sequinned ball gowns & high heels & being pulled by a horse-drawn carriage! lmao WOW!!! They’re toys! Dolls! Fairy tales! Get off it, already!

    5.) Babekins ~ Agree ~ My girls wore bikini’s when they were babies but NOT string bikini’s AND they wore Lil’ Swimmer’s with them. Baby butt-cheeks are cute (but only on babies), but other parts of the body showing Are Not! Our girls are 8 & 10 now and they prefer the tank top style with the shorts themselves with the criss-crossed backs & short-styled bottoms so they can play in the water without fear of showing their bodies or being uncomfortable.

    6.) Bad Retro Revivals ~ Disagree ~ Not harmful or detrimental, so who cares?

    7.) Angry Birds ~ Disagree ~ Unless they become angry enough to fly outta my computer & attack us I don’t care one way or the other. lol

    8.) Padded Bras for 7-year-olds ~ Disagree ~ Our 10 yr old started developing when she was only 7. The thin cloth training bras worked for a little while, but as her development continued & the “budding” process really took over it became more noticeable. You ask why they make kids bras w/ underwire & padding? The underwire helps keep the bra in place instead of riding up when they’re playing & being kids. The padding helps disguise their “budding” progress in to adult-hood. Just because we don’t want our little girls growing up doesn’t mean they won’t & doesn’t mean we can ignore it when it does start happening. I don’t like the padding, but I liked even less when she was slouching so she didn’t “poke out”. She was uncomfortable; I did what I had to do. I covered her. Would you be comfortable around people if you knew your nipples were standing out drawing attention? I didn’t think so. Neither are these little girls. At 10 y/o, she’s been wearing bras & deodorant for 3 yrs, & although she only shaves her legs maybe 4 times a yr she had to start almost 2 yr ago. You can’t fight puberty or genetics. So…now you know the rest of the story.

    9.) Sexy Halloween Costumes ~ Disagree ~ Not for kids tho. Rule of thumb… Costumes can’t be any shorter or lower cut than normal school clothes. For the princess or fairy type of costumes they have to wear leggings, tights, or shorts under them. Nothing sexy, nothing provocative, nothing revealing. Thankfully, mine don’t even ask. They know costumes like that are for adults, not kids. And as Mom, I don’t wear anything like when I take them trick-or-treating. Teach by example.

    10.) SUPER-low-Rise Jeans ~ Disagree ~Again, not for kids. Again, thankfully they don’t ask cuz they wouldn’t be allowed to wear these. We are raising children, not sex symbols. Their bodies don’t need to draw attention. I don’t want to see butt cracks, the hollow spots beneath hip bones, ab muscles narrowing down to the pubic region. We raise our kids to respect their bodies & them selves.

    11.) Little-girl Lingerie & Crotchless panties ~ BIG AGREE~ There is no way around this one. IT IS WRONG!!! WHAT THE HELL is wrong with people that they would dress their child like this??? It screams, “LOOK AT MY CHILD’S BODY!!! LEER AT THEIR PRIVATE PARTS!!! TAKE THEIR INNOCENCE, I DON’T CARE!!!” And WHY would a “Kid N Teen” need crotchless panties??? THESE PARENT’S NEED SHOT!!!

    12.) Bizarre Toddler Beauty Extremes ~ Agree ~ They are kids, not Mini-Me’s. If you’re keeping your kids away from soda, coffee, & tea (none of which have nutritional value to start with, therefore they don’t need them!) good oral hygiene & regular dental check-ups are ALL they need. They don’t have enough eye brows to pluck/wax yet. Plus, it hurts like Hell!! Spray tanning is just stupid! Take away that game system you bought them so they’d shut up & stop embarrassing you with their brat-ass fit throwing at the store, get off your own backside & go outside & play with them in the sunshine & they’ll get all the tan they need! Body building at too young of an age can actually do more DAMAGE than anything. It rips the muscles & tissues & doesn’t allow for proper growth & placement. …Just some food for thought…

    13.) Baby Heels ~ Agree ~ Let ‘em be babies! Heels mess up the feet, Mom. You know how uncomfortable you are in heels sometimes, how it hurts. Why would you even consider doing that to your child? Seriously?? I guess it’s hard tho to find shoes to match their lingerie & crotchless panties, huh?

    14.) Shape-Ups for Little Girls ~ Agree ~ Whether they make Shape-Ups for little boys or not is irrelevant. We’re talking grade school age & younger. Why are you concerned with “toning their legs & tiny tushies”? Oh, yeah! so they look better in the heels & lingerie, right?

    15.) UGGS ~ Disagree ~ Still not harmful or detrimental, so I don’t care! I personally think they’re ugly, but that’s no reason to pull them from the shelves. Don’t like ‘em? Don’t buy ‘em!

    16.) Skin-tight Jeggings ~ Disagree ~ We don’t wear them, but hey! That’s us. As long as they’re worn with taste, I don’t care. “So instead of having to inspect each pair of jeggings for middle-school appropriateness, let’s just eliminate them altogether.” Are we going to just eliminate all together all shirts & skirts & shorts, too, so we don’t have to “inspect each for appropriateness”? What would you have us wearing? Fig leaves?? If college girls wanna wear them with sweatshirts & UGGS I say go for it! They’re bodies are covered, it’s not disrespectful & at least they’re not wearing their pj’s to class. Go for it! It’s the equivalency of sweats & sweatshirt & old comfy sneakers, with more style! :-)

    17.) Crocs ~ Disagree ~ I can’t stand ‘em. Won’t wear ‘em. My girls however LOVE ‘EM!! They like that they’re comfy. I like that they’re easy to slip on or just grab & go!

    We all have common sense & should use it. (Such as with the graphic tees. Not all of them are bad.) When we don’t, it makes the world & society the way it is today. When someone voices their dislike for something we do or say or the way we dress the first thing we want to say is, “I can do what I want. It’s my life. It’s my choice.” Then we turn around in the same breath & proclaim that someone else is “wrong” for the decisions they make. We don’t want to be judged, but we think nothing of judging someone else. Not exactly equal, is it?

    As a general rule, I say “live & let live”. Some things are or can be harmful to a person’s mental, physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual well being & should never be tolerated under any circumstances. If it’s not going to cause harm to someone in one of these ways, we shouldn’t have the right to control it or dictate it. Saying something needs to be pulled or discontinued or eliminated just because you personally don’t like it is tantamount to saying if someone doesn’t like YOU for whatever reason you should be pulled or discontinued or eliminated. Life is full of choices. Make your own & don’t hold other’s responsible for what you do. Just because they produce it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. As the parent, take responsibility. Don’t buy it. Don’t condone it. If there is no demand for it, it won’t be produced. And if it still is, simply Don’t Buy It!

  231. Amy says:

    you know, I agree about the skimpy stuff but a lot of the stuff on this list are just opinion. And when it comes to those things, i think your opinion is stupid. Like hair feathers, uggs and crocs. Just because YOU don’t wear ‘em…

  232. Katie says:

    As much as I disagree with the ‘crotchless panties’, you have to remember that the majority of the products mentioned here aren’t seen as being sexual by the children who wear them. They aren’t aware of the connotations certain types of clothing has to adults, therefore can only be affected negatively by this when their parents point out the flaws. I’m a 16 year old girl, and my parents have never had much input to what I wear. Yet, I’m not a pole-dancer or anything of that nature. I’m doing well in school and I have amazing friends, whilst wearing whatever I want. I’m guilty of owning UGG boots, and short-shorts, but UGG boots keep my feet warm and dry in the English climate, and short-shorts do cover me up. I know that in the Victorian Era, it was considered bad to show off your legs, but I didn’t realise that people were still so uptight about it today.

    It’s fair enough that it’s hard to see your children growing up so quickly, but it’s just the way life is in the modern world. Children can’t be children any more, it conflicts with always being told to ‘grow up’ and ‘act your age, not like a child’ which I was told by teachers at school from as early as the age of 7. Whether you like it or not, children do grown up, and environmentally, it’s just not acceptable to act like a child for as long as many parents were able to when they were young.

  233. Sophie says:

    If i’m honest, i don’t think any of these trends matter ! if you’re a good other you wont buy them and to be honest how can you “sexualize” a child unless you’re looking at them as a sexual being – which theyre not – let them wear their dress up high heels and cute bikinis and play with their dolls , barbie, Bratz, monster High, my scene , because it’s not about the things around them , it’s about how theyre raised and what theyre taught ! And theyre all gonna turn into creatures of the devil when they turn 15 anyway . Sex, drugs, alcohol , you cannot stop it ! just teach them how to be a good person .

  234. Rosie says:

    I do not see an issue with the Uggs or the Crocks or the padded bras!!
    I wanted a bra when I was about seven, as my sister was getting some and my mum bought them for me! I think they’re a good idea as some people NEED these bras! Many of my friends are dancers, and don’t have the biggest chests, and she’s an AA or A, and some children like to have their chests, or what would be chests covered!!

  235. Jennifer says:

    Sorry but I LOVE Monster High! I see nothing wrong with them.

  236. Cassidy says:

    Okay, so I am thirteen in a few days. I happen to think that some of these things are okay! I’ll give my opinion on all of them k?

    Graphic Tees:
    I happen to like them, however, I do agree that some are inappropriate. All of mine are funny and/or cute (a peice of cheese screams to a grader “you monster!!!”, or my kickn’ it like a ninja shirt, and there is always my beloved one that shows a rock, paper, scissors, and a bomb and says “I always win”) That “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” one I HATE, but I think that the “I’m to pretty to do homework” one would be cute as a t-shirt

    Impractical sleazy outfits:
    I live in colorado, which believe it or not is actually REALLY hot during summer months cuz we are closer to the sun and all, and I think that this is an adorable summer outfit, but it is inappropriate for winter, your legs would get frostbite and fall off. End of story.

    Hair feathers:
    I actually have never worn one, but I think that the big fat chunky ones are UH-GUH-LY! The skinny ones are cute! You just have to pick a color that goes well with your hair and clothes.

    Monster High:
    I am kind of biased because I read the books and they were AMAZING!!!! but I think that the dolls and costumes are awesome! Plus, I design clothes for my barbies (dorky I know) and I designed some for monster high people. The dolls are perfect models! I don’t see anything wrong with the costumes and I think that they’re cute! Barbies are over-rated! We honestly needed a more unique, gothic doll!

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! These are terrible! Let’s think about this…babies like to play with things right? How easy would it be to pull the strap over their head and remove the suit, especially since the poor kid can’t even wear a diaper in these things! Naked baby in the pool, YOUR naked baby in the pool. nuf said.

    Bad retro revivals:
    I kind of agree. Those weren’t cute but some retro stuff was cute! besides, do I hear any complaints about neon, chunky bracelets, and flip glasses coming back from like a BAZILLION years ago? I would honestly wear those if they weren’t sewn together and they were tank tops!

    angry birds EVERYTHING:
    yes, totally agree! If your going to make app based clothing and jewlery, at least make it a fun app! How about a fruit ninja necklace? a plants vs zombies graphic t? A FAT BOOTH TANK TOP!!!

    padded bras for 7 year olds:
    okay, these are bad if the kid doesn’t need them, but I have met seven year olds who have some boobs, and lets face it, how many of you moms wore bra’s with padding when you got through training bra’s. I’ve seen training bra’s for three year olds, is no one concerned about that?

    sexy halloween costumes:
    I happen to like these, We girls LIKE looking good. We LIKE boys looking at us. Sorry mom’s but the days of dressing us as disney princesses, and animals of your choice are over!

    SUPER-low-rise jeans:
    okay, I like low-rise jeans and I did not know that there WERE super-low-rise jeans. Seriously, moms if you don’t want your kid’s undies hangin out, try, oh, i dunno, a BELT! I do however think that kids under nine should not be wearing these though!

    little-girl lingerie:
    what’s wrong with them as long as they wear them under their clothes? I do have a problem with the thong. I just think that thongs are disturbing. They frighten me.

    Toddler beauty extremes:
    yes totally agree, little girls do not need to be spray tanned and have their teeth whitened. Little boys do not need to be body builders!

    Baby heels:
    these aren’t even cute! Why make a baby wear heels? they just mastered walking, do you want them to break their necks?

    Shape-ups for little girls:
    what’s wrong with your kid exercising by walking? The kid doesn’t even know they’re doing it! GENIUS!

    UGLY! UGLYUGLYUGLY! Ugg-ly! Sorry ugg lovers! These are just ugly and terrible! Good snow boots, bad casual wear.

    Skin tight jeggings:
    what’s wrong with jeans again?

    AMEN! Theirs this guy and he wears a heavy winter coat, ripped sweats, smells like crap (ALWAYS), and guess what his favorite summer shoe is? Crocs. They are cut on kids five and under though!

  237. Joi says:

    Im a young babble reader and like cassidy i want to put my two cents in.
    1. Ugh i hate when people wear shorts and boots! At my school we call those people (excuse my french) eskihoes.
    2 As long long as your hair feather isnt popping out and screaming LOOK AT ME IM HERE I WILL DRAW YOUR ATTENTION WHILE YOUR TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION! Then I think you good
    3. I hate monster high! Seriously. I would hate to think thats what girls are supposed to look like
    4. Wait those are a thing? Like people really put there babies in bikinies? What has the world come to…….
    5 Ugh i hate justice. My mom will try to drag me in there. The worst part is every single shopper is nine or below and they blast justin bieber. Lets list the fashion faux paus, follow along. Fringe, half shirt, tie dye, graphic ,sparkles. I feel faint!
    6 If we want girls to do things like become scientists and engineers and all that crap then why are people buying these things? I want to be a pediatrician and that shirt makes me cringe
    7 im good if the kid has something to put the bra over. But putting a padded bra on a flat chest!? The kid cant even walk and when she does get some boobs she’ll probably walk hunched over!
    8last year i went as gothic red riding hood. the costume was on my lower thighes with a long cape behind it and long draped sleeves. It was red and black with lots of black lace. It came with fishnet gloves and leggings. Last year i was a pirate, the costume was short and came with fishnet. Now heres thing my mom made sure i wore solid black leggings instead of fishnet and made me wear a shawl over my pirate costumes straps. Thts not tht bad!
    9. I love my low rises but who wants their underwear showing? I wear a belt!
    10.Lingerie is made for sexually active adaults who want to look sexy to their partner. That should say enough as to why kids dont need it.
    11. If the parents of the child know that this is for pagent only and your pretty how you are then its fine. Who cares if a kid is bodybuilding? He’ll thank his dad in the long run! If their having fun, who cares. As long as their not superficial
    12. ewwwwwwwwww teresa goudice. that is enough said
    13. My friend whos overweight wears shaoe ups they help kids lose weight. Most boys get enough physical activity and iv eseen boy shape ups anyway
    14 Im on the fence with uggs, im not sure i like them but everyone else seems to so i guess im missing something
    15. Ive never liked jeggings. Ive always been waiting for the day tht the laggers at my school realized LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS now that day will never come…..curse you jeggings
    16. Crocs are the root of all evil everything bad comes from crocs. One day, if i go crazy enough ill go on a serial arson burning every shopping mall crocs stall IN THE WORLD

  238. corinherrowhimo says:

    public outcry, Really?!?!?!

  239. In Nazi Germany, Youtube love YOU!!

  240. Liza says:

    Okay just had to put my two cents in for people like me! I have an extremely short torso and loong legs so according to my body shape ultra low rise jeans are the only ones that fit like normal jeans! Even then the button often comes up to my belly button! Like honestly everyone is created unique so buy what fits you not someone else! And this article or blog or whatever is mostly based on your opinion, so what if you don’t like uggs and crocks? Then don’t wear them!! As for the rest year some perverted people need to be removed from society but there have been people like that since the beginning of time so all I can say is protect your children and don’t purposefully place them in harms way just bc your dress them like sluts

  241. FUCK YOU! says:

    “I monster High!” Get the fuck out and go away you dumb bitches. ya i so want to be fucking barbie. and don’t you talk about Bratz. Bratz are not whores.and MH is teaching kids to be yourselves. Barbie was dressed i a tube top and a damn metallic micro mini where you can see her thong. yea i want my child to dress like that. MH covers up they don’t show near as much skin as barbie. and also Bratz aren’t whorse either. i’m so sick of the world blowing EVERYTHING out of proportion. I don’t think the world would be happy if they didn’t have something to criticize everyday. Leggings are cute. boots and shorts if they aren’t heeled then they are cute. bikini’s for babies that is just tacky and way innaproptiate. it’s like baby barbie. Hair feathers are awsome. i’m really starting to doubt your taste.

  242. elaine thompson says:

    Little girls’ fashions are too sexually provocative. Who for? Why do girls have to look like hookers?

  243. Judi Fletcher says:

    Nothing tops Toddlers and Tiaras. How pathetic is that show. Talk about pandering to pedophiles.

  244. dorisconner says:

    My last comment was a suggestion to those who write these articles. It would be quite interesting to see fashions down through history featuring sizes of models, shapes and styles. I wonder whatever happened to modesty. Do men really want to see everything or would they like to use a little imagination? An old favorite movie of mine with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. He stepped into the doorway of her bedroom and looked at her and she looked at him and he looked at her and then it was the next day. One could just imagine! WOW! what a love scene. When women show everything except pubic hair and bikini bottoms cut so skimpy you wonder why men are literally grabbing young girls and even boys off the streets, school yards, bus stops and everywhere else raping and killing them or turning them out to become homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts and the worse of human beings. And you say “Oh? “That’s cute!” I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Look at the consequences. Women use to wear high neck dresses and a man would wonder. Now that breast implants are the rage women show it all. They are dressing like little girls wearing extremely short dresses that you would ordinarily wear as a blouse.The tops are two to three sizes smaller that their normal size and it seems everything is about nudity, revealing as much as possible and taking examples after the material girl or lady gaga, beyonce or some other would be star or starlet. It’s all about money and nudity. Most people no longer read the Bible or try to live by Godly standards. It seems most people are influenced by the world of ungodly people where anything goes.Read Galatians 5:19-23; Matthew 22:37; Psalms 37:8-1;: Psalms 83:18; The book of Proverbs Eyeopeners

  245. michelle says:

    who would buy those things for their kids?

  246. Kenzie says:

    I disagree with the super low rise jeans. NOT that I don’t think little kids should be wearing them, but that the example is inadequate. The place the jeans come from is delia’s.. which is NOT a little kid store. We would have bigger problems that low rise jeans if it was. It is for young women. So they do sell low rise jeans, short shorts, crop tops, sequin dresses, etc. And I actually think that jeggings, an over-sized sweatshirt (that covers your butt), and uggs, is a perfectly appropriate casual outfit.

  247. All In One Computers Review says:

    Fantastic website. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to a few friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your sweat!

  248. KAT says:


  249. Ariana says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with hair feathers, low rise jeans, UGGS, or jeggings.
    I wear sweaters leggings and uggs all the time! ESPECIALLY in winter. Hair feathers are still really cute and trendy. Jeggings are SUPER comfy. Jeans can sometimes not be as comfy as anybody would like. Uggs are extremely helpful in winter time. With rain and snow and just cold days. I think everything else you mentioned are ugly and should be gone. But whoever thought the things i mentioned are wrong then the person who created this MUST be like 50 and old and bored and old fashioned with everything. You seriously don’t understand fashion.. Go read some magazines and live a little.

  250. Amy says:

    Some of the trends on this list (Uggs, hair feathers, etc.) are purely a matter of opinion as to whether they need to go away. However some are just completely obsurd. Anything that is overtly sexual does NOT belong on anyone under the age of 18! If it is illegal for you to have sex, you should not be dressing sexy! It seems to me that it should be common sense not to dress a child provocatively! I agree that jeggings and leggings are okay to wear under skirts, tunics, and dresses. However, I believe the author’s concern was more towards jeggings/leggings being worn as pants, with nothing over them. I agree with the author that this is innapropriate on anyone past their toddler years, as they are very tight. I feel I also must address the Monster High Dolls. I feel that they not only dress like hookers (as do a lot of other popular dolls unfortunately), but, they also encourage interest in dark things that little girls shouldn’t be intersted in. If your child is not old enough to watch a sexy vampire movie, she shouldn’t be playing with a sexy vampire doll. There. I’ve contributed my two cents worth.

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