20 Best Gifts for New Moms


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First we showed you some not-so-great gift ideas for new moms (like potted plants, preachy parenting books and nursery decor), and now here are our 20 favorite gifts to give someone who recently had a baby.

Click through to see our picks, and then tell us what your favorite, most helpful, most appreciated gift was when you had your baby:

  • Pretty Pajamas 1 of 20
    Pretty Pajamas
    She'll most likely be spending the next few weeks in PJs, so she'll appreciate a little pretty pick-me-up.
  • Food Baskets 2 of 20
    Food Baskets
    One-handed food is best: fruit, granola bars, nuts, crackers, etc.
  • Spa Gift Certificate 3 of 20
    Spa Gift Certificate
    If you don't know a local spa she'd like, Spa Finder gift certificates are a safe choice.
  • iTunes Gift Cards 4 of 20
    iTunes Gift Cards
    If she has an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, there are tons of apps that can help her organize her new post-baby life. Or she can just download some tunes to play for her baby.
  • Video Camera or Recorder 5 of 20
    Video Camera or Recorder
    If she doesn't have a good camera or recorder, she'll want one now more than ever.
  • A Photo Book Gift Card 6 of 20
    A Photo Book Gift Card
    We really like Picaboo, Snapfish or Shutterfly. Or if your friend has a lot of pregnancy photos on Facebook, assemble a special photo book for her.
  • Picture Frames 7 of 20
    Picture Frames
    Picture frames might be seen as a lame gift under normal circumstances, but a new baby calls for new pictures.
  • Come Over with Cleaning Products 8 of 20
    Come Over with Cleaning Products
    ...and clean for her! You don't have to get down and scrub the floors, but it's nice to do her dishes, throw in a load of laundry and tidy up the place while she naps.
  • Hire Help 9 of 20
    Hire Help
    Sending over a maid, even just once a week for the first couple of weeks, would be a huge help.
  • A Pretty Robe 10 of 20
    A Pretty Robe
    New moms love having a pretty robe to throw on over spit-up-stained PJs when guests drop by.
  • Lingerie Gift Certificate 11 of 20
    Lingerie Gift Certificate
    Not so much for sexy outfits, but for new bras and underwear (that aren't stained from the postpartum weeks).
  • Homemade Food 12 of 20
    Homemade Food
    Yes, yes, yes.
  • Gift Certificates for Take-Out 13 of 20
    Gift Certificates for Take-Out
    Or anything food related, for that matter.
  • A Beauty Basket 14 of 20
    A Beauty Basket
    Filled with practical items like tinted moisturizer, dry shampoo, hair elastics, pretty lipstick and mascara.
  • Anything Handmade 15 of 20
    Anything Handmade
    If you took the time to hand-make her baby something special, she'll treasure it.
  • Meal Service 16 of 20
    Meal Service
    If your cooking skills are less than adequate, have pre-maid meals delivered to her doorstep.
  • Comfy Slippers 17 of 20
    Comfy Slippers
    To make pitter-pattering around the house a little more luxurious.
  • Netflix Subscription 18 of 20
    Netflix Subscription
    ...for those around-the-clock feeding sessions.
  • Baby Product Gift Card 19 of 20
    Baby Product Gift Card
    We love Giggle for those extra special baby gifts that she wouldn't necessarily buy herself.
  • A Professional Photo Shoot 20 of 20
    A Professional Photo Shoot
    Springing for a professional new family photo shoot is something she'll cherish forever.

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In your opinion, what was the best gift you received or wish you received?


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