20+ DIY Sharpie Projects


I’m a little late to the Sharpie DIY world, I’ve been seeing bits and pieces here and there, even went on a hunt for a “ceramic” one – one day in Michael’s.  Even they didn’t know what I was talking about (now I’m thinking there probably isn’t one – and people just use the regular type).  But whatever the case, I’m kind of liking all the sharpie DIY’s out there.  Like who knew.  For someone who thinks they have a huge radar scanner, these ones sort of were in stealth mode.  Here’s 20+ of some faves. Click below to see!

  • Sharpie Lampshade 1 of 22
    Sharpie Lampshade
    Write a message on a lampshade.
    From alittleglassbox.com.
  • Sharpie Wallpaper 2 of 22
    Sharpie Wallpaper
    Geometric lines create a cool wallpaper effect.
    From Apartment Therapy.
  • Leopard Footstool 3 of 22
    Leopard Footstool
    Cover an old footstool with a leopard print.
    From blog.sharpie.com.
  • Handbag 4 of 22
    Draw your own handbag and color-in!
    From refinery29.com.
  • Lace Votives 5 of 22
    Lace Votives
    Make these beautiful votives using lace doilies and a sharpie.
    From blog.sharpie.com.
  • Toms 6 of 22
    Personalize some Toms using different coloured sharpies!
    From blog.sharpie.com.
  • Sunglasses DIY 7 of 22
    Sunglasses DIY
    Spiff up some sunglasses for a special occasion!
    From blog.sharpie.com.
  • Even Sneakers 8 of 22
    Even Sneakers
    Add some color to a plain sneaker.
    From refinery29.com.
  • DIY Shorts 9 of 22
    DIY Shorts
    Customize a pair of shorts making them one-of-a-kind!
    From refinery29.com.
  • Mug Shots 10 of 22
    Mug Shots
    Decorate some mugs for yourself or as a gift!
    From younghouselove.com.
  • DIY Napkins 11 of 22
    DIY Napkins
    Design your own cloth napkins - a cool idea from Erin at Design for Mankind.
    From kirtsy.com.
  • T-Shirt Sharpie Tie-Dye Fun 12 of 22
    T-Shirt Sharpie Tie-Dye Fun
    A cool project using coloured sharpies and rubbing alcohol.
    From crownhilldaybyday.blogspot.ca.
  • DIY Plates 13 of 22
    DIY Plates
    Make a special plate pretty enough to hang on a wall.
    From 365daystosimplicity.blogspot.com.
  • A Geometric Pouch 14 of 22
    A Geometric Pouch
    A simple yet beautiful DIY pouch idea.
    From dismountcreative.com.
  • A Sharpie Pouch 15 of 22
    A Sharpie Pouch
    If you're a talented illustrator, this is a cool idea!
    From craftycpa.blogspot.com.
  • Decorate a Lamp 16 of 22
    Decorate a Lamp
    Turn a plain lamp into a special piece for your home.
    From bhg.com.
  • Wall Decor 17 of 22
    Wall Decor
    Create unique walls with traditional illustrations.
    From Hotel Joyce.
  • Wall Decor 2 18 of 22
    Wall Decor 2
    Create unique walls with traditional illustrations.
    From Hotel Joyce.
  • Tea Towel Love 19 of 22
    Tea Towel Love
    This is a cool technique to draw hand-lettered-style for a tea towel.
    From settingforfour.blogspot.com.
  • Beautiful Walls 20 of 22
    Beautiful Walls
    Draw a nature scene for your bathroom.
    From shannonberrey.com.
  • DIY Shower Curtain Kit 21 of 22
    DIY Shower Curtain Kit
    A fun DIY kit to make your own unique shower curtain from Poketo.
    From Apartment Therapy.
  • Ombre Bedding 22 of 22
    Ombre Bedding
    Using rubbing alcohol and a sharpie, get a cool purple ombre bedding set. (Photo by Michael Graydon for House and Home magazine).
    From House and Home via Poppytalk.

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