20 Gifts Not To Buy for New Moms

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Did your friend just have a baby? You might be looking for something thoughtful to bring her, whether it’s for her or for her new baby. Well here’s what not to give her:

  • I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Fat 1 of 20
    I'm Not Pregnant, I'm Just Fat
  • Potted Plants 2 of 20
    Potted Plants
    I'm already trying to keep one thing alive, thankyouverymuch.
  • Weird, Useless Items 3 of 20
    Weird, Useless Items
    Like this absurd candle from Etsy.
  • Stuffed Animals 4 of 20
    Stuffed Animals
    We know they're cute, but we have approximately 83 stuffed toys collecting dust.
  • Baby Blankets 5 of 20
    Baby Blankets
    Odds are we already have a stack of baby blankets, so don't bother.
  • Gift Certificate to Fancy Restaurant 6 of 20
    Gift Certificate to Fancy Restaurant
    This one is actually quite thoughtful, but a gift certificate for take-out might be more useful in the beginning. Otherwise wait a couple of months for the fancy date night gift certificate - and offer to babysit.
  • Condoms 7 of 20
    Probably the last thing on her mind right now.
  • Cleaning Products 8 of 20
    Cleaning Products
    ...unless you'll be using those cleaning products.
  • PeePee TeePee 9 of 20
    PeePee TeePee
    One of the most useless baby products ever created.
  • A Leash for the Older Child 10 of 20
    A Leash for the Older Child
  • Newborn-Size Clothing 11 of 20
    Newborn-Size Clothing
    Odds are the baby already has (or soon will) grow out of the newborn size, which only fits up to 8 lbs.
  • Gifts Without a Receipt 12 of 20
    Gifts Without a Receipt
    She's most likely getting so many gifts that a duplicate is pretty common.
  • Wipe Warmers 13 of 20
    Wipe Warmers
    ...and other baby products that you know are useless.
  • Nursery Decor 14 of 20
    Nursery Decor
    Unless you know she specifically wants something, this is a hard one. A baby nursery is something that she's probably particular about, so it's best for her to pick it out herself.
  • Used Baby Gifts 15 of 20
    Used Baby Gifts
    Unless she said that she wants your hand-me-downs, don't dump your old, stained, ripped baby clothes on your friend.
  • A Baby Memory Book 16 of 20
    A Baby Memory Book
    A baby only has one memory book, so let your friend choose her own.
  • Candy 17 of 20
    This isn't the time for weight gain or poor nutrition. A nice fruit basket is much more appreciated.
  • Weight Watchers Membership 18 of 20
    Weight Watchers Membership
    Wow, Ms. Insensitive.
  • Parenting Books 19 of 20
    Parenting Books
    ...especially a religious parenting book. She's already getting enough unsolicited advice.
  • A Pet 20 of 20
    A Pet
    Probably the worst gift ever for a new mom.

What’s the worst gift you got as a new mom?

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