20 WINNERS: Apple Park Organic PJs


This was quite a popular giveaway, and I can understand why. What mom wouldn’t want these cuddly soft PJs (only made from the safest materials) featuring her kid’s favorite Apple Park Picnic Pal?

And not only do we have one winner, we have 20!

Click through to see if you’re one of the lucky ones:

Congratulations to:

  1. Carrie R
  2. Kristine
  3. Michael Schmid
  4. HappyMomC
  5. Colleen K
  6. Amanda Schildmeier
  7. Melinda Gallant
  8. Tracie W
  9. Caelan
  10. Gabrielle Jewson
  11. Meghan Finley
  12. Jenny
  13. Aura
  14. Elizabeth P.
  15. Ann
  16. Jovy
  17. Karianne
  18. Kimberly Lindsay
  19. Hillary
  20. Ramirez

All of the winners can choose an Apple Park organic PJ set in his/her size and style of choice. Expect an email with more details to follow.

If you missed the giveaway, take a look at why so many Babble readers wanted a pair of these organic PJs for kids.

Thank you Apple Park for the generous giveaway! And stay tuned for more opportunities.

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