2014 Silly Holidays Calendar


Have you heard of the Silly Holidays Calendar? I’ve been loving these for years, a fun collection that highlights all the silly holidays out there in one big lovely illustrated calendar by Annica Lydenberg from Dirty Bandits!  Now into her 7th year of making these, this year her set is a chalkboard style collection all hand done lettering and illustration. One for each month with a silly (but totally real) holiday.  Holidays this year include: January 14- Dress Up Your Pet Day, February 1- Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, March 8- International Fanny Pack Day, April 12 – Walk on Your Wild Side Day, May 4 – International Respect for Chickens Day, June 1 – Say Something Nice Day, July 4 – Boom Box Parade Day, August 3 – Watermelon Day, September 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day, October 30 – Haunted Refrigerator Night, November 8 – Domino Day, December 5 – Bathtub Party Day.  Available online at Dirty Bandit’s Etsy shop here.

  • Let’s check it out! 1 of 5
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 2 of 5

    Okay, who is going to not celebrate this day? Yay for February 1st!

    Available online at Dirty Bandit's Etsy shop here.

  • Respect for Chickens Day 3 of 5

    Do you dare have chicken for dinner on May 4th?

    Available online at Dirty Bandit's Etsy shop here.

  • Domino Day 4 of 5

    Hey how about a game of Domino's? November 1st is the perfect day for a game.

    Available online at Dirty Bandit's Etsy shop here.

  • Or International Dress Up Pet Day 5 of 5

    Okay, January 14th - can't wait!

    Available online at Dirty Bandit's Etsy shop here.

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