23 Summer DIYs And Activities for Kids!

A perfect round up of fun activities and DIYs to help keep those kiddos occupied this summer. These ideas are great for those days you wonder to yourself “Why don’t we have year round school?”

  • Summer DIYs And Activities For Kids 1 of 24

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  • Dish Decorating 2 of 24
    summer activities 01

    Head to the dollar store and grab some dishes for them to decorate ... with Sharpie markers. So easy and fun. They'll be addicted! 

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  • Pillow Sumos 3 of 24
    summer activities 02

    I used to do this when I was a kid. So much fun. 

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  • Forts 4 of 24
    summer activities 03

    Give them some blankets and pillows and let them go to work building an awesome fort. Grab yourself a milkshake too. You deserve it.

    Image found here on iVillage.

  • Treasure Hunt 5 of 24
    summer activities 04

    Come up with a treasure hunt and send them on their way! Peace and quiet...  if only for a few minutes. 

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  • Kiddie Car Wash 6 of 24
    summer activities 05

    Let them feel all grown up by giving them some soap and some rags to wash their trikes and cars. Don't forget the sunscreen! 

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  • Mismatched Socks 7 of 24
    summer activities 06

    You know how you spend so much time matching socks? Why not make a game of it and let the kids do it!! It's especially great if  you have a lot of funky socks.

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  • Mini Library 8 of 24
    summer activities 07

    Take a day or two and make this rad little library and then let the kids organize the books however they like! Alphabetically, color, size, you name it! 

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  • Washer Jewelry 9 of 24
    summer activities 08

    Head to the hardware store and grab some supplies to make some fun and eclectic jewelry. 

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  • Magazine Pictures 10 of 24
    summer activities 09

    Hand over your old magazines and some kid-safe scissors and glue and let them create.

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  • Pinch Pots 11 of 24
    summer activities 10

    Make some adorable little pinch pots and fill them with cute succulents. That's what you need. 

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  • Milk Art 12 of 24
    summer activities 11

    So pretty and kinda psychedelic, right? The kids will love it. 

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  • Good Ole Paper Art 13 of 24
    summer activities 12

    Sometimes all you need is some good old construction paper, scissors and glue. They love it! 

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  • Magic Wallet 14 of 24
    summer activities 13

    Have you ever seen a magic wallet? So fun. Let the kids put on a magic show for you! 

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  • Cardboard Robots 15 of 24
    summer activities 14

    This is such a brilliant idea! So cute and clever. 

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  • Cardboard Play Scenes 16 of 24
    summer activities 15

    This would be so much fun! Help them create a scenic backdrop for their favorite toys. Perfect! 

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  • Puzzle Blocks 17 of 24
    summer activities 16

    Let the kids help you make these and then let them try and figure it out. With any luck it will take a while. 

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  • Finger Puppets 18 of 24
    summer activities 17

    Let them create their own finger puppets! Kids have the best imaginations. 

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  • Dice 19 of 24
    summer activities 18

    Make some funky dice and come up with a fun game to use them. 

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  • Stamps 20 of 24
    summer activities 19

    This is a two for one! Make the stamps and then make some awesome pictures with the shapes. I love these ones. 

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  • Clock 21 of 24
    summer activities 20

    A fun and adorable craft that can also teach. Win, win! 

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  • Dry Erase Sheets 22 of 24
    summer activities 21

    Download these fun sheets or make your own, laminate and give the kids some washable (key word!) dry erase markers. Hours of fun! 

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  • Geo Magnets 23 of 24
    summer activities 22

    Make these fun and super easy magnets for the kids to make pictures and patterns out of the shapes.

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  • Puppet Theater 24 of 24
    summer activities 23

    Make this super easy theater and let them put on a show. The creative process kids go through to write and then perform a show is hilarious to watch. 

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