25 Amazingly Tiny Houses


Some people have chosen to live out their childhood dream in a tree house while others have found a way to keep their life on the road. You couldn’t knock this lifestyle if you tried because they are all saving money, helping the environment and seem to be completely happy (if not happier) with their choice. Although I don’t think I could ever do it (my fabric alone would take up 3/4 of the house) a part of me is very envious of their willingness to downsize. Do you think you could make the big move to a tiny home? Check out these 25 Amazingly Tiny Houses and then decide…

  • Perfect for One 1 of 26
    Perfect for One
    25-year old Brittany decided to take housing into her own hands when she built her first home.
    Learn more about her home at Tumbleweed.
  • 12′ x 30′ Dream Home 2 of 26
    12' x 30' Dream Home
    This tiny dream home comes complete with full bath, breakfast bar, loft and porch. It's hard to believe it's only 12' x 30'.
    Learn more about this house at Tiny Texas Houses.
  • On the Road 3 of 26
    On the Road
    I'm not gonna lie, I totally checked out the price to see if I could afford to pick up and go.
    Learn more about this home at Tiny Houses Blog.
  • Everyday Would Be a Moroccan Getaway 4 of 26
    Everyday Would Be a Moroccan Getaway
    The vibrant colors and beautiful fabrics would make me smile every time I woke up here.
    Spotted at From Moon 2 Moon.
  • On the Water 5 of 26
    On the Water
    Your home wouldn't feel so tiny when you looked outside and you are on a lake.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • It’s All About the Yurts 6 of 26
    It's All About the Yurts
    Yurts stand the test of time, are eco-friendly and you can even live in one in the middle of the snow.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • Sleek and Modern Bliss 7 of 26
    Sleek and Modern Bliss
    This really shows you that keeping a clean and organized home can make a place feel spacious even if it is only 400 sq. feet.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • Living in a Container 8 of 26
    Living in a Container
    I don't know if I could do this small but I do love how adorable it is.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • When Tent and Cottage Come Together 9 of 26
    When Tent and Cottage Come Together
    You could give up a big house when you live on acres of beautiful land.
    Learn more at Broadhurst Architects.
  • Victorian Cottage 10 of 26
    Victorian Cottage
    Isn't this bedroom adorable?
    Learn more at Tiny Texas Houses.
  • A Bird House Home 11 of 26
    A Bird House Home
    This pigeonnier home began as a place to house pigeons.
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy.
  • For the Bohemians 12 of 26
    For the Bohemians
    If you think the outside is cute just wait until you see the inside.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • A Mostly Recycled Home 13 of 26
    A Mostly Recycled Home
    This home is built out of a container and is made with 70% recycled materials.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • Living in an Egg 14 of 26
    Living in an Egg
    This 24 year old built his home for under $1000 and feels like his life improved immensely when he moved in.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • Woodland Retreat 15 of 26
    Woodland Retreat
    This home looks so peaceful. I'd love to check one out in real life someday.
    Learn more at Torsten.
  • You Would Hardly Even Notice It 16 of 26
    You Would Hardly Even Notice It
    It would be so easy to just drive by this row of three houses and not notice the tiny one squeezed in between.
    Learn more at The Tiny Life.
  • Always On the Move 17 of 26
    Always On the Move
    This girl picked up in her Winnebago to travel the country. She documents all of the trip on her adorable blog.
    Learn more at Delightfully Tacky.
  • 89 Sq. Feet Abode 18 of 26
    89 Sq. Feet Abode
    This tiny home is so cute inside you can even see a video tour of this tiny space.
    Learn more at Living Small.
  • Hobbit Home 19 of 26
    Hobbit Home
    Believe it or not this little hobbit-like home is a real house in Wales and only took 4 months to build. You have to take a peek inside.
    Learn more at Tiny House Blog.
  • Eco-Home 20 of 26
    These little eco-pod homes work in multiple ways to help in reducing our carbon footprint.
    Learn more at The Tiny House Blog.
  • Built of Sand, Clay and Straw 21 of 26
    Built of Sand, Clay and Straw
    It's hard to believe that a house built out of those resources can keep you nice and warm in the snowy winter.
    Learn more at Tiny House Blog.
  • A Barrel to Call Home 22 of 26
    A Barrel to Call Home
    Imagine pulling up to this house for a dinner party. I wish we could just see the inside.
    Learn more at Tiny House Blog.
  • Living in the Treetops 23 of 26
    Living in the Treetops
    This company has brought a childhood dream of living in a tree house to life.
    Learn more at La Cabane Perchee.
  • Little Boxes 24 of 26
    Little Boxes
    This little row of homes looks like something out of a movie.
    Spotted at Panoramio.
  • Straight Out of Whoville 25 of 26
    Straight Out of Whoville
    This little cottage is built entirely of reclaimed wood. Don't you love the Seussian charm?
    Learn more at Off Beat Home.
  • 25 Amazingly Tiny Houses 26 of 26
    25 Amazingly Tiny Houses
    Think you could live this little?

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