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I was inspired when I spotted this vintage camera made out of recycled photography books recently by swiss artists Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs — also known as Tonk. Crafted  from a stack of hollowed out tomes with a design that recycles old books.  Although this isn’t a DIY (I’m sure someone will attempt it soon); it reminded me of all the amazing DIY’s there are out there using or making books.  Here is a round-up of some faves.  (Vintage camera found via PSFK).

(inside view – vintage camera made out of recycled photography books by Tonk)

  • The Invisible Shelf 1 of 25
    The Invisible Shelf
    Make it look that you magically set your books on the wall!
    From instructables.com.
  • Colorful Books DIY 2 of 25
    Colorful Books DIY
    Track down some fun colored paper (and old books) and display them! Pretty!
    From psimadethis.com.
  • Brag Books 3 of 25
    Brag Books
    Make these pretty brag books using kraft paper and a few other supplies.
    From dotcomsformoms.com.
  • Ring Book 4 of 25
    Ring Book
    Create a ring book instead of a ring pillow (for a wedding) or stash away your jewels while you're out!
    From offbeatbride.com.
  • A Book Lack Table 5 of 25
    A Book Lack Table
    Abby Clawson Low created this LACK hack to celebrate the Red Hook outpost's first birthday. A former senior art director for Kate Spade and Jack Spade; Amy operates her own design company HI + LOW.
    From timeout.com.
  • Book Shelves 6 of 25
    Book Shelves
    Create book shelves (literally) using old books and a set of brackets.
    From realsimple.com. (Photo by Jonny Valiant).
  • Turn Old Paperbacks into Hardcovers 7 of 25
    Turn Old Paperbacks into Hardcovers
    Sonja Zjawinksi creates a project using labels and old paperbacks.
    From apartmenttherapy.com.
  • Envelope Books 8 of 25
    Envelope Books
    A great use as an old-fashioned desk organizer - add envelopes to old books and start organizing/collecting!
    From marthastewart.com.
  • Pixel Art Book Jackets PDF 9 of 25
    Pixel Art Book Jackets PDF
    Add some fun pixel art to your bookshelf with these awesome little book jacket PDF's!
    From icoeye.com. (Via geeky-gadgets.com.
  • Book Planters 10 of 25
    Book Planters
    A fun DIY building planters out of old books.
    From apartmenttherapy.com.
  • Book Lamp 11 of 25
    Book Lamp
    Make a one-of-a-kind lamp from upcycled old books.
    From hgtv.com.
  • Secret Storage Books 12 of 25
    Secret Storage Books
    Create a secret storing place with this clever idea.
    From designsponge.com.
  • Mini Accordian Book Photo Tutorial 13 of 25
    Mini Accordian Book Photo Tutorial
    Ruth Bleakley created this sweet tutorial of a Mini Accordian Book that we love!
    From Poppytalk.
  • Literary Lamp 14 of 25
    Literary Lamp
    Craft up a lamp with some old pages of a book.
    From readymade.com.
  • Stitching Pockets in a Book 15 of 25
    Stitching Pockets in a Book
    More organizing ideas using books and pockets!
    From scjohnson.com.
  • Stamped Book Bindings 16 of 25
    Stamped Book Bindings
    Decorate edges of a book with rubber stamps.
    From marthastewart.com.
  • Book Sculpture 17 of 25
    Book Sculpture
    Not a DIY, but inspiration and something to buy if you wish. A beautiful book sculpture made with vintage books.
    Available on Etsy from The Shop House.
  • Book Clock 18 of 25
    Book Clock
    A perfect little DIY for someone just learning how to tell time!
    From countryliving.com.
  • Book Headboard 19 of 25
    Book Headboard
    Make a quilt-like headboard with a few colorful books!
    From nstructables.com.
  • Perfect Bound 20 of 25
    Perfect Bound
    Make a book using vintage wallpaper.
    By Arounna Khounnoraj of bookhou for Poppytalk.
  • Book Plate 21 of 25
    Book Plate
    Make some lovely book plates with these downloadable pdfs.
    From designsponge.com.
  • DIY Book Page Wallpaper 22 of 25
    DIY Book Page Wallpaper
    A simple and beautiful idea using pages from a book.
    From apartmenttherapy.com.
  • DIY Storybook Paper Roses 23 of 25
    DIY Storybook Paper Roses
    Start tearing out pages for this adorable paper rose tutorial.
    From 100layercake.com.
  • Book Page Wreath Tutorial 24 of 25
    Book Page Wreath Tutorial
    Make a stunning wreath using pages out of an old book.
    From livingwithlindsay.com.
  • Book Light 25 of 25
    Book Light
    Catch up with some reading with this not your ordinary book light.
    From grathio.com.

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