25 Awesome No-Carve Pumpkins

Get ready for Halloween with these 25 Awesome No-Carve Pumpkins. Cover your pumpkin in lace for a spooky vintage look, or dip them in a bit of neon paint. Let the kids help you out with fun tutorials life covering them with tissue paper cutouts. Looking for something more trendy? How about an ikat pumpkin or one decorated with studs?

See all the fun ideas in these 25 Awesome No-Carve Pumpkins…

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  • Mummy Pumpkin 2 of 26

    Wrap a pumpkin in cheesecloth to turn it into a spooky mummy.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Candy Corn Pumpkin 3 of 26

    Use spray paint to decorate these sweet candy corn pumpkins.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Glitter Pumpkin 4 of 26

    Use Mod Podge to make a sparkly glitter pumpkin.
    Find out more at Make Life Cute.

  • Sparkle Spiders 5 of 26

    Use spiderwebs to make a glittery web on your pumpkin.
    Find out more atBetter Homes and Gardens.

  • Gold Pumpkins 6 of 26

    Spray your pumpkin with metallic gold spray paint to make it beautiful and copper.
    Find out more at Dough Puncher.

  • Washi Tape Pumpkins 7 of 26

    Decorate your pumpkin with washi tape in under an hour.
    Find out more at Good Housekeeping.

  • Lace Pumpkins 8 of 26

    Wrap your pumpkin in vintage lace for this antique look.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Hint of Neon Pumpkins 9 of 26

    Drip neon paint down your pumpkins to give them this dramatic look.
    Find out more at A Night Owl Blog.

  • Striped Pumpkin 10 of 26

    Paint white pumpkins with acrylic paint to make them striped.
    Find out more at Makely Home.

  • Pumpkins and Studs 11 of 26

    Cover a pumpkin in gold round studs to give it this edgy look.
    Find out more at Brit.Co.

  • Ombre Pumpkin 12 of 26

    Paint your pumpkin white and use paint to create an ombre look while blending them together.
    Find out more at

  • Melted Crayon Pumpkin 13 of 26

    Drip crayons onto your pumpkins to make a textured and colorful pumpkin.
    Find out more at Life with Moore Babies.

  • Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins 14 of 26

    Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and decorate with chalk.
    Find out more at Homemade Simple.

  • Tissue Paper Pumpkins 15 of 26

    Cover your pumpkins with tissue paper designs.
    Find out more at Fresh American.

  • All Natural Pumpkin 16 of 26

    Cover your pumpkin in leaves from outside and seal with Mod Podge.
    Find out more at Budget Wise Home.

  • Cute as a Button Pumpkin 17 of 26

    Use buttons and hot glue to make this cute pumpkin.
    Find out more at Homemade Simple.

  • Color Dipped Pumpkins 18 of 26

    Section off a part of your pumpkin and paint to give it this trendy look.
    Find out more at Ciera Design.

  • Stencil Pumpkins 19 of 26

    Use stencils to make detailed designs on your pumpkin.
    Find out more at Homemade Simple.

  • Yarn Web Pumpkins 20 of 26

    Wrap a pumpkin in yarn to make it look like a spider web.
    Find out more at Woman's Day.

  • Chevron Pumpkins 21 of 26

    Create a chevron look to your pumpkin by first sectioning it off with tape.
    Find out more at My Sweet Savannah.

  • Detailed Pumpkins 22 of 26

    Use dimensional fabric paint to make detailed designs on your pumpkins.
    Find out more at Alisa Burke.

  • Polka Dot Pumpkin 23 of 26

    Use supply stickers and Mod Podge to make polka dot pumpkins.
    Find out more at For the Love Of.

  • Grumpy Cat Pumpkin 24 of 26

    Paint grumpy cat on your pumpkin.
    Find out more at Swell Designer.

  • Ikat Pumpkin 25 of 26

    Use your paint brush to make a trendy ikat design.
    Find out more at Alisa Burke.

  • Baker’s Twine Pumpkin 26 of 26

    Wrap your pumpkins in baker's twine to make this cute style.
    Find out more at Crafts Unleashed.

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