25 Awesome Preschool Crafts And Activities

It’s back to school time! Even now that I am an adult and my son is too young for school, I still get excited for back to school. The older kids are getting back into the swing of school, but what about the younger kids? There are so many creative and just downright fun crafts and activities to do with your toddler that are educational too! Toddlers love routine and they love learning. Now is a great time to get them interested in school and learning with some educational activities, DIYs and crafts. Especially because all little kids want to be like their older siblings. You could even set up a little school desk and have a designated time each day for different learning activities. Some of these ideas would be awesome for keeping them busy while mom has some time to herself. Get what I’m saying? Even if they are in preschool for a few hours of the week, you can still do some of these with them to keep their creative juices flowing! They are sure to love these ideas, I promise! Here are 25 awesome preschool crafts and activities to keep your little ones busy and learning!

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  • Memory 2 of 26
    preschool 01

    Help them learn their colors and shapes with a fun game of memory. This is one you might get into too! 

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  • Chore Chart 3 of 26
    preschool 02

    A super cute and modern chore chart to help them learn their daily routine.  You could even make a "chore chart" of activities and crafts you will do that day or week. Fun, right? 

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  • Name Watercolor 4 of 26
    preschool 03

    Print out their name and let them learn how to spell while having a blast painting. I would love to see a kid do this for a few days in a row and see how their skills progress. 

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  • Shapes Magnets 5 of 26
    preschool 04

    Download and print these out for hours of fridge fun! They can learn their shapes, and build things while they're at it. An added bonus, your fridge will look pretty awesome with these geometric magnets on it! 

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  • Dry Erase Coloring Sheets 6 of 26
    preschool 05

    These are pretty cool. Download the designs, or make your own, laminate them and you're done! They'll love them. And clean up is unbelievably easy. Just rinse them off and they're ready to start again! 

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  • I Spy Game 7 of 26
    preschool 06

    I think it would be fun to customize this for a kid and make them work for it. Like making some cards to go along with them that they can cross off once they have found the object. Or if they are reading, have just the word on a card! 

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  • Construction Site Dig 8 of 26
    preschool 07

    This one is more for just fun. But what's more important when you're a toddler? It's easy to make because they probably have the toys already! 

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  • Sugar Writing 9 of 26
    preschool 08

    A fun way for them to learn to draw their letters. So easy too! You have some sugar on hand, right? If not, you have deeper issues to deal with. 

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  • Snow Stencils 10 of 26
    preschool 09

    It won't snow for a while yet (thank goodness!) but these would be so much fun to do with little ones when it does. A great way to learn their shapes and combine colors. 

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  • Stamps 11 of 26
    preschool 10

    I absolutely love this idea. Such a fun and clean way for them to create with shapes and colors. They can make cards, art or decorate their notebooks! 

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  • Monogram Art 12 of 26
    preschool 11

    Kids love their first initial. They're kind of obsessed. Have you noticed that? Help them make a fun monogram piece of art that they will love. 

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  • Clock 13 of 26
    preschool 12

    Make this adorable clock and teach them to tell time. But beware, if you teach them to tell time, they might be able to call you out when you say it's time for bed but really they have 10 minutes. I'm just saying. Sometimes ignorance is bliss for everyone! 

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  • Kite 14 of 26
    preschool 13

    Kites are so much fun to make and fly. This would make a great activity about weather or just as a little outdoor break to the park. Let them decorate the front to really make it special! 

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  • Paper Animals 15 of 26
    preschool 14

    It would be fun to learn about a certain animal and then make one! So cute and unbelievably easy. I love that red one. Whatever it is. 

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  • Coloring Sheets 16 of 26
    Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 12.41.10 PM

    It's always a good idea to have coloring sheets on hand, right? Keep them in your bag for outings or in a folder for moments where mama needs a break. You know those moments. 

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  • Pipe Cleaners 17 of 26
    preschool 16

    Pipe cleaners are a genius tool. You can use them to make fun little toys, create letters or animals. The ideas are endless! 

    See more here on Education Of A Stay At Home Mom. 

  • Spin Art 18 of 26
    preschool 17

    Using your handy dandy salad spinner, make some fun art! They will absolutely love watching the colors fly and clean up is pretty easy! 

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  • Binoculars 19 of 26
    preschool 18

    These binoculars would be fun to make for a nature walk or something. Learn about squirrels collecting nuts for hibernation and go out to try and spot some squirrels in action! 

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  • Window Art 20 of 26
    preschool 19

    This is an awesome activity to keep little hands busy. It can also be used to teach them color combinations and secondary colors. 

    See more here on Dilly Dali Art

  • Play Kitchen 21 of 26
    preschool 20

    Play kitchens are way more than just for play. They can learn their way around a kitchen and even learn how to make a cake! A fake cake of course. 

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  • Removable Graffiti 22 of 26
    preschool 21

    With some clear contact paper and markers, they can make their own doodles to move around. Worry free! This will keep them busy for hours. If that's what you're going for. 

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  • Drum 23 of 26
    preschool 22

    For a little learning about music, try making this fun drum!  I love those cute drum sticks too. It really makes the little drum complete, right? 

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  • Flash Cards 24 of 26
    preschool 23

    Some great flash cards to teach them their letters. Aren't those illustrations adorable? The kids will love them! 

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  • Image Flash Cards 25 of 26
    preschool 24

    This is an awesome one for younger kids. My little guy would love these! Especially if it meant he got some new animal toys along with the cards. He'd be over the moon. 

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  • Painted Rocks 26 of 26
    preschool 25

    With some paint and some rocks, you can do so many fun things! Paint letters on them, create words, or paint on numbers or animals. So fun! 

    See more here on Freshly Picked

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