25 Home Organization Ideas for a Less-Stressful School Year


Start the school year off right with these 25 back-to-school home organization tips. Set up a homework station before school starts where the kids can get their work done. Color code school binders and activity sports bags to make it easier to get out the door in the morning. Find out tips for keeping track of all those school papers, getting off to school on time, and how to make sure that the school year starts smoothly.

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  • Family Bulletin Board 2 of 26

    Set up a family bulletin board to keep things organized throughout the week.
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  • Homework Station 3 of 26

    Designate a homework station where the kids can sit down and focus to get it all done.
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  • After-School Snack Station 4 of 26

    Before they come rushing into the door to eat you out of house and home, create a snack station they can pick from to avoid spoiling their dinner appetite.
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  • School Cubbies 5 of 26

    Use sturdy boxes to make cubbies for the kids. This can be a place where they can have their backpacks, homework supplies, and even shoes ready for the next morning.
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  • Important Papers 6 of 26

    Create a filing cabinet before the year starts of important school papers from throughout the year. You can make one section for important papers that need immediate attention and then another for special papers you want to keep (like art projects).
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  • Hair Station 7 of 26

    Set up a designated hair station to make finding hair clips and hair ties easier the mornings before school.
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  • Lunch Money 8 of 26

    Turn blank envelopes into Lunch Money envelopes where you can clearly write where the money goes when the kids get to school.
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  • Weekday Outfits 9 of 26

    Get the printables for these weekday tags to separate their clothes for each day.
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  • School Supplies Caddy 10 of 26

    Set up a caddy filled with extra school supplies, so if they run out at school they can replenish them at home. Have it also double as a homework caddy.
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  • Backpack Station 11 of 26

    Use your mudroom or hang hooks on the wall near the door where the kids can place their backpacks as soon as they get home.
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  • Color Coded Folders 12 of 26

    Color code their folders by subject so they know which ones to bring each day.
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  • Daily Reminders on the Door 13 of 26

    Put magnets or sticky notes on the back of the front door so you don't forget anything on your way out.
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  • Late Night School Projects 14 of 26

    Don't stress the night before a project, by stocking up on project supplies during the back-to-school sales. Keep them stashed away in a special place.
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  • Pack the Night Before 15 of 26

    Before the kids go to bed get into a habit of packing everything up and leaving it by the door or in the car the night before so it's ready to go.
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  • School Days Checklist 16 of 26

    Print out these checklists to keep everything in order for each day, week, and month the kids are in school.
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  • Morning Checklist 17 of 26

    Hang a morning checklist on the back of the bathroom door. This will help make sure everyone gets ready and that nobody leaves anything behind from morning grogginess.
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  • Checking as You Go 18 of 26

    Set up a list of homework for the day. Have your child pull out the materials for the first subject and when that is done, she or he puts it away immediately. This keeps things from getting lost or left out of the backpack.
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  • Summer Clothes Organization 19 of 26

    To make room for all the new clothes, start by putting some of your summer clothes away for the winter.
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  • Weekly Laundry Days 20 of 26

    Plan a day or two of the week that will be designated laundry days and have the kids leave their baskets in the laundry room and pick them up when they get home from school.
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  • Family Calendar 21 of 26

    Make your own whiteboard to function as a family calendar so that everyone knows what is happening during the week.
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  • Art Projects 22 of 26

    Keep a few art projects on display and fill a bin with the other ones. Don't decide which ones to toss or keep yet, accumulate them all throughout the year and over the summer you can sort back through and decide.
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  • Color Coded Activity Bags 23 of 26

    Instead of emptying out a new bag and refilling it, give each activity its own bag so you know exactly which one to grab.
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  • DIY Key Holder 24 of 26

    Make yourself a key ring and hang it by the door. This will keep you from losing it and racing to find them before school.
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  • Borrowed Basket 25 of 26

    Have a basket set near the door for stuff the kids have borrowed from other friends, the library, etc.
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  • Shoe Organizer for Supplies 26 of 26

    Fill a shoe organizer with school supplies that you have at home.
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