25 Summer Backyard Activities for Kids


As summer winds down, get the most out of having the kids home for just a bit longer. Turn your backyard into an escape full of family friendly activities. Play the summer version of Duck, Duck, Goose – Drip, Drip, Splash! Grab your cookie cutters to make bird feeders to hang in the trees.

We’ve got you covered from crafts, fitness, and just plain family fun in these 25 Backyard Activities for Kids…

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  • Rain Stick 2 of 26

    Make a rain stick and do some interpretive dance outdoors.
    Check it out at Pretty Prudent.

  • Story Stones 3 of 26

    Search for stones then paint them to create stories.
    Find out more at Little Eco Footprints.

  • Drip, Drip, Splash 4 of 26

    Cool off with duck, duck, goose by adding water.
    Check it out at Kara's Creative Place.

  • Human Board Game 5 of 26

    Create a human size board game with chalk, add a little math, and play a life size game.
    Find out more at True Aim.

  • Cloud Watching 6 of 26

    Watch the clouds and get their imagination working.
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  • Bird Feeders 7 of 26

    Make some bird feeders and watch the birds.
    Check it out at Pretty Prudent.

  • Fly a Kite 8 of 26

    Take advantage of warm windy days with some kite flying.
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  • Newspaper Fight 9 of 26

    If you are missing the cold weather, have a newspaper fight to practice your snowball skills.
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  • Sandbox Beach 10 of 26

    Bring the beach to your backyard for hours of backyard fun.
    Find out more at Wray Sist3rs.

  • Ice Block Scavenger Hunt 11 of 26

    Do a scavenger hunt with an ice block for those really hot days.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Camping 12 of 26

    Set up a tent and do some camping activities (s'mores anyone?) from your backyard.
    Find out more at Domestic Simplicity.

  • Jump Rope 13 of 26

    DIY a jump rope for hours of backyard fun and some great exercise.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Movie Night 14 of 26

    Host an outdoor movie night with all the concessions.
    Find out more at The Sweetest Occasion.

  • Scavenger Hunt 15 of 26

    Have a scavenger hunt in your backyard with a picture guide for younger kids.
    Find out more at Hands on as We Grow.

  • Teddy Bear Picnic 16 of 26

    Have a picnic with stuffed animals and fun food right from your yard.
    Find out more at Clara's Menu.

  • Kerplunk Game 17 of 26

    Make a giant kerplunk game for hours of backyard fun.
    Find out more at Design Dazzle.

  • Popsicle Painting 18 of 26

    Cool off with edible popsicles that you can use to paint as well.
    Find out more at Lil Sugar.

  • Soap Boats 19 of 26

    Have some water fun by racing soap boats down a rain gutter.
    Find out more at I Heart Naptime.

  • Snake Bubbles 20 of 26

    Spice up bubble play with some colorful snake bubbles.
    Find out more at Life with Moore Babies.

  • Tea Party 21 of 26

    Have a fancy tea party under a tree.
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  • Sidewalk Sudoku 22 of 26

    Play some sudoku with shapes and chalk.
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  • Toy Zip Line 23 of 26

    Create a zip line for toys.
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  • Ball Painting 24 of 26

    Dip balls in paint and throw them for a fun outdoor activity.
    Find out more at Blog Me Mom.

  • Obstacle Course 25 of 26

    Have the kids run off energy with a backyard obstacle course.
    Find out more at Simple Kids.

  • Ice Cream 26 of 26

    Kick a coffee can around and make some ice cream.
    Find out more at Skip to My Lou.

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