25 DIY Projects to Do During Nap Time!


Oh, those rare moments when the littles are down for a nap and you have a few minutes of time for yourself. Here are 25 rad DIY projects you can make during nap time!

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    nap time

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  • Wall Decoration 2 of 26
    naptime 01

    How rad is this wall art? Such a cool piece to add to your living room. 

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  • Picnic Blanket 3 of 26
    naptime 02

    Make it while they sleep, then use it when they wake up! Genius. 

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  • Drawer Hanger 4 of 26
    naptime 03

    I love this project. So easy and so useful. 

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  • Paper Flowers 5 of 26
    naptime 04

    Make these for pretty much anything! I think they would look so cute as gift or cake toppers. 

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  • Puzzle Blocks 6 of 26
    naptime 05

    Make these puzzle blocks to keep them busy when they wake up. More time for you! 

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  • Notebooks 7 of 26
    naptime 06

    Adorable little paper notebooks for you or for the kids. So, so cute. 

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  • Bookends 8 of 26
    naptime 07

    These are such simple and classy bookends. I love them. 

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  • Macrame Jars 9 of 26
    naptime 08

    These jars are so rad. I want to make a ton of them for no reason at all. 

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  • Cake Topper 10 of 26
    naptime 09

    If you have a birthday party coming up, this cake topper would be the perfect touch! So cool. 

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  • Paper Cutout 11 of 26
    naptime 10

    Make a custom paper cutout to pretty up your place. 

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  • Lyric Art 12 of 26
    naptime 11

    If your family has a favorite song, this is a great and easy art project. I love the way it looks. 

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  • Cloth Napkins 13 of 26
    naptime 12

    Make some fun cloth napkins for special dinners. Not for the littles. 

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  • Pouch 14 of 26
    naptime 13

    Mama needs a new zipper pouch, don't you think? 

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  • Captain Art 15 of 26
    naptime 14

    These are some fun little pieces of art for your home. You could also make them with mirrors in them! 

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  • Headband 16 of 26
    naptime 15

    Make an adorable shapeable headband for yourself. You deserve it. 

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  • Painted Tablecloth 17 of 26
    naptime 16

    This is the prettiest tablecloth. It would be perfect for a fun summer dinner. 

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  • Drawstring Bag 18 of 26
    naptime 17

    Sometimes you just need an extra drawstring bag. So useful! 

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  • Braided Necklace 19 of 26
    naptime 18

    It's a great necklace for summer, don't you think? 

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  • Gold Tipped Shoes 20 of 26
    naptime 19

    Pretty up a plain pair of flats with some gold leaf. So classy and fun! 

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  • Animal Masks 21 of 26
    naptime 20

    A great project to make for the kids to play with. Make a variety of animals, and be sure to make enough for the whole family! 

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  • Swing 22 of 26
    naptime 21

    This is the cutest swing I have ever seen. The kids would be thrilled to wake up to this! 

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  • Tote 23 of 26
    naptime 22

    Dress up a tote bag for yourself. Because we could all use another tote bag, right? 

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  • Pocket Tee 24 of 26
    naptime 23

    Add an adorable pocket to a favorite tee. So cute! 

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  • Scallop Trimmed Cases 25 of 26
    naptime 24

    I really love this pillow case embellishment. Isn't it fun? 

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  • Shade 26 of 26
    naptime 25

    This would be such a fun shade to make for your kitchen. You could customize it to be whatever you want for any room! I love it. 

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