25 Duct Tape DIYs!


Duct tape is one of those things you always have hanging around the house. So why not put it to good use with one of these 25 duct tape DIYs?

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    duct tape

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  • Wall Decor 2 of 26
    duct tape 01

    This would be a fun and easy way to doll up your walls.  

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  • Bed Skirt 3 of 26
    duct tape 02

    Make a cute bedskirt for your little's room. So fun! 

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  • Boxes 4 of 26
    duct tape 03

    A great way to decorate some nesting boxes. Use them for gifts or storage, it's all good! 

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  • Rosettes 5 of 26
    duct tape 04

    These are amazing. So intricate and pretty.

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  • Envelopes 6 of 26
    duct tape 05

    In case you need some unique envelopes, make some of these! 

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  • Feather Earrings 7 of 26
    duct tape 06

    If you like feathers, bright colors, and earrings, these are for you. 

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  • Wrapping 8 of 26
    duct tape 07

    I would love to receive a gift wrapped up like this. So bright and fun! 

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  • Belt 9 of 26
    duct tape 08

    You can make a bunch of colorful belts for your little ones. Or yourself! 

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  • Phone Case 10 of 26
    duct tape 09

    You can always use a new phone cover, right? I love these stripes. 

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  • Collar 11 of 26
    duct tape 10

    Add a pop of color to your collar. So fun! 

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  • Cars 12 of 26
    duct tape 11

    My little guy would love one of these. Hours of fun! 

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  • Rain Trench 13 of 26
    duct tape 12

    Umm, this is genius. It's like a chic poncho. I love it! 

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  • Wallet 14 of 26
    duct tape 13

    Can you believe those duct tape ruffles? I love the colors too! 

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  • Friendship Bracelet 15 of 26
    duct tape 14

    A summer camp classic with a little twist. So great. 

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  • Toy Clock 16 of 26
    duct tape 15

    Make a simple toy clock to help keep the littles busy and teach them at the same time. 

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  • Toy Mailbox 17 of 26
    duct tape 16

    I used to love playing mail when I was little. This toy mailbox is adorable and equals guaranteed fun for the kids!

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  • Recycling Bin 18 of 26
    duct tape 17

    Teach your kids about recycling with a fun recycling box. 

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  • Award Ribbons 19 of 26
    duct tape 18

    These ones are for moms, but you can customize them for anything or anyone! So cute. 

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  • Laptop Case 20 of 26
    duct tape 19

    Make a stylish and waterproof laptop case to help keep your computer safe. 

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  • Handbag 21 of 26
    duct tape 20

    A cute little bag for kids. So darling. 

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  • Hammock 22 of 26
    duct tape 21

    This one kind of blows my mind. A duct tape hammock? Yes! 

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  • iPad Case 23 of 26
    duct tape 22

    I really love the colors of this iPad case. Bright and cute and protective. 

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  • Gift Bow 24 of 26
    DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

    Make a simple bow for your next gift giving occasion. They'll love it! 

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  • Coffee Sleeve 25 of 26
    duct tape 24

    Make a reusable coffee sleeve for yourself or as a gift. Or both! 

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  • Beach Bag 26 of 26
    duct tape 25

    This bag is perfect for the beach. It's striped, so of course I love it, but it's also waterproof! Bonus! 

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