25 Back To School Must-Haves for Homeschooling


It’s back to school time and for most that means a lot of scrambling around town buying supplies and clothes. Some of you though, are homeschooling parents and honestly, I have to give a tip of the hat to all of your homeschooling moms and dads. That’s hard work! Homeschooling requires not only a lot of work, but lots of time and supplies. There is a lot of planning that goes into being a homeschooling parent. You need to think of everything from books and scissors to globes and bookshelves! To make it a little bit easier on yourself, here are 25 must have back to school supplies just for homeschooling! Most of which are useful and happen to be nice to look at too. You can thank me later.

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  • Globe 2 of 26
    homeschool 01

    You have to have a globe! And you might as well get one that looks nice too. 

    Get it here for $59.99 from Toys R Us.

  • Pencil Sharpener 3 of 26
    homeschool 02

    A good pencil sharpener is a must. You have to keep those pencils sharp! 

    Get it here for $10.64 from Discount Office Items

  • World Map 4 of 26
    homeschool 03

    I think it would be cool to have one of those school style pull down maps. But even if that's not possible, just a big map is cool too.

    Get it here for $74.99 from Target

  • Red Pens 5 of 26
    homeschool 04

    It's a tough thing to think about, but you may need to correct a paper or two as a homeschooler. 

    Get them here for $1.83 from Amazon

  • Planner 6 of 26
    homeschool 05

    You'll need a good planner to plan out lessons and schedule outings, etc. 

    Get it here for $13.12 on Amazon

  • Scissors 7 of 26
    homeschool 06

    A few pairs of scissors always come in handy. I made a pun! Seriously though, these scissors are great. 

    Get it here for $7 from Poppin

  • Stapler 8 of 26
    homeschool 07

    Lots of papers that will need to be stapled together. This cute blue stapler should do the trick. 

    Get it here for $14 from Poppin

  • Binders 9 of 26
    homeschool 08

    A well labeled binder for every subject was always how I liked to do it. These binders are simple and well designed. Of course I love them. 

    Get it here for $4 from Poppin.

  • Spiral Notebook 10 of 26
    homeschool 09

    A cool spiral notebook always got me excited for school. This black and white one is perfect for all kiddos. 

    Get it here for $13 from Poppin

  • Bendy Pencils 11 of 26
    homeschool 10

    You can have normal pencils, but when they just need a little fun, hand them these. They'll love them! 

    Get them here for $4.99 from Designed To Be Sweet

  • Colored Pencils 12 of 26
    homeschool 11

    These are perfect for arts and crafts and coloring in world maps by climate. You know, normal stuff. 

    Get them here for $7.99 from Target. 

  • Crayons 13 of 26
    homeschool 12

    I always loved getting a fresh pack of crayons. All sorted by color and sharp. 

    Get them here for $2.29 from Amazon

  • Glue 14 of 26
    homeschool 13

    You use so much glue in school. Stock up! 

    Get it here for $2.12 from Amazon

  • Glitter 15 of 26
    homeschool 14

    Sure, you probably don't really need glitter. But it would make that math project so much prettier. 

    Get it here for $10.65 from Amazon

  • Organizer 16 of 26
    homeschool 15

    A place for everything and everything in its place. Man, I love this organizer. 

    Get it here for $48 from Anthropologie

  • Pipe Cleaners 17 of 26
    homeschool 16

    These are especially great for the younger ones. Get creative and make learning a little more fun! 

    Get them here for $8.99 from Amazon

  • White Board 18 of 26
    homeschool 17

    A whiteboard is a must. Or chalkboard if that is more your thing. Or both! 

    Get it here for $195 from Poppin

  • Library Card 19 of 26
    homeschool 18

    Get a library card. Get five library cards. They will be your new best friend. 

    Image found here on E Library Lakeland. 

  • Bookshelves 20 of 26
    homeschool 19

    I imagine it would be helpful to have all of the school books in one location, yes? 

    Get it here for $59.99 from Ikea

  • Paper 21 of 26
    homeschool 20

    Notebook paper, scrap paper, construction paper. You'll need it all. 

    Get it here for $8.43 from Amazon

  • Paper Tray 22 of 26
    homeschool 21

    This is a great little tray. One level is for outgoing assignments, and the other is for finished assignments. Pretty genius, right? 

    Get it here for $24 from Poppin

  • Printer 23 of 26
    homeschool 22

    You have to have a printer. You'll need to print off assignments, notes, you name it! 

    Get it here for $58.99 from Amazon

  • iPad 24 of 26
    homeschool 23

    It's definitely a luxury, but I think it would be helpful to have an iPad or something similar to use when teaching. 

    Get it here starting at $414 from Amazon

  • Folders 25 of 26
    homeschool 24

    Some good old school folders. Get them in some fun colors or patterns if you can. 

    Get it them for $11 from Poppin

  • Calculator 26 of 26
    homeschool 25

    I'm not sure if people use these anymore as many have them on their phones. But I wouldn't encourage the kids to have phones during lessons. Or at all really. 

    Get it here for $14 from Poppin

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