25 Outdoor Activities to Entertain the Kids



Playing outdoors all day is one of the best parts of being a kid in the summer, don’t you think? It’s all about getting messy in the dirt, soaked in the sprinklers, and doing it all over again the next day. To keep things fresh and new I like to keep a backup list of fun stuff we haven’t tried yet. Calling the neighbors over for an afternoon of lawn twister and a nature scavenger hunt are at the top of my list along with these 25 Outdoor Activities to Entertain the Kids…

  • Cool Down with a Waterfall 1 of 25
    Cool Down with a Waterfall
    Tackle the summer heat by playing under a waterfall sprinkler.
    Find out more at Curbly.
  • Patio Board Game 2 of 25
    Patio Board Game
    Turn your deck or patio into a fun family board game.
    Check it out at Design Dazzle.
  • Spray Chalk 3 of 25
    Spray Chalk
    Have a blast with spray bottle sidewalk chalk.
    Find out more at Thirty Handmade Days.
  • Water Wall 4 of 25
    Water Wall
    Nothing beats playing in water when it's hot outside.
    Check it out at Curbly.
  • Lawn Croquet 5 of 25
    Lawn Croquet
    Introduce them to the classic game of croquet using pool noodles.
    Check it out at Inner Child Fun.
  • Water Bag 6 of 25
    Water Bag
    Still have fun with water without getting soaked by bouncing around on this sensory water bag.
    Find out more at The Mommies Made Me Do It.
  • Splatter Paint 7 of 25
    Splatter Paint
    Fill water balloons with homemade paint and watch them splatter on the floor.
    Check it out at Play at Home Mom.
  • Bean Mosaics 8 of 25
    Bean Mosaics
    Don't you remember doing this as a kid?
    Find out more at Martha Stewart
  • Lawn Bowling 9 of 25
    Lawn Bowling
    You can buy inexpensive bowling pins or use empty water bottles for a fun game of lawn bowling.
    Find out more at Parents.
  • Tarp Toss 10 of 25
    Tarp Toss
    Cut holes in a tarp and then make a game out of seeing who can toss the ball through and get the most points.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • Slip and Slide 11 of 25
    Slip and Slide
    Use a drop cloth to make a super slippery slip and slide.
    Find out more at Inner Child Fun.
  • Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders 12 of 25
    Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders
    Sit in the warm sun and make a collection of cookie cutter bird feeders.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Dripping Paint Art 13 of 25
    Dripping Paint Art
    You know how kids always want to glob on paint? Now they can.
    Find out more at Childhood 101.
  • Ultimate Bubbles 14 of 25
    Ultimate Bubbles
    Make ultimate bubbles with a big bubble pool.
    Find out more at Me Oh My Mama.
  • Snake Bubbles 15 of 25
    Snake Bubbles
    See who can make the longest snake bubble without breaking.
    Find out more at A Couple of Craft Addicts.
  • Jumping Game 16 of 25
    Jumping Game
    Use sidewalk chalk to make a circle chalk game. Try to jump through each designated color faster and faster.
    Find out more at Little Hands Big Work.
  • Outdoor Twister 17 of 25
    Outdoor Twister
    Have a blast playing outdoor twister on the lawn. Call over the neighbors!
    Spotted at Sassy Styler Design.
  • Snap Paints 18 of 25
    Snap Paints
    Toddlers will love getting messy with snap paints.
    Check it out at Teach Preschool.
  • Water Table Fun 19 of 25
    Water Table Fun
    An inexpensive water table you can make out of plastic containers or even a plastic pool can bring hours of fun.
    Find out more at Tales of an Ordinary Housewife.
  • Make Playdough 20 of 25
    Make Playdough
    Use this recipe to make your own playdough.
    Find out more at Modern Parents Messy Kids.
  • Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt 21 of 25
    Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt
    Hide glow in the dark eggs in spots around the backyard for some summer evening fun.
    Find out more at Mommy Savers.
  • Ball Maze 22 of 25
    Ball Maze
    Make a ball maze out of paper towel rolls and watch them race back and forth.
    Find out more at A Happy Wanderer.
  • Tin Can Band 23 of 25
    Tin Can Band
    Let them be totally loud with a tin can band.
    Find out more at Growing a Jeweled Rose.
  • Monster Murals 24 of 25
    Monster Murals
    Dip spike balls in paint and throw them at a white piece of paper on a wall to make cool murals.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt 25 of 25
    Nature Scavenger Hunt
    Set up a nature scavenger hunt and send them exploring.
    Find out more at Nurture Store.

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