25 Totally Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys


We showed you the 25 Totally Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls, now it’s all about the boys. Use an old snow suit to transform him into a NASA astronaut launching off to space, or use toilet seat covers (uh-huh) to make him this amazing viking warrior costume. Train conductor, Peter Pan and all the rest make a special appearance in these 25 Totally Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys…

  • Viking Warrior 1 of 25
    Viking Warrior
    Turn your adorable little guy into a viking warrior for Halloween using toilet seat covers.
    Check it out at I am Momma.
  • Lego 2 of 25
    If he loves to play with them, he may just love pretending to be one.
    Spotted at Country Living.
  • Gnome 3 of 25
    Turn your little dude into a woodland gnome.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • Batman 4 of 25
    Use clothes you already have at home to make this awesome batman costume.
    Find out more at Red Ted Art.
  • Solar System 5 of 25
    Solar System
    Cover your little boy in stars and use wire and styrofoam balls to make a solar system around his head.
    Find out more at Coolest Homemade Costumes.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi 6 of 25
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    This costume could be made for just $15.
    Find out more at Canadian Family.
  • Dinosaur 7 of 25
    Check out how to make these dino tails for their Halloween costumes.
    Find out more at Projects by Jess.
  • Choo, Choo 8 of 25
    Choo, Choo
    Use a cardboard box to make a train costume and mom and dad can be the crossing signs.
    Find out more at The Ophffs.
  • Jaws 9 of 25
    Turn a hoodie into a Jaws costume.
    Find out more at Fisakrs.
  • Parisian Mime 10 of 25
    Parisian Mime
    This costume is so simple to put together you could do it the night before.
    Find out more at Family Education.
  • Pirate 11 of 25
    Yo, ho, Yo, ho a Halloween costume for me. No sewing required.
    Check it out at Holidash.
  • Toy Army Guy 12 of 25
    Toy Army Guy
    Get the full scoop on how to turn your little dude into a toy army guy.
    Check it out at Wild Ink Press.
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox 13 of 25
    Fantastic Mr. Fox
    Get the scoop on how to make this cute costume.
    Find out more at A Little Gray.
  • Peter Pan 14 of 25
    Peter Pan
    Sew him a Peter Pan costume.
    Check it out at Make it and Love it.
  • Hedgehog 15 of 25
    Sew a cool hedgehog costume.
    Find out more at The Train to Crazy.
  • Superhero 16 of 25
    Get crafty and don't feel the need to spend a ton to make an awesome superhero costume.
    Find out more atMartha Stewart.
  • Astronaut 17 of 25
    Cover an old snow suit in white duct tape to make this awesome costume.
    Find out more at Stitch Creations.
  • Minions 18 of 25
    Use a hoodie and pipe cleaners to create this fun costume.
    Find out more at Coolest Homemade Costumes.
  • Monster Truck Driver 19 of 25
    Monster Truck Driver
    Turn a cardboard box into a monster truck to complete a full monster truck driver costume.
    Spotted at Inhabitots.
  • Mario & Luigi 20 of 25
    Mario & Luigi
    Top off your homemade Mario and Luigi costumes with hats.
    Spotted at Take the Side Street.
  • Mr. Robot 21 of 25
    Mr. Robot
    Decorate cardboard boxes for a robot costume.
    Spotted at Lora Jeans.
  • Terrible Crocodile 22 of 25
    Terrible Crocodile
    Keep costs low with this fully customizable croc costume.
    Check it out at Evil Mad Scientist.
  • Football Player 23 of 25
    Football Player
    Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a football jersey from a T-shirt for your child's football player costume.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Godzilla 24 of 25
    Use felt to make this amazing Godzilla costume.
    Find out more at Mom Inc Daily.
  • Rubik’s Cube 25 of 25
    Rubik's Cube
    Check out how this mama made a Rubik's cube costume.
    Find out more at Design Mom.

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