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25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks For The New Year

Let’s hear it ladies, how many of you vowed to be more organized this new year? Me too. Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to figure out just where to begin. These 25 storage tips and tricks will get the ball rolling with clever ideas from using a walnut to get rid of scratches to storing bedding inside a pillowcase (genius!). Also be sure to check out 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips & Tricks and  25 More Totally Clever Storage Tips & Tricksfrom last year for more ideas. Do you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve that have made organizing that much easier? Let me blow your mind…

  • STRAWberries 1 of 26
    It's all in the name with this clever organization technique of hulling strawberries with a straw.
    Find out more at New Nostalgia.
  • Disguise Dings 2 of 26
    Disguise Dings
    Who would have known that rubbing a walnut can hide those little scrapes.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • WD-40 Does The Trick 3 of 26
    WD-40 Does The Trick
    WD-40 is just what you need to get rid of crayon on tv's and walls.
    Check it out at Unplggd.
  • Keep a Cut Up Apple Fresh 4 of 26
    Keep a Cut Up Apple Fresh
    This simple idea has saved me from having to convince a 3 year old that a little brown doesn't mean it's bad.
    Check it out at @ Home With Real Food.
  • Hide Them In The Pillowcases 5 of 26
    Hide Them In The Pillowcases
    Keep your sheets organized by tucking them away inside the matching pillowcase.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Amplify The Beat 6 of 26
    Amplify The Beat
    Pump up the jam with a bowl.
    Check it out at Real Simple.
  • Store Your Plastic Bags 7 of 26
    Store Your Plastic Bags
    Keep all those grocery bags in one spot with a wet-wipes container.
    Find out more at Savvy Housekeeping.
  • Get That Icky Sand Off 8 of 26
    Get That Icky Sand Off
    Whether you are at the beach or the park you can get all that sand off with baby powder before getting in the car.
    Spotted at I Heart Nap Time.
  • Keep Those Softies Off The Floor 9 of 26
    Keep Those Softies Off The Floor
    When bedtime comes they can put their soft animals on the velcro strip so they are out and ready to play with in the morning.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Gift Wrap Gone Right 10 of 26
    Gift Wrap Gone Right
    I have a drawer that I dread to open because of all the wrapping paper rolls. This is a life saver.
    Check it out at Flickr.
  • No More Lost Earrings 11 of 26
    No More Lost Earrings
    No need to lose hope on that lost earring.
    Find out more at instructables.
  • Genius Cupcake Carrier 12 of 26
    Genius Cupcake Carrier
    A quick and easy cupcake carrier with a box lid.
    Spotted at Real Simple.
  • My Biggest Pet Peeve Is Fixed 13 of 26
    My Biggest Pet Peeve Is Fixed
    The perfect way to fold a fitted sheet.
    Find out more at Stephmodo.
  • Finally, A Solution 14 of 26
    Finally, A Solution
    Use a magnetic strip to keep from losing all those bobby pins.
    Find out more at Superwoman.
  • Shower Caps To The Rescue 15 of 26
    Shower Caps To The Rescue
    Store your shoes in shower caps to keep from getting your clothes messy.
    Check it out at Real Simple.
  • Magnets and Muffins Make Life Easier 16 of 26
    Magnets and Muffins Make Life Easier
    Place magnets on plastic cups and set them in a muffin tin to store your craft supplies.
    Find out more at FamilyFun.
  • No Mess Ice Cream Cone Cakes 17 of 26
    No Mess Ice Cream Cone Cakes
    Instead of baking a big cake this year try making these individual size ones for the party.
    Check it out at Kiboomu.
  • A Healthier Alternative 18 of 26
    A Healthier Alternative
    A brown paper bag is a smart and healthy way to cook popcorn.
    Check it out at Squawkfox.
  • Tensions Rods Are No Longer Just For Curtains 19 of 26
    Tensions Rods Are No Longer Just For Curtains
    Hang your bathroom supplies on a tension rod to free up floor space.
    Spotted at Photobucket.
  • Perfect For Valentine’s Day 20 of 26
    Perfect For Valentine's Day
    Pressing a chopstick against a soft egg makes a heart-filled surprise.
    Check it out at 9gag.
  • Yummy Cookie Bowls 21 of 26
    Yummy Cookie Bowls
    Make delicious cookie bowls by flipping a muffin pan upside down.
    Spotted at Wilton.
  • Aloe Ice Cubes 22 of 26
    Aloe Ice Cubes
    Sunburns become a little more tolerable with Aloe cubes.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Organize With Gutter Gardens 23 of 26
    Organize With Gutter Gardens
    If have limited space a gutter garden is a perfect solution.
    Find out more at Life Hacker.
  • Egg Carton Storage 24 of 26
    Egg Carton Storage
    Keep your ornaments and delicate knick knacks organized with egg cartons.
    Check it out at Re-Nest.
  • Makeup Solutions 25 of 26
    Makeup Solutions
    No more lost eyeshadow, blush, or powder with a magnet board.
    Spotted at Magnetic Makeup Board.
  • 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips & Tricks 26 of 26
    25 Totally Clever Storage Tips & Tricks
    We are up to 75 awesome tricks for making your life more organized, but we know there are more out there. Let us know about any great tricks we missed in the comments!

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