25 Totally Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids



Instead of dressing their kids up as cute bats and mummies, this family decided to go in the direction of hardcore drug cooks. Although this may cross the line, Breaking Bad’s Walter and Jesse don’t have anything on some of the outrageously inappropriate ideas some parents have come up with. Without further ado, let’s kick off these 25 Totally Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids with the bright-eyed, giggling suicide bomber…

Suicide Bomber 1 of 25
I think it's his expression that creeps me out the most.

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Trojan Man 2 of 25
I guess this is one way to educate your kids.

Spotted here
Baby Stripper 3 of 25
"Now, put your leg up like this and grab onto the pole."

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Pack of Cigarettes 4 of 25
Some may call this couple costume, "The Essentials."

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Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj 5 of 25
What wholesome role models.

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The Situation 6 of 25
Since putting a baby in a tanning bed is illegal, this will just have to do.

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Mermaid 7 of 25
Thank goodness she has her "Mermaid Assistant" to hold her big…tail.

Spotted here
Chuckie 8 of 25
This is just too real.

Spotted here
Roadkill 9 of 25
Nothing beats a heaping helping of roadkill.

Spotted here
Hooters Girl 10 of 25
Better start showing them off early.

Spotted here
Heisenberg 11 of 25
What can I say? He is the best cook around.

Spotted here
Minecraft 12 of 25
Just about as bad as placing a plastic bag over Baby's head.

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Innocent Chicken Taken Over by Alien 13 of 25
Not such an adorable chick anymore.

Spotted here
Beer Pong Table 14 of 25
Make a costume that is also useful.

Spotted here
Baby Hitler 15 of 25
No comment.

Spotted here
Potty Boy (or Girl) 16 of 25
He or she would never be able to live this down. So cruel.

Spotted here
Big Pimpin' 17 of 25
An entrepreneur in training.

Spotted here
Dead Dora 18 of 25
Swiper got his revenge.

Spotted here
Marijuana Leaf 19 of 25
Bring on the candy.

Spotted here
Bag Lady Baby 20 of 25
Here's a great way to teach her to stay in school.

Spotted here
Toilet Paper Rolls 21 of 25
Oh, here's the plastic bag she is supposed to put over her head.

Spotted here
Walt and Jesse 22 of 25
Work as a team and you can go far.

Spotted here
Homeless Baby 23 of 25
Teach him to reach for the stars.

Spotted here
Alex from A Clockwork Orange 24 of 25
Now, here is someone to look up to.

Spotted here
Hannibal Lecter 25 of 25
Sweet silence all Halloween.

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