3 Brilliant New iPhone Photography Apps


I like taking photos on my phone (the best camera is the one you have with you), but editing? Meh. I’ve tried a few apps, but never really found one that I loved. Until now.

  • The Newest Apps 1 of 11
    The Newest Apps
    These have me excited about iPhone photography again!
  • PicTapGo 2 of 11
    First up is my favorite: PicTapGo by Totally Rad. I've been a fan of their Photoshop actions for years (I use them nearly every time I edit pictures), and now I'm smitten with their app.
  • Customize to Your Heart’s Content 3 of 11
    Customize to Your Heart's Content
    You can layer effects and adjust their capacity, then save favorite combinations for your own personalized presets.
  • Smart 4 of 11
    The app remembers your favorite go-to effects the more you use it. PicTapGo is $1.99.
  • Photolettering 5 of 11
    Photolettering is a free app brought to you by the fine folks at House Industries.
  • N-N-N-Neutraface… 6 of 11
    Hey, typography snobs! Need an app that will let you use your beloved Neutraface? This one has it.
    (It's OK. sing the song with you.)
  • Beautiful Fonts 7 of 11
    Beautiful Fonts
    The app is free, but you start with a limited number of fonts. To unlock additional options, youl have to buy them at 99¢ each or unlock them all for $9.99. Photolettering is available right here.
  • Over 8 of 11
    Over is another fantastic new option for layering text over photos.
  • Choices Abound 9 of 11
    Choices Abound
    You start out with a great set of fonts to choose from, and you can unlock even more for an additional 99¢.
  • Get Fancy 10 of 11
    Get Fancy
    You can add multiple lines of text, and choose different fonts for each!
  • Get it 11 of 11
    Get it
    If you don't need a specific font (N-N-N-Neutraface…) to fit your brand and you just want to play around, this is the app for you. Over is available for $1.99.

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