3D Shoes Inspired By Toys!


Could you? Would you? Weboo is the new, three dimensional shoe that basically allows your child to wear their toys on their feet. The shoes are made and molded from durable Exotuff, an advanced, ultra-durable (patented) material and then hand-painted to feature fun toy inspired characters.

These shoes don’t just look cool, they are great for your child’s feet. Weboo is specifically designed to nurture and encourage healthy foot development. The Exotuff orthotic foot beds, simulate the pediatrician recommended “barefoot environment”, while providing a secure, soft and breathable fit through their “WeFit System”, specifically designed with a combination of research from pediatricians, long time shoe engineers and children’s podiatrists. With the flexible soles, soft uppers, minimal arch support and non-tapered foot beds, these toy shoes provide a barefoot-like environment for kids, without being too flimsy like flip flops.

The shoes are available in 3 versions: Hopscotch Dog, Chompers Dinosaur, and Sparkles Pink Pony. They retail for $45.00 (on sale for $34.95) through Crab Apple Kids.

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