$400 for a Kids Cape?! Chloé Does It Again


Chloe Knit Cape for GirlsIt’s expensive. Obviously. It’s Chloe. Seriously. It’s being sold out as we speak. Really? Yes, somehow with all this talk about recession, there are moms right now buying up $400 designer capes for their daughters. And Chloé is the designer that serves it up on a platter.

To be fair, when I first saw Chloe’s Girls Knit Cape.  I wanted it for myself. Then I wanted it for my imaginary daughter. And then I saw the price tag: $436!

While this is a gorgeous vest/cape that is lightweight, warm and would look amazing at school (or better yet on the bunny slopes in Aspen), could you imagine the looks on the teachers’ faces when they realize your precious is wearing more than they make in a week?

And yes, it’s 100 percent wool and completely machine washable, but let’s face it, who is going to pop this bank-breaker into the wash? Whoever buys this, could certainly afford dry cleaning.

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