5 Clever Products for Your Home


I just found out about this new shop from Italy and I am loving their clever and unusual products. Who knew you could buy chess pieces made of chalk or pretty fire extinguishers? Take a look, after the jump!

  • Chalk Chess Pieces 1 of 5
    Chalk Chess Pieces
    This is a full chess set. Just draw the board in!
    € 15.00 at pigr
  • Fridge Calendar 2 of 5
    Fridge Calendar
    This calendar has a round magnet that shows the date and also holds the calendar in place!
    € 4.50 at pigr
  • Fire Extinguisher 3 of 5
    Fire Extinguisher
    Who knew a fire extinguisher could be well-designed! This one comes in an array of colors.
    €80.00 at pigr
  • Recycled Dollhouse 4 of 5
    Recycled Dollhouse
    This charming cardboard dollhouse features a modern design and folds up flat.
    €30.00 at pigr
  • Bird Soap 5 of 5
    Bird Soap
    After the soap runs out, there's a pretty white bird inside!
    €30.00 at pigr

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