5 DIY Nude and Neon Nails


Step into summer with a burst of neon, mixed with subtle nude. See how you can embellish nude with neon polka-dots or create a neon ikat look. No need to put a lot of effort into your outfit when your nails are sure to be the show stopper.

  • Changing it Up 1 of 5

    Spice things up and make one nail different from the rest.

    Spotted at Neglekk Mani.

  • To the Point 2 of 5

    Create a point with your neon nail polish.

    Find out more at Unhas a Trois.

  • Ikat Neon 3 of 5

    Ikat makes an appearance in a new way with these pretty nails.

    Get the tutorial at Nail Loopy

  • Neon Tips 4 of 5

    A new spin on the French manicure, by adding neon.

    Check it out at Mad Manis.

  • Loving Neon 5 of 5

    These Valentine's Day nails could be worn all summer long.

    Check it out at So Nailicious.

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