5 Etsy Shops for Kid Toys I Love


I really like buying handmade toys for my kids, and also to give as gifts. Even if I didn’t have time to make something myself, it feels like they’ve been made with love. Etsy is a perfect place to find great crafters and artists who are passionate about the toys they make. There are some shops I’m always checking in with to see their latest merchandise — like these five after the jump.

  • Woolies 1 of 5
    Woolies makes sweet, heirloom-quality stuffed toys and dolls that are all hand-sewn or knitted. They are soft, cuddly, and really cute.
    at Etsy
  • LittleFruits Feltery 2 of 5
    LittleFruits Feltery
    LittleFruits makes adorable, felted, faux versions of tons of fruits and veggies, like tangerines, purple cabbages, and mushrooms. These would be great in a play kitchen, but would also be fun in a kid friendly centerpiece for the kitchen table.
    at Etsy
  • Little Alouette 3 of 5
    Little Alouette
    Little Alouette makes all natural wooden teethers and rattles that have become staples for my kids and also for gifts for new parents. They are aesthetically beautiful objects, and easy for little hands to grab. There are lots of shapes so it's easy to find one to match a kid's (or parent's) personality.
    at Etsy
  • Little Bitty Knitter 4 of 5
    Little Bitty Knitter
    These tiny, knit, plush toys are handmade from cotton and/or bamboo yarn. They're miniature at between 3-4 inches tall, but adorably cute and perfect to tuck into a purse or diaper bag for a little entertainment to get you a few more minutes to finish your lunch, coffee or errands.
    at Etsy
  • MiChiMa L.A.N.D. 5 of 5
    MiChiMa L.A.N.D.
    MiChiMa's stuffed alphabet is a typographic dream. The bright, stuffed, felt letters are stitched in a contrasting thread and come loose in a bag, as part of a mobile, attached to magnets or as a garland and are a perfect tool to teach letters and reading basics.
    at Etsy

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