5 Female Vocalists You'll Love


If you need some new music for quiet winter evenings at home, consider some of these up and coming female artists. You may or may not have heard of these women, but that doesn’t make their voices any less amazing. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite! Check out my picks, after the jump!

  • Ezza Rose 1 of 5
    Ezza Rose
    Ezza Rose is a Portland-based musician and vocalist whose live performances are just as stunning as her crystal clear recordings. If you like Basia Bulat, you'll love Ezza Rose. Start with "2%" and you'll be hooked.
    Jacob $10 at Band Camp
  • Sharon Van Etten 2 of 5
    Sharon Van Etten
    Sharon Van Etten has a powerful energy reminiscent of Neko Case or even Joni Mitchell. My personal favorite is, "One Day"
    Epic, $8.47 at Amazon
  • Lay Low 3 of 5
    Lay Low
    Lots of amazing music is being made in Iceland right now and Lay Low is no exception. Lay Low is vocalist and musician, Lovísa Elisabet Sigrúnardóttir who will charm you with her just sweet enough vocals. Her live performances are just as lovely as her recordings.
    Farewell Good Night's Sleep $9.99 at itunes
  • Coeur De Pirate 4 of 5
    Coeur De Pirate
    Béatrice Martin is a charming French-Canadian singer/songwriter whose lighthearted but powerful songs will hook you immediately. She usually sings in French and it is of course, delightful.
    Blonde, $9 at Bandcamp
  • Marketa Irglova 5 of 5
    Marketa Irglova
    One half of the Swell Season duo, that took the music world by storm a few years ago, Marketa Irglova recently broke out on her own. The result is sweet, slightly sad but endearing. Makes a great winter evening soundtrack.
    Anar, $9.99 at itunes

All photos from the artists’ websites.

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