5 for 5 - DIY's for Cinco de Mayo!


Pull out the Marichi band (or tunes) and start preparing for your Cinco de Mayo party this weekend with these festive-themed party DIY’s!  Make everything as colorful as possible, add some yummy fish tacos, a little guacamole, maybe some frosty Mexican beers and you and your amigos should be set for some fun times!  Above: Pull Pinatas from Love + Cupcakes. Check out the others after the jump.

  • Piñata Party Favors 1 of 5
    Piñata Party Favors
    Hide candy inside these super cute party favors made from leftover plastic Easter Eggs and scrap paper!
    From Mega Crafty.
  • Charming Piñatas for Decor 2 of 5
    Charming Piñatas for Decor
    These charming little mini pinatas would be perfect as a little colorful decor!
    From One Charming Party.
  • Tissue-Paper Decorations 3 of 5
    Tissue-Paper Decorations
    A Cinco de Mayo party wouldn't be a party without a pretty garland of colorful tissue.
    From Martha Stewart.
  • Tissue Box Piñatas 4 of 5
    Tissue Box Piñatas
    More fun Piñata ideas made with a tissue box!
    From Studio DIY.
  • Pull Piñata Garland 5 of 5
    Pull Piñata Garland
    This Pull Piñata Garland is fun for kids!
    From Love + Cupcakes.

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