5 Gatsby-Inspired Summer Dresses


Look just like the ladies frequenting Gatsby’s mansion in these 5 Gatsby-Inspired Summer Dresses. With a dropped waist, a hint of glitz, and a whole lot of jewels, you’ll be ready to Charleston the night away. See them all here…

  • Cinema Staycation 1 of 5

    Skip about in this cute dress and oxford heels.
    Buy it for $84.99 at Modcloth.

  • Laguna Peach 2 of 5

    Enjoy a sunny afternoon, sipping on fresh lemonade in this dress.
    Buy it for $84.99 at Modcloth.

  • Sienna You Soon Dress 3 of 5
    Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 3.32.10 PM

    Perfect for a picnic.
    Buy it for $67.99 at Modcloth.

  • Patisserie Delicacy Dress 4 of 5

    Dress this ivory 1920s dress up with bold, flapper jewelry.
    Buy it for 49.99 at Modcloth.

  • Embellishment to Be 5 of 5

    Great for a night out.
    Buy it for 104.99 at Modcloth.

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