5 Great Basics to Usher in Fall


5 Great Wardrobe Basics for Fall

My wardrobe is full of color and pattern, cute dresses and statement necklaces. It seems I’m always passing on “the basics” in favor of something more fun and frivolous. Something about fall always makes me want to pare down a bit though and make sure I’ve got my fashion bases covered, so here are my five favorite pieces to usher in the season.

  • Levi’s Skinny Jeans 1 of 5
    Levi's Skinny Jeans
    Great jeans with a little stretch, a mid-rise (not too high, not too low), and a good skinny cut.
    From Macy's, $54
  • Knee High Boots 2 of 5
    Knee High Boots
    The heel on these gives you a boost, but at just over 3 inches, it's still walkable and practical for day to day wear.
    From Madewell, $325
  • Striped Scarf 3 of 5
    Striped Scarf
    I love a good stripe, and if its colorful? All the better!
    From Macy's, $198
  • Suede Wedges 4 of 5
    Suede Wedges
    These are so comfortable. Cute too, of course.
    From Target, $29.99
  • Raspberry Beret 5 of 5
    Raspberry Beret
    The kind you find in a second-hand store… except this one's cashmere.
    From Banana Republic, $49.50

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