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My taste in interiors is a bit schizophrenic. I am already planning my ultra minimal dream cottage but I am not yet finished decorating my cluttery English-inspired apartment that I currently live in!  Here are 5 books, representing different decorating styles, but all equally inspiring!

  • Domino Book of Decorating 1 of 5
    Domino Book of Decorating
    Just like the beloved magazine we all miss, the Domino decorating book is a classic, filled with dynamic images plus ideas and tips to get you fueled for a decorating project.
  • Home: 50 Tastemakers Describe What it is, Where it is, and What it means 2 of 5
    Home: 50 Tastemakers Describe What it is, Where it is, and What it means
    You'll get insight into how your favorite tastemaker lives: from Donna Hay to Jasper Conran. I found the essays in this book completely inspiring particularly Nick Ashley's revolt against perfectly put together homes.
  • Pure Style 3 of 5
    Pure Style
    Jane Cumberbatch is the goddess of simplicity. Read this book and you'll want to keep a spare, tidy and charming home that serves as a canvas for your everyday life.
  • Perfect English 4 of 5
    Perfect English
    This book is filled to the brim with inspiring images from your favorite English cottages and homes.
  • Beloved Homes 5 of 5
    Beloved Homes
    Ikea prints this book and I was surprised to see such an inspiring collection of homes with color and personality. The Ikea furniture is discreet and the homes feel interesting but attainable.

1. Domino: The Book of Decorating Amazon $20.50

2. Home: 50 Tastemakers Describe What it is, Where it is, What it means Amazon $10.38

3. Pure Style Home & Garden Amazon $13.97

4. Perfect English Powells $35.00

5. Beloved Homes Ikea $14.99


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