5 Moments I'm Glad We Caught on Video


Last month I talked about the 5 moments I wish we caught on camera, and now I’ll talk about the 5 moments I’m glad we did luckily actually catch on camera (with links to the cute videos!)

Keep reading to see my favorite videos of my son the last 4 1/2 years…

1. First time crawling: No sound and only a few seconds long but I had this great trick to get him to crawl with a toy!

2. First words: Our first one with sound, and too adorable watching him obsessing over the airplane in the sky and stumbling around the yard.

3.  Pool Jumping: This was the first time he got really comfortable in the water, I’m so glad I caught it on tape!

4. His first gymnastics performance: It’s too cute, he’s always loved gymnastics and this was his first performance.

5. His first time skiing: This literally was his first day skiing and we were so proud of how brave he was!

What are your kid’s favorite moments you’ve caught on video?


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