5 Tips for Healthy Houseplants

Now that the Christmas decorations are gone, it’s time to spruce up the indoors for winter. I always like to buy a new batch of houseplants to freshen up my space. Sometimes growing plants indoors can be a little bit tricky. Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years working as a gardener and florist as well as growing my own plants at home. This year I am trying to winter over some geraniums and have taken several of these tips to heart and have found great success so far. Included are some of my favorite products to keep your plants looking green all winter. Click through for the products and tips!

  • Tip #1 Dead Head Your Plants 1 of 5
    Tip #1 Dead Head Your Plants
    Be sure and remove yellow or dead leaves and blossoms from stems and from around the base of the plant. For some soft-stemmed plants, like geraniums, it's better to simply break off the stem with your fingers. For regular hardy stems, use clippers like these.
    $12 Brook Farm General Store
  • Tip #2 Don’t Overwater! 2 of 5
    Tip #2 Don't Overwater!
    One of the most common mistakes home gardeners make is to over water their house plants. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the plant. Some type of house plants grow better if you let them dry out between waterings, while others prefer to remain moist all the time. Here's a fun trick that a plant guru once taught me. To water your house plants thoroughly, fill a bucket with water and dunk your plant into the bucket all the way. Set aside, and let the plant drip dry. The water should be dripping out the bottom. This trick works best for plants that like to dry out between waterings. These buckets from IKEA work great!
    $5.99 IKEA
  • Tip #3 Mist! 3 of 5
    Tip #3 Mist!
    Many plants, like maidenhair fern, ivy and jasmine, like their leaves to be wet. You can even put your house plants in a steam-filed bathroom for some extra humidity. These little misters work great for ferns.
    $20.00 Terrain
  • Tip #4 Re-pot! 4 of 5
    Tip #4 Re-pot!
    Sometimes fresh soil makes all the difference. If you see roots coming out of the bottom of your pot, it's time to transfer your plant to a new pot. You'll also want to re pot plants that you are bringing in from the garden to winter over.
    53.42 set of 4 Guy Wolff English Pots Amazon
  • Tip #5 Keep away from Drafts 5 of 5
    Tip #5 Keep away from Drafts
    Keep your houseplants away from the heater or windows and air conditioners that are blowing cold air. Try different spots around the house and see where the plant seems happiest. One of the easiest plants to start out with is the Jade plant! You'll have a tough time killing this one.
    $7.99 Amazon

Top photos: Brook Farm General Store, Terrain, Amazon.

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