5 Tips to Creating A Work Space of Your Own: Put Yourself First


PYF_Danielle_Create_Your_SpaceIt wasn’t that long ago that my husband and I shared an office space. In fact, when we moved in to our current home six years ago, we actually planned it that way. What were we thinking? Somehow, it initially seemed fun, bonding even, that we would work in the same area. But about five years in to this arrangement (I’m not quite sure how we collectively survived that long) we decided, for our mutual sanity, that separating our work environments would be the wisest choice.

This has been a good choice for our businesses.

And for our marriage!

It has also given me an opportunity to have a space that is truly mine – one that allows me the luxury of putting myself first. In this space, I work (a lot), I think, I brainstorm, and I create. But none of this would be possible if I didn’t ensure this space was truly my own. Now, you don’t need to have an entire room – it could be a corner, a nook or a section of another room in your home, but you do need to claim it as your own.

Here’s how to Create A Work Space of Your Own:

Do you have any additional tips for creating a work space of your own? I’d love to hear them.

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