5 Trash Cans with Style


Add a touch of modern style to your home with even the most basic of home products. These five trash cans have a sleek modern look to them. Decorate the bathroom with a Pendleton bamboo trash can, or add a fun modern pup trash can in the kitchen. A waste basket might not be the first thing to add to your home decor list, but you might find it can be the finishing touch to tie the room together.

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  • Modern Pup Trash Bin 2 of 6

    Introduce a new pup into the home with this modern trash can.
    Buy it for $50 at Posh 365.

  • Spoke Trash Can 3 of 6

    This modern trash can has a nice and minimal design for any room in the house.
    Buy it for $29 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Lacquer Trash Can 4 of 6

    This minimal trash can is made from engineered wood with a shiny lacquer finish.
    Buy ti for $29 at West Elm.

  • Pendleton Bamboo Trash Can 5 of 6

    Pick up a trash can that can complement the decor in your room with a Pendleton print.
    Buy it for $68 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Mint Retro Trash Can 6 of 6

    Bring a vintage charm into the home with this retro galvanized trash bin.
    Buy it for $19.99 World Market.

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