5 Ways to Easily Extend the Life of Perishable Foods

It may be a weekly frustration in your household to have to throw away food that has gone bad before anyone had a chance to eat it. In many cases, it is improper storage that causes the food to expire. So in order to stop wasting as much, it is important to know exactly how to organize your fridge and the food inside for more longevity.

Here are 5 ways to help preserve your perishable food items, and get the absolute max out of your grocery budget!

  • 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Perishable Foods 1 of 6
    perishable foods

    Click through for tips on how to easily extend the life of your groceries and maximize your budget! 

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  • Keep Dairy Off the Door 2 of 6

    Dairy products like yogurt and milk may be easy to organize and access on the refrigerator door but it is actually the worst storage place. Every time you open the door, the temperatures inside of the refrigerator drop so exposing your milk and other dairy to the warmer temperatures can cause items to go bad at a faster rate. 

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  • Keep Produce Out of the Fridge 3 of 6

    There are many grocery items not meant for the refrigerator, but old habits can die hard. Some produce items -- especially bananas, citrus, tropical fruit, and tomatoes -- are not meant for cold temperatures. They will go bad faster than if left out on the counter. 

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  • Preserve Bread 4 of 6

    You go to make a sandwich and find the bread has mold just a few days after you bought it. This is very common in households when bread isn't used fast enough. Rather than throw out entire loaves week after week, make space in the freezer. It only takes a few minutes to thaw a couple slices of bread when you need them. If frozen bread does not suit you, storing bread and rolls in the refrigerator can also help extend its life.

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  • Downsize Toppings/Condiments/Sides 5 of 6

    You may buy a container of sour cream, macaroni salad, or other perishable side item or condiment and use it for just one dinner before finding out it went bad. You can help these items last longer by downsizing the container they are stored in. Invest in good quality containers of all sizes and repackage side items as you go. For instance, when you get use two-thirds of the sour cream, store what's left in a smaller, air-tight container. It can help keep bacteria out since there is less air space inside the container. 

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  • Prep Your Perishables 6 of 6

    Many families will agree that if the stuff isn't cut up and ready to eat, no one will actually eat it. After a visit to the grocery store, prepare fruits and vegetables so they are clean and ready to eat. Package cut up celery and carrots in ready-to-go sandwich bags for healthy snacking on the run. Cut up onions and peppers and store in the freezer in an air-tight bag for easy ingredients for your meals.

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