5 Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve with Kids


Throw a New Year’s Eve party to remember with the kids! Start out by making your own costumes. Get all dressed up and take lots of pictures. When the ball drops you can celebrate with a balloon drop in your living room. If the kiddos can’t quite make it to midnight, it’s no problem at all. These 5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids can work for anytime during the day.

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  • Balloon Drop 2 of 6

    Make your own balloon drop in the living room and release the balloons at the stroke of 12 (or earlier if you have little ones).  
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  • Get Dressed Up 3 of 6

    Let the kids decorate their own New Year's Eve party hats and costume accessories.
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  • Photo Booth Fun 4 of 6

    Set up a photo boot, make some fun accessories, and let the kids go wild.
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  • Time Capsule 5 of 6

    Reflect on the year by making a time capsule with the kids.
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  • Noisemaking Fun 6 of 6

    What's a New Years Eve party without some loud noises? Spend the night making your own noisemakers and poppers for when midnight strikes. These spin drums could work great!
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