5 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week with Your Minnows


It’s the most intense, jaw-dropping week on television, where the world’s most fierce predators are celebrated. And no, I’m not talking about the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’m talking about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Extreme footage of survival guides and “Shark Cams” will make you remember why Jaws sent chills up your spine. So, who’s ready for a dip in the ocean?

Shark Week isn’t popular in my house while the kiddos are awake, because they’re way too young to watch it. After they go to bed, we watch in awe and terror. Oh yeah, it’s awesome. Shark Week continues tonight (August 4th), with “Ultimate Air Jaws” and “Shark Bites: Adventures In Shark Week” at 10PM ET. Ouch.

If you’re feeling the urge to celebrate sharks, here are a few G-rated shark gifts for the minnows:

Personalized Shark Lunchbox – Chasing Fireflies – $44

Mini Boden Applique Shark Tee – Nordstrom – $14

Shark Percussion Shaker – Drum Bum – $11

Sharks Scrabble Tile – UnScrabbled on Etsy – $5.95

JAWS Shark iPod Cozy – Etsy seller Chrisandyaya – $16

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