5 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer!


How do you stay cool during the summer? Here are 5 of my favorite ways to beat the heat! (3 + 5 are my favorite!).

  • Wear Dresses! 1 of 5
    Wear Dresses!
    Dresses are the coolest thing to wear and still feel covered! Luckily this dress from Land's End Canvas is only $ 34.99. right now! I've been wearing it all summer long and it's the coolest thing in my closet.
  • Drink Water. 2 of 5
    Drink Water.
    Don't forget to drink water even if you don't feel thirsty, it's amazing how quicky heat exhaustion can set in if you don't keep the liquids down. This simple, lovely and utilitarian water bottle comes from Brook Farm General Store.
  • Spritz Yourself with Rose Water. 3 of 5
    Spritz Yourself with Rose Water.
    Garden Apothecary sent over some their rose water and I can't stop using it! I keep a bottle in my bag and spray it to cool off while I am running around town. It's so refreshing!
  • Wear a Hat! 4 of 5
    Wear a Hat!
    There are so many cute hats this year, there's no excuse not to keep your head covered. This one comes from J.Crew.
  • Put Your Pillowcase in the Freezer! 5 of 5
    Put Your Pillowcase in the Freezer!
    By bedtime, it will be nice and cold! This cute pillowcase comes from Lulu + Nat.


Water bottle.

Rose water.



Photos from respective sources. Top photo: Chelsea Fuss.