5 Ways to Style your Jeans this Fall


5 ways to style your jeans for fall

There’s nothing as comfy as a favorite pair of jeans. But all too often, favorite jeans turn into a boring t-shirt and jeans mix that gets worn day after day. It’s kinda boring and ends up looking a little sloppy, after a while. There’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable and feel put together too! By adding a few unique pieces to your wardrobe, you can freshen up your everyday look. Here are a few tricks for styling your favorite pair of jeans this fall.

  • Denim on Denim 1 of 5
    Denim on Denim
    Mixing denim is all the rage this season. Pair this light denim shirt with your favorite pair of jeans for a comfortable but current look!
    Denim Shirt $58 at Levi's.
  • Add a Vintage Lace Blouse 2 of 5
    Add a Vintage Lace Blouse
    Wear your jeans with a vintage lace blouse for the ultimate tomboy meets feminine look. I like how they've added an Annie Hall hat too!
    Lace top $24 at Hello Dearie Vintage.
  • Wear with Vintage Heels 3 of 5
    Wear with Vintage Heels
    I have a pair of vintage Italian heels I bought at a thrift store for $15. I love wearing them with jeans to make the outfit feel a little more polished and unique.
    Vintage heels $38 at Hello Dearie Vintage.
  • Oversize Sweater 4 of 5
    Oversize Sweater
    For a cozy look, pair an oversize, chunky sweater with skinny jeans.
    Sweater $220 at Beau and Marigolds.
  • Plaid Cape 5 of 5
    Plaid Cape
    Add a plaid cape to skinny jeans, or pegged jeans for a comfy, classic fall look.
    Cape £195 at Aubin and Wills.

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