6 Great Rosh Hashanah Gifts for All!


Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year arrives on Wednesday at sundown and is the first day of the high holidays. If you are looking for some kind of gift or goodie to present to your Rosh Hashanah host or hostess, or a little something for the kids…well here are 6 Rosh Hashanah staples and symbols includes honey, pomegranates, a toy Torah and more! Check out these offerings here:

(above) My Very Own Torah is a pretend Torah set for kids that includes a wooden Ahron Kodesh, two plush curtains with the Star of David and two plush roll up play Torahs. The set is available here for $35.99.

Give the gift of honey with the Comb Honey Square Glass Dish which comes with a slab of honey topped with the honey comb. It’s for those who “who prefer eating original straight-from-the-bee honey as a Hiddur on Rosh Hashanah.” And it’s just $9.95 here.

The Jerusalem City Challah cover is a gorgeous way to cover your bread. It also comes in a gold, silver and mulit-hued version. This one sells for $59.95 here.

The Michael Aram “Pomegranate Candle doesn’t just smell delicious, it looks fabulous as well. It’s available from Bloomingdale’s for $60 here.

There is something just so simple and sweet about this little honey pot. This lovely bee detailed honey dish and honey dripper is available from Sur La Table for $25

There is a surprisingly large selection of Shofar outs there, but this one is a lovely example of a simple Yemenite African Kudo Shofar. But Shofar’s, they ain’t cheap. This one is available here for $199.95.

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