The 6 Best (and Most Stylish) Pumpkin Carving Patterns...And They're All Free!


Every year we do the same classic pumpkin face. And I mean every single year. I don’t think there has been one Halloween season where I was not carving out diamond shaped eyes and nose and a jagged mouth.So now after many Halloween under my belt, I think I might be ready to mix things up a bit…and it turns out it’ll be easier than I thought. I found six really cool and stylish pumpkin patterns that can be downloaded, for free! Check them out right here!

Above: Sneaky Trick or Treat pumpkin from Sunset Magazine here.

Owl Pattern from Martha Stewart right here.

Haunt by artist  Nikki McClure – pattern here.

House number pumpkins – directions here.

Non-scary classy leaf pattern.

The two way Boo pumpkin here.

Scary Silhouettes  from Martha Stewart right here.