7 Awesome DIY Non-Traditional Christmas Trees!


Have you put your tree up yet? I have been seeing the trees up for sale on every other block. Is it just me or is it super early for trees? As much as I love a real tree complete with falling pine needles and ornaments the little man can grab, I am thinking it might be nice to have a non-traditional tree this year. There are quite a few options out there that would be perfect for your family! Here are 7 really great non-traditional trees to choose from! My favorites are the lights tree and the chalkboard tree. So rad! Check them out and see if a non-traditional tree might be perfect for your family this year.

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  • Mini Trees 2 of 8
    Trees 02

    Instead of one big tree, make a bunch of mini trees! I love this group of trees made with different mediums. The felt one is my favorite. 

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  • Tissue Paper 3 of 8
    trees 01

    This tree is perfect for a party girl (ahem). It would take a while to make, but the result is so worth it. 

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  • Chalkboard 4 of 8
    trees 03

    If you have some mad drawing skills, unlike me, then this chalkboard wall would be perfect for you! Isn't it adorable? I love the little details on each branch. 

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  • Collection 5 of 8
    trees 04

    Arrange a collection of items into a tree shape for an instant Christmas tree! Makes me want to start a collection of something. 

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  • Lights 6 of 8
    trees 05

    String some lights up into a simple tree shape on your wall. Who doesn't love Christmas lights? This is a great one for kids. They'll adore it! 

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  • Wood 7 of 8
    trees 06

    Whether it's drift wood, or some fallen branches in the woods, you can and should make this tree. I love how this one is decorated with a few simple "ornaments". So clever! 

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  • Modern 8 of 8
    trees 07

    I love balsa wood. It's cheap, easy to find and so versatile! These little 3D balsa wood trees are so modern and chic. I love them! 

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