7 Awesome Water Party Ideas


If a summer party involves water it’s going to be everyone’s favorite party of the season. Here are 7 ideas to help you make sure you’re the host of that perfect summer party.

  • Water Party! 1 of 8

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  • Sponge Balls 2 of 8
    water party 01

    I really want to make these. And no, I'm not throwing a water party. But you should and when you do, you should make these. 

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  • Games 3 of 8
    water party 02

    If you have littles at your gathering, keep them entertained with a few simple water games. Like a relay race. Or who can hold their breath the longest under water. Totally kidding, don't do that. 

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  • Water Balloons 4 of 8
    water party 03

    You really can't go wrong with water balloons. After they are all busted, you can have a prize for whoever gathers the most water balloon scraps. You don't want to be stuck with that job. 

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  • Drinks in Kiddie Pools 5 of 8
    water party 04

    I love the idea of using kiddie pools for drinks. And I really like having the kids and the adults drinks separate. 

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  • Beach Ball Garland 6 of 8
    water party 05

    This would be a really cute touch to add to a water party. 

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  • Invites 7 of 8
    water party 06

    Every party needs amazing invites. Otherwise, no one will come! Maybe that's not true, but I really love the idea of mailing a beach ball as an invite. 

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  • Indoor Toys 8 of 8
    water party 07

    If there are kids at your party, try changing things up and set up an indoor toy area. Sometimes they just need a break from all the water, you know? 

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