7 Beautiful Home Decor Items From Wind And Willow


I love the shop Wind & Willow. They have some really gorgeous and useful kitchen and dining wares that are modern, clean and really pretty. From salad bowls to spoons, they have the home decor itms you need to make your kitchen a prettier and more pleasant place.

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    wind and willow

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  • White Salad Bowl 2 of 8
    wind 01

    I would love to eat a pretty salad from this gorgeous bowl. The white is so simple and pretty! 

    Get it here for $139 from Wind & Willow

  • Neon Spoons 3 of 8
    wind 02

    These wooden spoons would look amazing stirring some batter, don't you think? You have to love that neon. 

    Get them here for $29 from Wind & Willow

  • Dark Wood Bowls 4 of 8
    wind 03

    I love the dark wood on these bowls. The blue and pink really pop! 

    Get them here for $69 from Wind & Willow. 

  • Mini Planters 5 of 8
    wind 04

    Pretty little planters for your pretty, tiny plants. These would look amazing in an empty window.

    Get them here for $34 from Wind & Willow

  • Polka Dot Bowl 6 of 8
    wind 05

    Who wouldn't love a confetti bowl? So fun and so colorful! 

    Get it here for $35 from Wind & Willow

  • Nesting Bowls 7 of 8
    wind 06

    I love some great nesting bowls. These neon orange ones would be so great for Halloween! 

    Get them here for $165 from Wind & Willow

  • Mini Treasure Pot 8 of 8
    wind 07

    This sweet little treasure pot would definitely hold one of two things in my kitchen. Salt or sugar. What else is there? 

    Get it here for $8 from Wind & Willow


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